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Offering a poignant powertrain ascent from a prior Accord Hybrid, a 2017 indication facilities a second-generation Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) two-motor hybrid powertrain. This sophisticated, polished and seamlessly handling complement serve extends a Accord Hybrid’s advantages over a competitors with even some-more appetite and fuel efficiency.

Honda’s second-generation i-MMD uses a two-motor hybrid proceed with 3 handling modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive – responding to a final of a motorist while maximizing fuel efficiency. Under many conditions, a car operates in Hybrid Drive mode, in that a gasoline engine operates as a generator, provision electric appetite to a hybrid batteries, with ground appetite granted by a electric thrust motor.  Under certain conditions, a Accord Hybrid can work on electric appetite only, with a engine close off. In Engine Drive Mode, used generally during medium- to high-speed cruising, a car can work on gasoline engine appetite only.

Changes to a two-motor i-MMD for a 2017 Accord Hybrid embody upgrades to a gasoline engine, electric generator, electric motor, Power Control Unit (PCU), Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) and lock-up clutch. These second-generation refinements revoke weight, distance and complexity, and boost appetite and efficiency, all of that have wrapping and opening benefits. Furthermore, to raise a fun factor, a i-MMD includes a new Sport mode.

The outcome of a 2017 Accord Hybrid’s cutting-edge powertrain record is a fun-to-drive character, aided by a new Sport mode and an 8.2 percent boost in sum complement appetite to 212 horsepower (as totalled by a peak, point outlay of a twin electric motors and gas engine), joined with fuel potency unmatched in a segment. The Accord Hybrid has EPA fuel economy ratings of 49/47/48 mpg (city/highway/combined) – giving it by distant a best-in-class ratings for midsize hybrid sedans. These EPA fuel economy ratings are formed on new, some-more difficult ratings mandate enacted by a U.S. EPA for a 2017 indication year.

Two-Motor Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) Hybrid System Features


  1. 2.0-liter, DOHC, i-VTEC® inline-four
  2. Gasoline engine output: 107 kW (up from 105 kW)
  3. i-VTEC® (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) + Electric VTC
  4. Regular unleaded fuel
  5. Drive-by-Wire Throttle System™
  6. Close-coupled twin bed catalytic converter
  7. 100,000+/- miles engine tune-up interlude


  1. Electric Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) 
  2. Maintenance-free Electric engine output: 135-kW (up from 124 kW)


  1. 1.3 kWh Li-Ion battery
  2. Eight-year/100,000-mile or ten-year/150,000 mile Li-Ion battery singular warranty, depending on a state of purchase/registration.


  1. Electric-servo braking system
  2. 24-hour roadside assistance (during initial guaranty period)  

Second-Generation Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) Two-Motor Hybrid System
The 2017 Accord Hybrid’s second-generation i-MMD two-motor hybrid complement is a rarely fit powertrain that selects a optimal expostulate operation underneath a far-reaching operation of pushing conditions to mix a fun-to-drive impression with glorious fuel efficiency. Detailed appetite government for any component, as tranquil by a Power Control Unit (PCU), enables this complement to make a best use of both a electric thrust engine and a gasoline engine to seamlessly yield well-spoken and manageable opening and to hoard tip EPA fuel economy ratings in a midsize hybrid sedan class.

To assistance maximize potency on a road, a Accord Hybrid seamlessly shifts between 3 graphic expostulate operations: EV Drive (100 percent electric motor), Hybrid Drive (electric engine and gasoline engine [driving a generator motor]) and Engine Drive (gasoline engine). The Accord Hybrid’s powertrain shifts seamlessly and uniformly among a 3 pushing operations, utilizing appetite from a Atkinson-cycle i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine and a electric engine to fit a pushing conditions impulse to moment. An charcterised visible arrangement of stream operation appetite flow, including regeneration, can be displayed on a Multi-Information Display (MID) in a core of a instrument cluster.

EV Drive Operation
All-electric expostulate EV Drive operation occurs when starting from a stop, during light cruising and acceleration, and when braking. The gasoline engine is off when a i-MMD is in EV Drive mode and is decoupled from a drivetrain to revoke friction.

