Group IT conference highlights digital solutions for a future

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The Volkswagen Group is forging forward with a digital transformation. At a Group IT contention hold in Wolfsburg on Friday, members of a Volkswagen Group and Brand Boards of Management and a Works Council deliberate IT solutions for a digital destiny of a Group. The categorical concentration was on human-robot cooperation, protracted existence and digital patron solutions.

Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, Member of a Board of Management obliged for Human Resources, IT and Organization, said: “Volkswagen is exploiting possibilities of digitalization. We are apropos faster, some-more flexible and some-more competitive. We are building imagination and imagination with honour to future-oriented topics. IT will play a pivotal role. It is apropos a hotbed of creation for a Group.”

Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of a Group Works Council, said: “We can usually master a digital destiny with fit employees. This relates generally to a IT Department, a haughtiness core of a Group. As Works Council members, we are committed to ensuring that a colleagues are intensely good competent for a digital future.”

“IT has to perform a double role,” pronounced Dr. Martin Hofmann, Head of Group IT. “First, it contingency be a spearhead of technological development. Secondly it contingency safeguard a safe, arguable and fit operation of IT systems. We have shouldered this complicated responsibility.”

Exhibits illustrate new IT developments

At a symposium, IT member presented a new form of intelligent human-robot team-work that could be practical in prolongation in a few years’ time. For a initial time, a new sensor pattern that can be total in a modular approach allows genuine team-work between people and robots. The complement can be operated intuitively regulating gestures, annals ambient conditions regulating a multiple of sensors and avoids collisions independently. This vaunt is a pivotal step on a approach to synthetic comprehension in production.

Group IT’s practical existence lab demonstrated a possibilities of merging a genuine and digital worlds regulating a plasticine vehicle indication and HoloLens intelligent glasses. The group projected a upsurge line make-believe into a intelligent glasses. This was afterwards done manifest on a vehicle indication and could be noticed from any perspective. The margin of prophesy of a HoloLens wearer including genuine and practical calm was projected onto a display. Other people could afterwards join a margin of prophesy around a video contention link.

Employees of Volkswagen Group of America presented a mobile focus to support dealers with a sales process. Modules such as a accurate research of requirements, car configuration, car display and a hunt in tangible car bonds yield crew with support when advising customers. Following a sales discussion, a play can configure an away tailored electronic sales folder for a customer.

A serve vaunt was endangered with vehicle swift data. At a Group’s information lab in Munich, 124 vehicles have been versed with telematics solutions over a past few years. These cars have now finished some-more than dual million kilometers in 17 countries. The collected swift information are being used as a basement for mobility control hubs. Together with other intelligent city or environmental data, they will be total to beget new services for unconstrained vehicles, swift managers, business and trade planners on a basement of synthetic intelligence.

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