Home Game: New ŠKODA Superb is automotive flagship of IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in Czech Republic

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ŠKODA will be sponsoring a IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship this year for a 23rd time. However, there is something additional special about 2015: The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships will be holding place in ŠKODA’s home nation – a Czech Republic. In addition, a new ŠKODA Superb will be used as a convey car only a few weeks before a executive marketplace launch. In Prague today, a association handed over a keys for a executive World Championship fleet, consisting of 14 new ŠKODA Superbs and 36 ŠKODA Octavia estates to be used by a IIHF WM Organisation Committee.

​The annual quarrel for a ice hockey climax will be holding place this year between 1 and 17 May in a Czech collateral of Prague (O2 arena) and in a Eastern Czech city of Ostrava (ČEZ ARÉNA). ŠKODA has been a executive categorical unite of a IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships given 1993. This creates ŠKODA’s joining a longest categorical sponsorship in a story of sports universe championships. The code will be means to strech out to around 800 million TV viewers around a universe by countless activities, such as providing a convey use and ancillary particular inhabitant teams.

“Ice hockey is a executive post of a sponsorship strategy,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “This year, a joining is quite critical for us: Firstly, a universe championship is holding place in a home country, and secondly, it’s going to be a initial time a new flagship – a new ŠKODA Superb – will be used during an executive event. This is going to be a outrageous eventuality on home territory where we’ll be fluttering a dwindle high and highlighting a strength of a brand.”

In providing a extensive convey service, ŠKODA will be chauffeuring officials and guest in 14 new Supberbs and 36 ŠKODA Octavia estates. Especially for a occasion, a cars are going to be embellished in a inhabitant colours of white, red and blue. They are also away ‘branded’ with a names of Czech and Czechoslovakian ice hockey legends, like Jiří Holeček, Ivan Hlinka, Dominik Hašek and Jaromír Jágr. The convey cars will be used essentially for transporting people between a dual arenas, a airport, hotels and other destinations.

ŠKODA has a long-standing tradition of holding IIHF WM officials and guest from A to B. The swift of between 40 and 50 vehicles have lonesome around 6 million kilometres over a past 23 years during universe championship events but ever violation down even once.nbsp; On average, a ŠKODA fleets travels roughly 250,000 kilometres during any universe championships.nbsp;

In serve to providing a swift of vehicles, ŠKODA will be an ever-present idol in Prague and Ostrava. A serve 20 vehicles will be presented during a World Championship arenas.

ŠKODA’s trademark will be positioned in eye-catching places on a aspect of a ice and around a stands. Additionally, 3 general teams will be darting around a course temperament a ŠKODA trademark on their helmets and jerseys: a Czech Republic, Slovakia and USA.nbsp;

A good approach for ice hockey fans around a universe to stay forward of a diversion is a ‘IIHF app powered by ŠKODA’. The app upheld by ŠKODA provides all a information about a championships as in prior years, and is accessible for giveaway download on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms.

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