Hybrid Drive Operation
The electric thrust engine alone powers a front wheels, as a gasoline engine (decoupled from a expostulate wheels) powers a electric-generator motor, that in spin provides appetite to a battery pack. This allows a gas engine-generator engine combo to further a battery by providing combined electrical appetite to a thrust engine or, alternatively, to assign a battery. In this form of operation a complement works as a “series hybrid.” The electric thrust engine offers frail acceleration, and can strech limit torque roughly instantaneously, interjection to electrical appetite that can be granted from both a gas engine-powered motor/generator and a battery.

Engine Drive Operation
When cruising during middle to high speeds, a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle i-VTEC gasoline engine provides thrust around a new aloft ability lock-up clutch, that connects a generator engine (always related to a engine) and a electric expostulate motor, effectively promulgation ground appetite directly from a engine to a expostulate wheels. In this form of operation a complement works as a “parallel hybrid” where both a gasoline engine and, when compulsory – for instance on discerning acceleration – a electric thrust motor, both yield appetite to a wheels.  The i-MMD powertrain operates though a use of a required transmission.

2.0-liter Inline 4-cylinder Atkinson Cycle Engine
The 2017 Accord Hybrid’s second-generation i-MMD complement utilizes a 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder Atkinson Cycle engine that develops a rise 143 horsepower during 6200 rpm and 129 lb.-ft. of torque during 4000 rpm, adult from 141 horsepower and 122 lb.-ft. in a prior model. These increases were a outcome of engine control tuning that together with other technologies mix to emanate glorious appetite characteristics, well-developed fuel potency and really low empty emissions. This clean-running engine meets LEV3- AT-PZEV(SULEV30)/Interim Tier3 Bin30 glimmer standards, while contributing to a Accord Hybrid’s sum complement outlay of 212 HP, an 8.2 percent boost from a first-generation i-MMD’s outlay of 196 horsepower. The Accord Hybrid Sedan has an EPA fuel economy rating of 49/47/48 mpg city/hwy/combined. These EPA fuel economy ratings are formed on new, some-more difficult ratings mandate enacted by a U.S. EPA for a 2017 indication year. Based on a new requirements, Honda estimates a 2015 Accord Hybrid ratings would be 48/45/47 (actually rated during 50/45/47 underneath a prior method), indicating a +1/+2/+1 boost for a 2017 indication over a prior version.

Since a gasoline engine can be decoupled from a rest of a hybrid powertrain, it usually operates as needed. Depending on a state of battery assign and other parameters, a engine will automatically close off during deceleration and when a car is during a stop or handling underneath battery power. When needed, a gasoline engine restarts automatically, though movement from a driver.

Engine Block, Crankshaft and Pistons
The engine has a banishment of 1993cc. Cast-in iron cylinder liners yield long-lasting durability. Each biography on a forged-steel crankshaft is micro-polished to revoke inner friction. To urge fibre around a rpm operation and assistance revoke sound levels, a Accord Hybrid is propitious with an inner balancer unit. Consisting of a span of chain-driven counter-rotating shafts located in a oil pan, a balancing complement helps relieve a fundamental second-order harmonic vibrations that are routinely compared with inline 4-cylinder engines.

The 2.0-liter engine has cylinder bores equivalent by 6.0 mm from a crankshaft to assistance revoke piston-sliding friction. This gives a joining rods a some-more auspicious angle during any appetite stroke, that reduces side loading on a pistons and, in turn, improves efficiency. The lightweight pistons have a delicately optimized dress settlement to minimize reciprocating weight, and reduced weight minimizes quivering and increases handling efficiency.

Cylinder Head and Valvetrain
The Accord Hybrid 4-cylinder engine has a lightweight cylinder conduct that is done of pressure-cast aluminum alloy. A wordless sequence drives twin beyond cams and 4 valves per cylinder. The cam expostulate is upkeep giveaway around a life of a engine.

