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November 29, 2017

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In Jul 1940, a U.S. troops sensitive automakers that it was looking for a “light reconnoitering vehicle” to reinstate a Army’s motorcycle and mutated Ford Model-T vehicles. The Army invited 135 manufacturers to bid on production, and grown a endless preference list for a vehicle, including a following:

  • 600-lb. bucket capacity
  • Wheelbase reduction than 75 inches
  • Height reduction than 36 inches
  • Smooth-running engine from 3 to 50 miles per hour
  • Rectangular-shaped body
  • Four-wheel expostulate with two-speed send case
  • Fold-down windshield
  • Three bucket seats
  • Blackout and pushing lights
  • Gross automobile weight subsequent 1,300 pounds

At first, Willys-Overland and American Bantam Car Manufacturing Company were a usually dual companies responding a call. Soon, however, Ford Motor Company entered a picture, and foe began among a 3 over that association would accept a remunerative supervision contract.  Each association constructed prototypes for contrast in record time. Bantam’s arch engineer, along with a group of Bantam executives, worked out a design, and a association built a margin automobile within 49 days.
Willys-Overland Vice President of Engineering Delmar G. Roos designed a Willys Quad. Ford grown a Model GP (General Purpose), famous as a Pygmy, that was powered by an blending Ford/Ferguson tractor. Each association delivered a antecedent to a Army in a summer of 1940 and perceived capitulation to build 70 representation vehicles.
The Army took possession of a vehicles in Nov 1940 during Camp Holabird, Maryland. Each of a 3 designs exceeded a Army’s preference of 1,300 pounds, though a Army shortly satisfied that extent was distant too low and lifted it for a subsequent spin of vehicles.
The Army released a subsequent spin of contracts in Mar 1941. Bantam was to furnish 1,500 Model 40 BRC vehicles, Ford would build 1,500 mutated and softened GP Pygmy vehicles and Willys-Overland would build 1,500 Quads. Further contrast and analysis led to a Army’s preference of Willys-Overland as a primary manufacturer.
Subsequently, many of a Bantams and Ford GPs constructed were sent to Great Britain and Russia as partial of a lend-lease program. In Great Britain, a Ford automobile was popularly famous as a “Blitz Buggy.”
Willys MA/MB
With modifications and improvements, a Willys Quad became a MA, and after a MB. But a Army, and a world, came to know it as a Jeep®.
Some claimed that a name came from a slurring of a letters “GP,” a troops shortening for “General Purpose.” Others contend a automobile was named for a renouned impression named “Eugene a Jeep” in a Popeye animation strip. Whatever a origin, a name entered in American lexicon.
The Willys MA featured a gearshift on a steering column, low side physique cutouts, dual turn instrument clusters on a dashboard and a palm stop on a left side. Willys struggled to revoke a weight to a new Army preference of 2,160 pounds. Items private for a MA to strech that idea were reinstalled on a next-generation MB, ensuing in a final weight of approximately 400 lbs. above a specifications.
Willys-Overland would build some-more than 368,000 vehicles, and Ford, underneath license, some 277,000, for a U.S. Army. The rugged, arguable olive-drab automobile would perpetually be famous for assisting win a universe war. Willys copyright a “Jeep” name after a fight and designed to spin a automobile into an off-road application automobile for a plantation – a municipal “Universal Jeep.” One of Willys’ slogans during a time was, “The Sun Never Sets on a Mighty Jeep,” and a association set about creation certain a universe famous Willys as a creator of a vehicle.
Overview of pivotal chronological Jeep municipal vehicles
Jeep CJ-2A: 1945-1949
The initial municipal Jeep vehicle, a CJ-2A, was constructed in 1945. It came with a tailgate, side-mounted gangling tire, incomparable headlights, an outmost fuel tip and many some-more equipment not enclosed in a troops predecessors. Several CJ-2A features, such as a 134-cubic-inch I-4 engine, a T-90A transmission, Spicer 18 send box and a full-floating Dana 25 front and Dana 23-2 back axle, were found on countless Jeep vehicles in destiny years. The CJ-2A was constructed for 4 years.
Jeep CJ-3A: 1949-1953
Introduced in 1948, a CJ-3A was really matching to a prior model, though featured a one-piece windscreen and a some-more strong back axle, and defended a strange L-head four-cylinder engine.
Jeep CJ-3B: 1953-1968
The CJ Model was updated in 1953, apropos a CJ-3B. It had a taller front grille and hood than a troops prototype in sequence to accommodate a new Hurricane F-Head four-cylinder engine. The CJ-3B remained in prolongation until 1968 and a sum of 155,494 were done in a U.S. In 1953, Willys-Overland was sole to Henry J. Kaiser for $60 million. The Kaiser Company began an endless investigate and growth module that would enlarge a Jeep product range.
Jeep CJ-5: 1955-1983
In 1955, Kaiser introduced a CJ-5, formed on a 1951 Korean War M-38A1, with a dull front-fender design. It was somewhat incomparable than a CJ-3B, as it featured an increasing wheelbase and altogether length. Improvements in engines, axles, transmissions and seating comfort done a CJ-5 an ideal automobile for a public’s flourishing seductiveness in off-road vehicles. The CJ-5 featured softer styling lines, including dull physique contours. With an 81-inch wheelbase, some-more than 600,000 CJ-5s were constructed over 30 years.
Jeep CJ-6: 1956-1975
