Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort: Twin Anniversary for BMW. 100 years of existence for a BMW Group and 50 years of a BMW 02 Series.

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BMW and engine competition – these dual concepts go together. A shining
instance of this formation is supposing by a BMW 02 Series, which
was launched in 1966. This indication was intensely renouned with lots of
BMW fans, and several versions have achieved an implausible series of
motor-sport successes. The Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort is
hence an comprehensive priority for celebrating “50 years of BMW
2002”. BMW has therefore combined a “BMW Centenary Trophy: BMW 2002
meets BMW 3.0 CSL” as an fame to this heritage. This is a race
between a BMW 2002 and an equally high-performing contemporary
automobile, a successful BMW 3.0 CSL. You can demeanour brazen to a
starting margin with around twenty-five racing cars, including some
seventeen 2002 automobiles.

BMW has also invited a series of motor-sport legends to this very
special race. Prinz Leopold von Bayern and Harald Grohs are iconic BMW
drivers who played an active purpose in a German Touring Car
Championship (DTM). Jan Lammers and Michael Bleekemolen took partial in
several races including a mythological BMW M1 Procar championships,
that featured in a warm-up programme for Formula 1 in 1979 and
1980. Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design and
plan manager obliged for a dual BMW hommage cars, is competing
in his possess BMW 2002 TISA, that he has already driven in a Historic
Grand Prix Zandvoort.

The “BMW Centenary Trophy: BMW 2002 meets BMW 3.0 CSL” will take
place on a Saturday as a 30 notation race. A display durability half
an hour is designed for a Sunday.


Special warm-up laps

The competition will be launched on a Saturday with dual special warm-up
laps. Apart from a BMW M6 Safety Car from a Zandvoort Circuit
Park, a margin will be led by dual distinguished duos: a BMW Group
Classic BMW 2002 together with a BMW 2002 Hommage and a BMW Group
Classic 3.0 CSL together with a BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R. This
represents a singular knowledge when dual well-developed judgment cars like
a BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R and a BMW 2002 Hommage can be admired
together alongside any other. These complicated interpretations of two
mythological classics will be presented in a Tango Paddock nearby the
Tarzan Corner. This is also a plcae of a drivers’ paddock for
a BMW 2002 and 3.0 CSL racing cars. Moreover, we will have the
event of saying some of BMW’s stars giving interviews here. All
a BMW 2002 and 3.0 CSL automobiles will also be in movement during the
drivers’ march by a streets of Zandvoort on Saturday 3
Sep from around 19.30.


Entry from twenty euros

Entry tickets for a Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort are accessible in
allege starting during twenty euros. This includes a day sheet and
entrance to a drivers’ paddock. An entrance sheet for 3 days is
accessible for only forty euros. Children between 5 and twelve years
aged are entitled to a fifty percent bonus in a association of an
adult. Entry for really tiny children is giveaway of charge.

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