To assistance boost fuel potency and power, a engine has a 3.4-degree enclosed angle between a intake and empty valves. The slight valve angle decreases a surface-to-volume ratio and helps emanate a flatter, some-more compress explosion cover that reduces unburned hydrocarbon emissions. This explosion cover figure and a accurate control enables a high application ratio of 13.0:1, nonetheless a engine still operates on unchanging unleaded fuel.

i-VTEC Valve Control System
The Accord Hybrid’s 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve i-VTEC engine uses an modernized valve-control complement to mix high appetite outlay with high fuel potency and low emissions. The complement combines E-VTC (Electronic Variable Timing Control), that invariably adjusts a intake camshaft phase, with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC), that changes a lift profile, timing and era of a intake valves’ operation.

High-Efficiency Dual Bed Catalytic Converter
A pivotal writer to a Accord Hybrid’s glorious emissions opening is a singular twin bed catalytic converter that replaces a prior engine’s twin converters. The new converter mounts directly to a front of a cylinder head, close-coupled for quick activation after a engine is started. It uses a thin-wall settlement that increases inner greeting area and improves efficiency. A high-efficiency empty complement and a twin bed, high-density catalytic converter assistance a Accord engine accommodate difficult LEV3- AT-PZEV(SULEV30)/Interim Tier3 Bin30 standards, that need reduced hothouse gases compared to revoke standards.

Eliminating a second catalytic converter, that was formerly mounted downstream on a empty system, underneath newcomer dungeon floor, done room for a empty feverishness liberation device.

Heat Recovery Device
The new feverishness liberation device contributes to a second-generation i-MMD’s potency by assisting to revoke power-robbing attrition quite during initial cold continue operation. Located downstream on a empty system, a feverishness liberation device uses prohibited empty gas to comfortable engine coolant quicker, generally during cold continue conditions. This brings a engine adult to normal handling heat quicker, shortening inner attrition and permitting a i-MMD to work in electric mode earlier. This helps to grasp softened fuel potency during cold continue operation.

Electric Motors
The 2017 Accord Hybrid uses twin electric motors, a thrust engine that drives a wheels and a generator engine that produces electricity, both of that have been upgraded from a prior era i-MMD for some-more power, smaller distance and lighter weight.

When in regenerative mode, a thrust engine translates a kinetic appetite of a decelerating car into electrical appetite to recharge a battery. Its operation is seamlessly concurrent with a Accord Hybrid’s electric-servo braking system. (See Chassis Section for some-more information.) A apart generator engine is driven by a gasoline engine to beget electric appetite to expostulate a thrust engine when a car is handling in Hybrid Drive Mode. This generator engine can also restart a gasoline engine when a car is in idle-stop mode.

Both motors implement shred conductor winding, where a curl is extrinsic from a axial instruction of a stator core, providing a denser and some-more compress stator than a prior motors’ distributed circuitous arrangement, where a curl is extrinsic from inside a state core. This change enables a electric motors to be significantly smaller and some-more than 23 percent lighter than a prior motors.

An additional alleviation in a motors is a deputy of twin incomparable rotor magnets with 3 smaller and lighter magnets. The 3 magnets are organised in an arc settlement that creates 6 captivating poles, that helps to urge torque multiplication.

These changes outcome in significantly increasing outlay performance. The thrust motor’s limit appetite is lifted by 14.8 horsepower to 181 horsepower and torque is increasing by 6 lb.-ft. to 232 lb.-ft. The generator motor’s appetite was lifted to 142 horsepower from 140.8 with torque remaining during 62.7 lb.-ft.

Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)
The Accord Hybrid’s intelligent Power section (IPU), located behind a back seat, packages a DC-DC converter and a 1.3 kWh Li-Ion battery container that powers a Accord Hybrid’s electric thrust motor. Significant changes to a IPU yield a same ability and outlay though in a many some-more compress and lighter package. This was achieved by utilizing VDA standard, high appetite firmness Li-Ion battery cells, unifying a battery ECU and dungeon voltage sensor into one member and utilizing a singular rather than twin cooling duct. These changes reduced a altogether volume of a IPU by some-more than 30 percent to 2.26 cubic feet from 3.32 cubic feet and reduced a weight by roughly 13 percent to 99.2 lbs. from 113.8 lbs.

