Hat-trick of wins and new universe record for Ian Hutchinson on a BMW S 1000 RR during a Ulster Grand Prix – Michael Dunlop takes a lead in a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

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Munich (DE), 17th Aug 2016. It was another good and successful
weekend for a BMW S 1000 RR riders and a on-site specialists from
BMW Motorrad Motorsport. The iconic Ulster Grand Prix (GB), the
“World’s Fastest Road Race”, saw 5 wins and a new universe record for
a BMW S 1000 RR. Ian Hutchinson (GB), Michael Dunlop (GB) and David
Jackson (GB) all raced onto a tip step of a lectern on a Dundrod
Circuit. These formula also led to changes during a really tip of a 2016
BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, with Dunlop being a new personality in front of
Hutchinson. There was also success for a BMW Motorrad Motorsport
racers during a other events of a weekend, with wins and podiums in
a Superbike IDM / International German Championship (IDM), the
French Superbike Championship (FSBK) and a French European Bikes
Championship (FR EU).



2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.


Michael Dunlop (GB) is a new personality of a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race
Trophy. At a Ulster Grand Prix, he claimed one win and 3 more
lectern finishes on his Hawk Racing BMW S 1000 RR. With these results,
he brought his points sum collected by a BMW Combined Road
Race Challenge (BMW RRC) to 332.30. New in second place is Ian
Hutchinson (GB) with 327.50 Race Trophy points. The Tyco BMW supplement won
3 races during a Ulster Grand Prix on his RR. The prior leader,
Michal Prášek (CZ / AARR STK), is now third with 325.60 points (see
full standings below).



Ulster Grand Prix nearby Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The Ulster Grand Prix lived adult to a repute of being the
“World’s Fastest Road Race”. The 2016 using of a iconic eventuality not
usually saw a purify brush for a BMW S 1000 RR with 5 wins in five
races, though also a new universe record. Tyco BMW supplement Ian Hutchinson (GB)
pennyless a 134 mph separator and set a new path record with an average
speed of 134.089 mph in Saturday’s second Superbike race. This earned
him a pretension of a “World’s Fastest Road Racer”, as no other road
racer had been that quick before. In total, Hutchinson distinguished three
wins on his RR during this event.


The new record was a topping on a cake after a successful Ulster
Grand Prix for a BMW Motorrad Motorsport racers. The strain of wins
started in a National Dundrod 150 Challenge on Thursday, when a RR
riders claimed a top-four lock-out. David Jackson (GB) took a win in
front of associate BMW riders Dominic Herbertson (GB / WH Racing), Mike
Booth (GB / Danny Tomlinson Racing) and Sam West (GB / Ice Valley 4
Anjels Racing).


Michael Dunlop (GB / Hawk Racing) was afterwards winning in a Dundrod
150 Superbike competition on Thursday evening. Hutchinson was fourth in that
encounter. Saturday noted a categorical competition day of a Ulster Grand Prix.
It started with a Superstock competition that was won by Hutchinson by an
advantage of 0.2 seconds over second placed Dunlop. In a following
dual Superbike races, Hutchinson also took a wins, while Dunlop
finished third on both occasions.



Superbike IDM / International German Championship in Assen,
a Netherlands.


The sixth spin of a 2016 Superbike IDM / International German
Championship (IDM) was hold during Assen (NL) final weekend. The BMW riders
claimed a sum of 5 lectern finishes in their particular classes.


Bastien Mackels (BE / Wilbers-BMW-Racing) finished a initial of the
dual races in third on a lectern for a Superbike category (IDM SBK /
fourth overall). In competition two, a Belgian crossed a line fourth in
a IDM SBK (eighth overall). In a Superstock category (IDM STK), Van
Zon-Remeha-BMW supplement Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NL) finished both races in
second on a lectern (fifth and fourth overall). His team-mate Jan
Bühn (DE) was third in a category on both occasions (seventh and fifth overall).



French Superbike Championship in Pau, France.


After a summer break, a 2016 French Superbike Championship (FSBK)
resumed with a fifth spin of a deteriorate hold in Pau in a south
west of France. BMW racer Kenny Foray (FR) and his Tecmas Racing Team
once some-more had reason to celebrate. In competition one, Foray cumulative his
second win of a deteriorate and also set a fastest competition path on his BMW
S 1000 RR. In competition two, Foray finished second on a podium. In the
championship standings, a BMW supplement is second with dual some-more rounds
to go.



