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The many worldly indication in a Accord nameplate’s history, a crisply styled and aerodynamically fit ninth-generation Accord Hybrid physique pattern is identical to a changes done to a gasoline engine powered 2016 Accord. Every aspect of a physique is tailor-made to urge all aspects of a Accord Hybrid tenure experience, from some-more accurate float and doing to a quieter interior environment, along with extended prominence and increasing fuel efficiency.

The 2017 Accord Hybrid gets an all-aluminum hood of a opposite pattern than a gasoline engine fast friends providing pointed indication split along with advantages of a lighter weight material. Additional styling differences embody blue-accented grille, headlights and taillights, and special Hybrid badging.

High-Strength Steel
The Accord Hybrid unibody uses a high grade of high-strength, high-tensile steel, with entirely 55.8-percent of a physique regulating high-tensile steel, with 17.2-percent of a steel being ultra-high strength (780, 980 or 1,500 megapascals). This contributes to aloft physique acerbity and reduced weight, that directly advantages float and handling, interior quietness, opening and efficiency, and long-term durability.

The 2017 Accord Hybrid gets a singular pattern all-aluminum hood that contributes to a lighter front finish to support in doing feel and response improvements.

Aerodynamic Performance
As introduced on a 2016 Accord, softened aerodynamic opening was an critical growth thesis for a 2017 Accord Hybrid, with sold importance on drag reduction. Development work centered on how to serve smoothen a upsurge of atmosphere both underneath and around a sides of a body.

The Accord Hybrid has under-body aerodynamic covers in front of a engine/transmission public and behind wheels and trunk, with dual some-more covers underneath a driver’s and front passenger’s building areas. In addition, belligerent clearway is purposefully lowest usually in front of a behind wheels, causing a low-pressure area in between a wheels. This low-pressure area pulls a airflow around a behind wheels instead of opposite them. Although clearly small, a sum supplement up, and outcome in suggestive gains in fuel-efficiency.
2017 Accord Hybrid Key Body Specifications

Exterior Design
The 2017 Accord Hybrid facilities sportier, some-more worldly and fluent styling, including restyled front and behind bumpers fasciae, a new grille, and new headlight and taillight designs.

The Accord Hybrid advantages from a same vital facelift practical to a 2016 Accord. In place of a prior wrap-around front fender is a some-more neatly creased and intricately structured front fascia, a revoke apportionment of that tucks into vast side intake-like meshed areas that residence new customary LED haze lights. A singular aluminum hood with worldly slim double pattern accentuates a reward demeanour of a Accord Hybrid. The new some-more fluent face with some-more conspicuous front grille is complimented by a some-more neatly sculpted behind fender fascia and new LED taillight design.

Included on a worldly Accord Hybrid Touring, body-colored side sills yield an even some-more reward demeanour to a vehicle’s flanks and front and behind body-colored parking sensors emanate a polished and finished appearance.

The 2017 Accord Hybrid comes with 17 x 7½ J aluminum amalgamate wheels with a singular pattern featuring 5 interconnected spokes and a embellished lead finish. The circle and tire distance optimizes float and doing qualities, while also shortening rolling insurgency for fuel efficiency. Aerodynamically made spokes also assistance urge altogether efficiency.

All trim levels underline a stretched use of LED lighting with customary LED daytime regulating lights (DRL), side mirror-mounted LED turn-signal indicators, and LED taillights and haze lights for all models. The Accord Hybrid Touring also facilities automobile on/off LED headlights.

The 2017 Accord Hybrid is accessible in 8 extraneous colors, including 5 new colors and 4 disdainful to a hybrid model. Exclusive and new colors are Vortex Blue Peal, Blue Sky Metallic, Crimson Pearl and Mandarin Gold Metallic. Another new tone for Accord Hybrid is Lunar Silver Metallic, with a remaining accessible colors being White Orchid Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl and Modern Steel Metallic. The 20167 Accord Hybrid cabin also facilities new fabric and tone schemes including a new timber grain-style dashboard trim.

The Accord Hybrid extraneous also includes a customary rug lid spoiler, a tiny fin-type receiver mounted during a behind of a roof, exhilarated doorway mirrors with integrated spin signals. A moonroof is enclosed on a EX-L and Touring trims. Aerodynamic advancements urge fuel potency while also shortening interior noise. These facilities embody physique A-pillars that are now scarcely flush with a windshield glass, windshield wipers that are flush with a behind corner of a hood edge, and optimized windshield and side potion thickness.

Body-Colored Power Side Mirrors
Standard on all Accord Hybrid models, body-colored energy side mirrors were privately designed to be some-more aerodynamic, shortening breeze noise, and embody heating for all-weather pushing preference and LED turn-signal indicators integrated into a side counterpart housings for combined prominence in traffic. The side mirrors also embody an Expanded View Driver’s Mirror integrated into a driver’s side counterpart that increases a driver’s margin of prophesy by 4.2 degrees to yield a softened perspective of objects to a behind and side of a vehicle.  The passenger-side counterpart includes an integrated Honda LaneWatch™ camera. (See Interior Section for some-more information.)

Honda LaneWatch™ Display
Standard on all Accord Hybrid trims, a Honda LaneWatch™ arrangement uses a camera located next a passenger-side counterpart to arrangement an stretched behind perspective of a newcomer side alley on a intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID). (See a Interior Section for some-more information.)

