Half a million miles on one turbo

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Drew with VW

Recently, Matt Marion, an editor during Men’s Health, contacted Volkswagen to surprise us that his MK IV Jetta 1.8T was entrance a 500,000 mile mark. It’s a conspicuous miracle so he was invited to a Volkswagen Group of America offices in Auburn Hills, MI to do a consummate autopsy of a car to establish what kept it going for so many miles.

Matt bought his 2001 Jetta code new and picked this specific indication in vast partial since of a turbo. To him, all else was optional, including a CD player. After all, because do we need a stereo when a sound entrance from a powertrain offers hours of entertainment?

What initial incited Matt’s conduct to Volkswagen was a dim blue 1989 Golf he purchased with income his grandfather gave him when he graduated from high school. He owned a Golf for only one year before he sole it, though it still stays one of his favorite cars and one that supposing a correct tie to a road.

So…What was a tip to his Jetta’s longevity? Ultimately, Matt achieved slight maintenance, changing a oil as scheduled each 5,000 to 7,000 miles with fake oil, and gathering many of those 500,000 miles on a highway. As for repairs, a delivery was never opened, solely to reinstate a seal, and a turbo is a same one that was in a engine when Matt’s Jetta rolled off a play lot over 10 years ago.

One thing a technicians weren’t means to do was a dynamometer exam to magnitude how many energy a Jetta was putting out after half a million miles. However, Matt did contend that a powertrain and cessation were still as well-spoken as ever when he done his final expostulate to Auburn Hills, observant that outing was a many noted one he had ever taken with a vehicle.

I asked Matt that 2012 Volkswagen he’d chose to go another half a million miles in. “As many as we adore a GTI, GLI, and a new Golf R, we would select a 2012 Golf TDI with a DSG. And never mind 500k—I wouldn’t stop until we strike a million.”

Tell me that Volkswagen you’d like to spend 500,000 miles in. Also, check out Matt’s blog post to review some-more about what a VW technicians found during a autopsy and additional insights toward what kept his Jetta in tip condition.

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