Hands-on driving: a minute demeanour during a technical modifications to a BMW M4 DTM forward of Alex Zanardi’s guest start.

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Munich. Alessandro Zanardi’s guest entrance during a DTM race
weekend during Misano (ITA) is now only a few weeks away. The
51-year-old Italian is during Vallelunga (ITA) on Tuesday and Wednesday
for a array of complete tests with a BMW M4 DTM as he continues
to ready as meticulously as probable for his tour in Italy.
Zanardi contingency familiarize himself with a many modifications in the
cockpit, that will concede him to lift a DTM automobile to a limit
but regulating his prostheses.


BMW Motorsport engineers are training with each automobile they cgange for
Zanardi. They have once again grown many technical innovations for
his start in a DTM and during a 2019 Daytona 24 Hours (USA), including
a hand-operated braking complement for a initial time. Here is a detailed
demeanour during a changes.


1. Hand-operated stop system.


When Zanardi creates his guest entrance in a DTM during Misano, he will
have a newly-developed hand-operated stop complement during his ordering for
a initial time. This replaces a multiple of stop pedal with a
henceforth trustworthy synthetic leg, that Zanardi has used to brake
on his prior outings in BMW competition cars. The advantage of this new
complement is that it requires reduction bid and is so distant easier to operate.


The stop push is located to a driver’s right, in a centre
console area. The stop lines have been extended and laid from the
footwell to this lever. As a result, a pedal box, with a throttle,
stop and purchase pedals, is no longer necessary. The footwell in
Zanardi’s BMW M4 DTM is empty. The vast stop cylinder has been
practiced slightly, definition Zanardi need not request utterly as much
vigour by palm as a unchanging DTM motorist contingency with his feet to achieve
a compulsory braking effect. Where a unchanging motorist contingency request 100 to
120 kilograms of pressure, a limit 70 kilograms is sufficient for
Zanardi. As good as a distance of a stop cylinder, a improved
precedence of a handbrake push also creates a whole braking procession easier.


For a new complement to work, a BMW Motorsport engineers incited the
handling element of a stop cylinder on a head. While a brake
pedal in a normal BMW M4 DTM exerts tensile force on a brake
cylinder, a handbrake push in Zanardi’s automobile relates vigour to a cylinder.


As with each BMW M4 DTM, Zanardi’s automobile also has a parking brake,
that is used to build adult preload vigour to concede a fastest
probable start. Like his associate BMW drivers, Zanardi can work this
parking stop around a symbol on a steering wheel. However, he can also
mechanically activate and recover a parking stop around a push on his
handbrake. This also allows him to forestall a automobile from rolling.


2. Centrifugal clutch.


In a customary DTM car, a drivers use a hydraulic purchase for the
start of a competition and for pulling divided from a array line before the
competition and following a array stop. In Zanardi’s car, a fully-automatic
centrifugal purchase is used instead. This automatically opens and
closes during certain engine speeds and is no longer operated by the
driver. The particular engine speeds are tangible by BMW Motorsport
engineers as partial of their prudent set-up work. For Zanardi, the
complement has a good advantage that he does not need to use one of his
hands to work a purchase lever.


Initial tests with a centrifugal purchase have been really positive.
Both a pulling divided solemnly from a garage and a quick getaway at
a start or after a array stop have worked seamlessly. The scurry from
0 to 100 km/h is roughly as quick with a centrifugal stop as with
a required system.


3. Gear shift.


In principle, Zanardi can change gears in his BMW M4 DTM around the
change paddles on a steering wheel, only like his associate drivers.
Furthermore, it is no longer compulsory to work a purchase in any
complicated DTM car. Like all a other drivers, Zanardi uses a shift
paddle on a right side of a steering circle to change adult by a gears.


When necessary, he can pierce down by a gears ideally normally
with a particular change paddle. However, as this procession is
customarily compared with a braking manoeuvre, for that a right hand
is needed, Zanardi can also downshift regulating a change paddle on a end
of a stop lever.


4. Throttle ring.


The system, with that Zanardi accelerates in a BMW M4 DTM, was
adopted from a GT cars mutated for him in a past. He accelerates
by regulating his fingers to lift on a stifle ring on a back of the
steering wheel. The continual ring can be operated with both hands,
or only with a left or right hand. This plays no purpose in a approach the
complement functions. The stifle ring is tranquil regulating a same
sensors as a customary stifle pedal.


5. Steering wheel.


The steering wheel, including a stifle ring, is fundamentally the
same as those used in a GT cars that Zanardi has driven in a past.
Only a buttons have been practiced for his guest entrance in the
DTM. For example, a DRS symbol has been added. Meanwhile, a knobs
towards a bottom of a steering wheel, that are used to configure
motorist aids such as ABS in GT cars, have no duty in a BMW M4 DTM.


Note to editors:

In a entrance weeks heading adult to Zanardi’s guest entrance at
Misano, we will recover several facilities per technology, safety
and other topics.

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