French European Bikes Championship in Pau, France.


At a FSBK spin in Pau (FR) a French European Bikes Championship
(FR EU) also hold a fifth competition weekend of a 2016 season. Once more
a BMW S 1000 RR riders were a ones to beat, claiming a top-three
lock-out and a one-two.


In competition one, Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FR / Gers Moto Vitesse
Ordannaise) distinguished his second win of a season. He came out on
tip in an sparkling conflict with associate BMW supplement Benjamin Colliaux (FR
/ Team Cherot Moto Sport), who crossed a line second usually 0.199
seconds behind Brunet-Lugardon. RR supplement Michel Amalric (FR / Tecmas
Racing Team) finished a lectern in third. In competition two, it was
Colliaux’s spin to stand onto a tip step of a podium. He claimed
his fourth win of a season, while Brunet-Lugardon was second in this
encounter. In a championship standings Colliaux leads and
Brunet-Lugardon is runner-up.



2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Current Standings.


Status: 17th Aug 2016



16. Jan Bühn (DE/IDM STK/194.15), 17. Raffaele De Rosa
(IT/STK1000/189.04), 18. Stefan Kerschbaumer (AT/EWC STK/173.12), 18.
Bastien Mackels (BE/EWC STK/173.12), 18. Dominik Vincon (DE/EWC
STK/173.12), 21. Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NL/IDM STK/169.69), 22. Ben
Young (GB/CSBK/169.00), 23. Joshua Elliott (GB/BSB STK/167.27), 24.
Martin Choy (BG/AARR SBK/158.80), 25. Michael Rutter (GB/BSB
STK/158.73), 26. Mathieu Gines (FR/IDM SBK/156.11), 27. Jordi Torres
(ES/WorldSBK/151.00), 28. Lance Isaacs (ZA/RSA SBK/147.14), 29. Michel
Amalric (FR/FR EU/137.80), 30. Miloš Cihak (CZ/AARR SBK/132.80), 31.
Michael Leon (CA/CSBK/132.75), 32. Michael Laverty (GB/BSB
SBK/131.40), 33. Matteo Ferrari (IT/CIV/128.40), 34. Richard Cooper
(GB/BSB SBK/121.00), 35. Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (FR/FR EU/120.31), 36.
Christian Iddon (GB/BSB SBK/118.60), 37. Colin Butler (CA/MSC
SBK/110.00), 38. Martin Tritscher (AT/AARR STK/108.80), 39. Mike
Roscher/Anna Burkard (DE/SWC/105.41), 40. Santiago Barragán
(ES/CEV/99.49), 41. Marek Hartl (CZ/AARR STK/98.80), 42. Hernani
Teixeira (FR/FR EU/96.00), 43. Marco Nekvasil (AT/IDM STK/94.00), 44.
Madjid Idres (FR/FR EU/93.23), 45. Hudson Kennaugh (ZA/BSB STK/88.00),
46. Petr Bičiště (CZ/IRRC/84.00), 47. Denni Schiavoni (IT/CIV/83.60),
48. Markus Reiterberger (DE/WorldSBK/80.00), 49. Marc Neumann (DE/IDM
STK/76.46), 50. Steve Rapp (US/AMA SBK/74.93), 51. Joshua Brookes
(AU/WorldSBK/74.20), 52. Lee Jackson (GB/BSB SBK/73.00), 53. Nasarudin
Mat Yusop (MY/MSC STK/72.80), 54. Lee Johnston (GB/BMW RRC/71.00), 55.
Garrick Vlok (ZA/RSA SBK/70.86), 56. Julien Brun (FR/FR EU/69.38), 57.
Luca Vitali (IT/STK1000/69.25), 58. David Bouvier (FR/FR EU/69.19),
