Hamburg and Volkswagen determine vital mobility partnership

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Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen AG, and Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of a Hanseatic City, currently sealed a chit of bargain in a “Kaisersaal” of Hamburg Town Hall. Urban mobility concepts and intermodality, trade control and management, unconstrained pushing and parking, innovative automobile concepts and choice technologies as good as atmosphere wickedness control are a cornerstones of a partnership. For a Volkswagen Group, this partnership is a serve building retard in a new “TOGETHER 2025” strategy, for Hamburg it represents an critical step in a plan to rise intelligent ride systems, and in a focus to horde a 2021 ITS World Congress.

First Mayor Olaf Scholz said: “Here in Hamburg, we wish to guarantee mobility for all citizens. At a same time, it is a aim to make trade in a city cleaner, quieter and safer. Technological swell is a usually proceed to grasp that. What is indispensable is a resourcefulness and resourceful suggestion of German industry, and we are seeking to concur with heading companies such as Volkswagen. We are reaching out to anyone wishing to combine with us on complicated mobility solutions in both newcomer and burden transport. Anyone looking to exam innovative mobility concepts and digital technologies to urge a civic peculiarity of life will find a arguable partner in a City of Hamburg. There is a quite innovation-friendly meridian in a city, and a team-work with Volkswagen will supplement to that. My standpoint is: what is invented here contingency be tested here, too. Made in Germany – tested in Hamburg.”

CEO of Volkswagen AG Matthias Müller commented: “Mobility stays a simple tellurian need – even in a digital age. Constant calls for doing though or banning mobility are not a answer. What is indispensable is intelligent concepts that make a vehicle partial of a resolution and no longer partial of a problem. This is about overcoming aged ways of thinking, jointly pushing creation forward, and holding a beginning ourselves rather than watchful for others to go first. As a heart of innovation, Hamburg is already a colonize when it comes to forward-looking themes such as digitalization or a intelligent ride systems (ITS) strategy. With a ideas and a expertise, we wish to minister to creation Hamburg a indication city for intelligent transport.”

The chit of bargain sealed currently is a outcome of a dialog between a Senate and a Volkswagen Group that began a year ago, and a German government’s Feb automobile limit on e-mobility. In a age of digitalization and a pity economy, lifestyles, consumer function and people’s mobility needs are in transition. This places new final not usually on carmakers, trade and ride companies, though also on a civic infrastructure and trade planning. The dual partners wish to adopt intelligent and tailor-made mobility solutions for both personal mobility and burden ride by holding an integrated approach. The partnership focuses on core issues of destiny civic mobility to capacitate postulated particular mobility in an civic context. Forward-looking innovations together with a raft of customer-oriented mobility services will emanate new opportunities for mobility and are core elements for improving mobility options for city dwellers. As a heading mobility provider and efficient partner, a Volkswagen Group wishes to minister to a success of a city’s pivotal vital initiatives such as atmosphere wickedness control and a doing of a ITS (intelligent ride systems) plan grown by Hamburg’s Senate. This plan is designed to foster a use of information and communication record and innovative technologies in a ride sector, boost highway reserve and ride trustworthiness and potency as good as shortening traffic-related emissions.

In a efforts to urge atmosphere peculiarity and grasp emissions-free mobility solutions, a civic ride companies Hamburg-Holstein GmbH and Hamburger Hochbahn AG final month reached agreement with a Volkswagen auxiliary MAN on an complete sell in a margin of electric train development.

The Volkswagen Group and Hamburg also submitted a successful corner focus for a “mySMARTlife” plan saved by a EU. Under this project, a Volkswagen Group will among other things trigger several commander projects for mobility pity concepts, such as micromobility applications, village car, and innovative civic logistics concepts in Hamburg’s Bergedorf district.

The German supervision sees Hamburg as a probable exam margin for unconstrained pushing and has launched a saved module for programmed and connected pushing on digital exam fields in Germany. Hamburg and a Volkswagen Group are endeavoring to exercise a corner plan underneath this mobility partnership.

Other corner projects will be grown over a entrance months. Today’s chit of bargain does not connect a parties to an disdainful partnership, nor does it enclose any financial commitments.

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