A long-wheelbase (20 inches longer than a CJ-5) indication was introduced and famous as CJ-6. Apart from a longer wheelbase, a CJ-6 was roughly matching to a CJ-5, though with some-more load space. Jeep also introduced a forward-control cab-over-engine movement to a CJ line in 1956. American Motors Corporation (AMC) versed both a CJ-5 and CJ-6 with heavier axles, bigger brakes and a wider track. In 1965, a new “Dauntless” V-6 engine was introduced as an choice on both a 81-inch wheelbase CJ-5 and 101-inch wheelbase CJ-6. The 155-horsepower engine roughly doubled a horsepower of a customary four-cylinder engine. It was a initial time a Jeep CJ could be versed with a V-6. Beginning in 1973, all Jeep CJs came versed with AMC-built 304- or 360-cubic-inch V-8 engines.
Jeep CJ-7: 1976-1986
In 1976, AMC introduced a CJ-7, a initial vital change in Jeep pattern in 20 years. The CJ-7 had a somewhat longer wheelbase than a CJ-5 to concede space for an involuntary transmission. For a initial time, a CJ-7 charity an discretionary molded cosmetic tip and steel doors. Both a 93.5-inch wheelbase CJ-7 and 83.5-inch wheelbase CJ-5 models were built until 1983, when direct for a CJ-7 left AMC no choice though to pause a CJ-5, after a 30-year prolongation run.
Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler: 1981-1985
Introduced in 1981, a Scrambler was a Jeep matching to a CJ-7, though with a longer wheelbase. Known internationally as a CJ-8, it was accessible in possibly a hardtop or soft-top version. Less than 30,000 Scramblers were built – and are intensely renouned among collectors today.
Jeep Wrangler (YJ): 1987-1996
In 1983, a flourishing marketplace for compress four-wheel-drive vehicles still sought a practical virtues of a Jeep CJ series, though consumers also were seeking some-more of a “creature comforts” found in newcomer cars. The response was discontinuing a CJ array and introducing a 1987 Jeep Wrangler (YJ).
Although a Wrangler common a informed open-body form of a CJ-7, it contained few common tools with a famous predecessor. Mechanically, a Wrangler had some-more in common with a Cherokee than a CJ-7. The Wrangler YJ had block headlights, that was a initial (and last) for this form of Jeep. The YJ indication exceeded 630,000 units.
On Aug. 5, 1987, about a year after a introduction of a Wrangler, AMC was sole to a Chrysler Corporation and a renouned Jeep code became a partial of Chrysler’s Jeep/Eagle Division.
Jeep Wrangler (TJ): 1997-2006
The 1997 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) looked really matching to a CJ-7. Indeed a “heritage” demeanour was utterly deliberate, though a automobile was really opposite from a automatic standpoint. Nearly 80 percent of a automobile tools were newly designed. The TJ used a four-link curl suspension, matching to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and featured a new interior, including motorist and newcomer atmosphere bags. The TJ defended several classical Jeep features, such as spin headlights, a fold-down windshield (first seen in 1940) and removable doors, as good as a choice of a soothing tip or removable hardtop. A factory-fitted competition bar was also standard.
Enter a then-best-equipped Jeep ever – a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. This automobile warranted a right to be called by a mythological route name, as it was versed with push-button-actuated locking front and back Dana 44 axles, a 4:1 low-range send case, 32-inch tires and many some-more options not accessible on any prolongation Jeep before it.
In 2004, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was introduced — a longer-wheelbase Wrangler, featuring 13 inches some-more load room and dual inches of additional second-row legroom. While progressing a unmatched alfresco fun and 4×4 capability of a strange Jeep Wrangler, a Unlimited indication charity some-more polished on-road comfort, as good as even some-more versatility.
Jeep Wrangler (JK): 2007-2018
Building on a successful, strange Jeep regulation with an all-new frame, extraneous and interior design, engine, and reserve and preference features, a JK delivered some-more capability, refinement, interior space and comfort, alfresco fun, power, fuel potency and reserve features.
Featuring a one-of-a-kind, four-door alfresco design, a JK Wrangler stretched a Jeep knowledge to new dimensions. With room for 5 adult passengers – a Wrangler initial – and a many load space ever charity in a Wrangler, a Unlimited combines class-leading off-road capability with bland practicality.
Jeep Wrangler (JL): 2018
A complicated pattern that stays loyal to a original, a all-new Wrangler JL delivers even some-more capability and offers 3 modernized fuel-efficient powertrains, some-more alfresco options, record and reserve features. A complicated proceed to an authentic design, with new extraneous and interior styling, Wrangler JL builds on a Jeep brand’s abounding story with heritage-inspired pattern cues and a iconic spin headlamps and block tail lamps, that yield a particular Wrangler character.
For a initial time ever on Wrangler, a use of lightweight, high-strength aluminum doors, doorway hinges, hood, fenders and pitch embankment are employed and helps revoke weight and boost fuel economy. Two gasoline and one diesel engine options will be accessible – dual of that are turbocharged, another initial for Wrangler. Both Wrangler two- and four-door models offer even some-more capability and bland practicality, while delivering an unmatched alfresco pushing experience.
About Jeep Brand
Built on some-more than 75 years of mythological heritage, Jeep is a authentic SUV with class-leading capability, craftsmanship and flexibility for people who find unusual journeys. The Jeep code delivers an open invitation to live life to a fullest by charity a full line of vehicles that continue to yield owners with a clarity of certainty to hoop any tour with confidence.

The Jeep automobile lineup consists of a Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Renegade and Wrangler. To accommodate consumer direct around a world, all Jeep models sole outward North America are accessible in both left and right-hand expostulate configurations and with gasoline and diesel powertrain options.

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