59. Arnaud Friedrich (DE/IDM STK/66.31), 60. David Datzer
(DE/IRRC/65.45), 61. Bertrand Boyer (FR/FR EU/64.00), 62. Camille
Hedelin (FR/EWC SBK/54.53), 62. Clive Rambure (FR/EWC SBK/54.53), 64.
Leon Jeacock (GB/BSB STK/53.82), 65. Léon Benichou (FR/FR EU/52.31),
66. Karel Abraham (CZ/WorldSBK/51.90), 66. Alastair Seeley (GB/BMW
RRC/51.90), 68. Chrissy Rouse (GB/BSB STK/50.18), 69. Roberto Blazquez
(ES/CEV/50.00), 70. Daisaku Sakai (JP/MFJ/49.67), 71. Jeremy Cook
(US/AMA STK/49.33), 72. Sam West (GB/BMW RRC/48.00), 73. Adam
Jenkinson (GB/BSB STK/43.64), 74. Alex Olsen (GB/BSB STK/42.18), 75.
Rob McNealy (GB/BSB STK/39.09), 76. Björn Stuppi (DE/IDM STK/37.69),
77. Rene Skalicky (CZ/AARR STK/35.80), 78. Michal Bidas (CZ/AARR
STK/35.20), 79. Yuta Kodama (JP/MFJ/33.67), 80. Manu Dagault (FR/FR
EU/32.00), 81. Dominic Chang (SG/MSC STK/31.60), 82. Michal Šembera
(CZ/AARR SBK/31.20), 83. Ronald Slamet (ZA/RSA SBK/31.14), 84. Martin
Jessopp (GB/BMW RRC/30.00), 85. Davo Johnson (AU/BMW RRC/29.80), 86.
Nicolas Senechal (FR/EWC SBK/29.77), 87. Ricky Lee Weare (ZA/RSA
SBK/29.14), 88. Eric Vionnet (CH/STK1000/28.75), 89. Dominic
Herbertson (GB/BMW RRC/28.00), 90. Michal Fojtik (CZ/AARR STK/27.60),
91. Ben Godfrey (GB/BSB STK/27.09), 92. Maxime Bonnot (FR/FSBK
SBK/27.08), 93. Dominique Platet (FR/EWC SBK/24.77), 94. Lim Ho Gon
(KR/MFJ/23.00), 94. Shinya Takeishi (JP/MFJ/23.00), 96. Derek McGee
(IE/BMW RRC/22.40), 97. Barry Teasdale (GB/BSB STK/21.82), 98. Adrián
Bonastre (ES/CEV/19.00), 98. Howie Mainwaring Smart (GB/BSB
SBK/19.00), 100. Justin Gillesen (ZA/RSA SBK/18.86), 101. Jakub Smrz
(CZ/BSB SBK/18.40), 102. Etienne Nelson (ZA/RSA SBK/17.71), 103.
Gauthier Duwelz (BE/STK1000/17.25), 104. Daniel Cooper (GB/BMW
RRC/16.00), 105. Janez Prosenik (SI/EWC SBK/15.65), 106. Michal Filla
(CZ/IDM STK/15.54), 107. Evert Stoffberg (ZA/RSA SBK/14.29), 108.
Pedro Rodriguez (ES/CEV/12.60), 109. Matthieu Lussiana
(FR/WorldSBK/12.20), 110. John Krieger (ZA/RSA SBK/11.14), 111. Sabine
Holbrook (DE/AARR SBK/7.60), 112. Heinrich Rheeder (ZA/RSA SBK/3.29),
113. Federico D’Annunzio (IT/STK1000/7.50), 114. Pierre Bezuidenhout
(ZA/RSA SBK/6.57), 115. Thomas Toffel (CH/STK1000/5.75), 116. Pascal
Meslet (FR/FR EU/4.92), 117. Valter Patronen (FI/CEV/4.80), 118. Matej
Smrz (BSB SBK/ 4.60), 119. Eric Dagault (FR/FR EU/3.69), 120. Jacques
outpost Wyngaardt (ZA/RSA SBK/3.43), 121. Elwyn Steenkamp (ZA/RSA
SBK/1.14), 122. Christophe Costes (FR/FR EU/0.00), 122. Stefan
Dolipski (DE/AMA STK/0.00), 122. Ryan Farquhar (GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 122.
Marcel Irnie (CA/CSBK/0.00), 122. Aaron League (US/BSB STK/0.00), 122.
Joan Sardanyons (ES/CEV/0.00), 122. Tomas Svitok (SK/AARR STK/0.00)


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