Harald Grohs and a ancestral Zolder victory: “That creates me unapproachable and happy”.

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Munich. The date was 11th Mar 1984. The newly founded
“German Production Car Championship”, now a DTM, entered its
lass deteriorate during a “Circuit Zolder” to a easterly of Brussels (BEL).
The unequivocally initial DTM foe was 24 laps, and a sum of 102.288
kilometres – and finished with a BMW victory. After a thespian race,
Harald Grohs (GER) in a BMW 635 CSi was a initial to cranky the
finish line and went down in motorsport story as a initial ever
DTM winner.

And it was a top-four outcome for a Munich brand, given positions
dual to 4 were also taken by BMW drivers: Udo Schneider, Volker
Strycek and Leopold Prince of Bavaria (all GER). In an interview,
Grohs looks behind during his ancestral win in a initial DTM race, he
remembers a initial proviso of a furloughed automobile array and talks about
a growth of a DTM from behind afterwards to a new turbo era.


Mr Grohs, we won a initial DTM foe behind in 1984. What are
your memories of this feat in Zolder?


Harald Grohs: “I contingency contend that we was ridicule blissful to move home a win
in a face of clever competition. But afterwards a bold awakening came an
hour and a half after a race: we was unfit due to a technical
insignificance. we was postulated a win though denied a points for the
championship standings. And unfortunately it was by accurately that
series of points that we mislaid a altogether win to Volker Strycek during the
finish of a season.”


What does it meant to we to be a initial foe leader in the
story of a DTM?


Grohs: “A good deal, But we didn’t usually applaud that win in the
DTM. we won each opening foe with all 4 cars that BMW developed
and built for several categories such as a DRM or DTM. That creates me
unapproachable and happy.”


What was a DTM weekend like behind then?


Grohs: “We arrived on Friday, had a giveaway use event on Saturday
morning and had a lot of time altogether to take a unequivocally good look
around a paddock. Then there was a subordinate event in the
afternoon and we raced on Sunday. It was unequivocally relaxed. We also didn’t
have a lot of media or most PR work to do. And we weren’t as under
a microscope as we are today.”


Describe your BMW 635 CSi from behind afterwards  …


Grohs: “That automobile was comparatively easy to expostulate in both soppy and dry
conditions. However, pushing it during a extent was a genuine plea for
us all due to a high steering army and pedal army of 90 kilos
for a stop and 80 kilos for a clutch.”


How do we feel about a new turbo epoch of a DTM?


Grohs: “It is simply fantastic. we have to contend that how a BMW guys
gathering in Hockenheim, even in inauspicious circumstances, and how cold Marco
Wittmann brought home a initial win of a new epoch unequivocally deserves respect.”


When we demeanour during a duration from behind afterwards to today, how do
we feel a DTM has grown overall?


Grohs: “We had highs and lows in a DTM. Now and again in a 90s,
a costs got out of palm since there were no bound limits. I’m
unequivocally happy that we have Gerhard Berger now, who unites all a
bit, creates things a bit some-more normal and freezes a technology
slightly. But we can’t forestall record from continually
developing. When we consider that a teams usually have 3 of a new
two-litre turbo engines accessible for dual cars for a whole year, but
a energy trains still broach some-more than 600 hp, it’s fantastic. Now I
would usually like to see one or dual some-more manufacturers so it’s like the
aged days with 30 or 35 cars in a field.”

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