Highway reserve consultant Dr. Adrian Lund receives a “BMW Vehicle Safety Lifetime Achievement Award”.

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The US scientist Dr. Adrian Lund is
a latest leader of a “BMW Vehicle Safety Lifetime Achievement
Award”. With this accolade, a BMW Group is for a highway
reserve expert’s long-standing joining in a margin of passenger
word and impediment of trade accidents. Lund has been
boss of a Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) since
2006. As an eccentric investigate organisation, a hospital has,
among other things, achieved unchanging pile-up tests on new automobiles
and carried out elemental systematic work in a margin of vehicle
production, highway formulation and trade psychology in sequence to
denote possibilities of shortening a series of accidents and
alleviation a consequences of collisions.  

Dr. Adrian Lund supposed a endowment during a revisit to a BMW Group’s
Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich. It was presented by
Professor Klaus Kompass, clamp boss of a BMW Group’s Vehicle
Safety Division. In his complimentary speech, Kompass emphasised the
remarkably extended spectrum of Lund’s systematic work. Early in his
career, a connoisseur clergyman assigned himself with a hazards
immature drivers in sole are faced with as a outcome of their
poise in highway trade and conducted studies concerning a effects
of immoderate ethanol and drugs on a ability to drive. Moreover, Lund
contributed towards a serve growth of patience systems in
automobiles and carried out investigate on simple correlations between
automobile pattern and pile-up safety. With his multifaceted joining he
has warranted consequence both for enrichment in a margin of safety
record as good as for shortening a series of accidents on open roads.

Dr. Adrian Lund has worked for a eminent IIHS given 1981. For many
years now, he has been one of a many obvious and influential
experts in a margin of collision investigate and trade safety. With his
many years of experience, Lund also creates appearances during many events
as a systematic consultant to bureaucratic bodies and non-public
institutions. The IIHS, that was founded in 1959 by several American
word companies, is famous internationally for a particularly
perfectionist and constantly serve grown pile-up exam programmes.
These are carried out regulating state-of-the-art record during the
institute’s possess Vehicle Research Center. The accolades “Top Safety
Pick” and “Top Safety Pick+” awarded by a organization are
deliberate by automobile manufacturers worldwide as concurred explanation of
unusually high standards in a areas of automobile reserve and
newcomer protection.


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