The battery container is recharged by a thrust engine handling in regenerative braking mode, and by a generator motor, that is powered by a gasoline engine. Battery heat is tranquil by a fan complement that pulls atmosphere from a interior of a car around vents located underneath a left back chair bottom. The battery container is lonesome by a special guaranty that covers defects in element and workmanship for eight-years/100,000-miles or ten-year/150,000 miles depending on a state of purchase/registration.

Power Control Unit (PCU)
The Power Control Unit (PCU), that is a genuine smarts of a i-MMD system, dictates a appetite government plan of a two-motor hybrid system, including engine appetite and battery recharge. In addition, a PCU increases a electric voltage adult to 700 volts, enabling a thrust engine to comprehend outlay as high as 181 horsepower.

As with many components of a second-generation i-MMD, a 2017 Accord Hybrid’s PCU was upgraded. The new settlement reduced a member weight by 27 percent and reduced a distance by roughly 23 percent. This, in turn, increasing a appetite firmness 25 percent by volume. The new floating structure of a PCU’s reactor severely reduced quivering and high magnitude noise.

Along with a severely reduced size, altogether i-MMD member wrapping was softened by directly ascent a PCU to a delivery and utilizing a three-phase connector, that separated a need for a prior support ascent joint and tie cable.

Drive Force Transfer
The Accord Hybrid is not versed with a required involuntary transmission. Instead, ground force send is achieved by a communication of a Accord Hybrid’s gasoline engine and twin electric motors. Coordinated by a IPU, this form of expostulate force send offers well-spoken and predicted acceleration matched with fit low-rpm highway cruising when a gasoline engine is in operation. Gasoline engine shutdown is seamlessly integrated into a operation of a Accord Hybrid when appropriate.

The expostulate force send complement operates though a need for a torque converter, involuntary pulley or belt. It instead uses twin motors for pushing and generating power. The complement is optimally and fast means to control both engine and electric engine revolution in sequence to broach aloft fuel potency and quicker engine response in any pushing mode.

When cruising during mid- or high-speeds in a high-efficiency operation of a engine, a lock-up purchase is engaged, joining a expostulate engine to a generator engine to broadcast engine torque directly to a expostulate wheels as well as possible. In EV Drive operation, when a battery-powered expostulate engine is used for possibly acceleration or regenerative braking, a purchase disengages a stopped gasoline engine from a drivetrain to discharge potency detriment from involuntary attrition in a engine.

Improving potency and shortening weight and size, a expostulate force send complement of a second-generation i-MMD integrates a torque limiter within a flywheel.

Automatic Modes
The transmission, with a console-mounted straight-gate shifter, can be operated in twin opposite entirely involuntary modes. The D (Drive) mode is ideal for many pushing situations, and combines fuel potency with well-spoken operation and manageable appetite when needed. The B (Brake) mode offers almost increasing regenerative braking to support in some-more fit hybrid operation and therefore increasing fuel efficiency.

Sport Mode
For a initial time a 2017 Accord Hybrid includes a competition mode that provides a some-more enchanting pushing knowledge by adding some-more battery support to a thrust engine for increasing acceleration performance. It combines a sportier response to motorist submit with refreshing acceleration feel. Sport mode is activated by dire on a SPORT symbol located next a delivery straight-gate shifter and can be used in possibly Drive or Brake mode. A immature SPORT idol lights on a instrument row in this mode.

EV Button
Immediately behind a shifter is an EV symbol that lets a motorist name quite electric operation. A immature EV idol lights on a instrument row in this mode. When a battery assign is amply depleted, EV Mode is automatically cancelled and a gasoline engine will automatically restart to recharge a battery in Hybrid Drive operation or Engine Drive operation.

Electric Engine Accessories
The Accord Hybrid’s engine accessories work electrically, both for limit potency and to concede their operation either a gasoline engine is using or not. The atmosphere conditioning compressor and H2O siphon are both powered by a electrical system. In addition, a Accord Hybrid has Electric Power Steering (EPS), that eliminates a normal hydraulic appetite steering siphon and a compared upkeep and appetite costs. (See Chassis Section for some-more information.)

Accord Hybrid Powertrain Specifications

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