One-Touch Open/Close Power Moonroof
Included on Accord Hybrid EX-L and Touring models, a energy potion moonroof with lean underline includes one-touch control for both open and tighten functions. An auto-reverse underline reverses instruction of a shifting moonroof row if a handling complement detects insurgency to closing. A manually operated shifting sunshade improves comfort on splendid or prohibited days.

Smart Entry System
The Smart Entry complement with engine start/stop symbol is customary on all Accord Hybrid models and simplifies approaching, entering and starting a Accord Hybrid – generally when a motorist is carrying personal items. The Smart Entry complement allows a motorist to travel adult to a vehicle, hold a doorway hoop to clear a door, start a engine and close it off during a finish of a outing regulating a pull symbol ignition switch, and afterwards get out and hold a close symbol on a doorway hoop to secure a automobile – all but ever touching a key. The complement usually requires that a motorist has possession of a Smart Entry key.

The Smart Entry pivotal also allows a motorist to close or clear a doors and case with a press of a symbol on a remote fob. This complement has a operation of adult to 50 feet and includes an puncture “panic” symbol that sounds a horn when pressed. In addition, a Smart Entry complement facilities a confidence complement that is automatically activated when a close symbol on a remote is pushed. A beep of a horn confirms that a confidence complement is set. Any unapproved entrance will afterwards sound an alarm. The Smart Entry pivotal facilities a die-cast physique with appealing chrome plating and acrylic covers that use “back side printing” for durability.

Auto-Locking/Unlocking System
All Accord Hybrid trims also embody a programmable auto-locking/unlocking complement that is preset to automatically close a doors when a automobile reaches approximately 10 mph. Drivers can module a complement to close and clear doors in several opposite ways, or else deactivate some or all of a complement if desired.

Variable-Speed Windshield Wipers
Variable-speed windshield wipers that automatically adjust a rate of operation according to automobile speed are customary on a Accord Hybrid. The outcome is a many fit clearing of dampness from a windshield, and minimal breeze sound during highway speeds. The pattern of a wipers also helps a blades press resolutely opposite a windshield even during aloft speeds, serve aiding a clearing process. The windshield wipers are positioned during a same turn as a Accord’s behind hood corner when not in use, shortening aerodynamic drag and breeze noise.

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers
The 2017 Accord Hybrid Touring includes rain-sensing wipers that automatically activate if H2O is rescued on a windshield.

Auto On/Off Headlights  
All 2017 Accord Hybrid trims underline auto-on/off headlights for larger convenience. The Accord Hybrid and Accord Hybrid EX-L underline multi-reflector/projector-beam headlights, while a Accord Hybrid Touring trim has LED lamps. The headlights are sculpted for limit aerodynamic potency and to enrich a Accord Hybrid’s styling. All Accord models further underline LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

Auto High-Beam
The Accord Hybrid Touring receives a new automobile high-beam feature. When a headlight switch is set in a Auto position, a complement automatically illuminates a high beams until a dedicated camera detects approaching trade or a move automobile and automatically switches to low beams.

LED Headlights
The Accord Hybrid Touring trim facilities Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlights. This dual-lamp LED projector array provides softened light chain for softened prominence and extended night pushing performance, while requiring usually half a electrical energy of required halogen/projector headlights. The LED array also has a rarely technical coming that sets a Touring indication apart.

LED Tail Lights and Brake Lights
LED tail lights and stop lights are customary on all Accord Hybrid models. Compared to normal illuminated bulbs, LEDs irradiate some-more quickly, use reduction energy and have a longer use life.  

LED Fog Lights
The 2017 Accord Hybrid includes as customary LED front haze lights contained within a side atmosphere intake-like meshed areas.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Reduction
Structural improvements in a unit-body and a biggest use of high-tensile steel in Accord Hybrid story provides well-developed acerbity that reduces tortuous and twisting, that directly improves NVH characteristics. These upgrades, together with aerodynamic and sound-proofing improvements, yield a near-premium turn of float peculiarity and cabin serenity to a Accord Hybrid.

Aerodynamic tailoring of a physique and undercarriage also minister to reduced cabin sound levels as turmoil is reduced in a surrounding airflow. The vital use of specific engine-, body-, door- and interior-insulation materials also contributes to an even quieter cabin, that directly increases newcomer comfort. NVH pattern facilities continue, even in areas that can't be seen. These embody underneath a hood, inside a doors and physique openings, and in a technical properties of a interior carpeting and trim. Key Accord Hybrid NVH countermeasures include:

  • Body A-pillars are scarcely flush with a windshield potion for reduced breeze noise
  • Windshield wipers are positioned flush with a behind corner of a hood, smoothing airflow for reduced noise
  • Windshield and side potion density is optimized for reduced breeze sound
  • Hood insulator reduces heard engine and highway noise
  • Fender ship insulators revoke highway and tire noise
  • Sealing rubber during bottom of doors reduces highway noise
  • Foam during a heading corner of front doorway openings reduces highway and tire noise
  • Trunk trim with insulator reduces highway noise

Cargo Area
Due to a rarely compress inlet of a new i-MMD Intelligent Power Unit (IPU), a case ability of a 2017 Accord Hybrid has been increasing by 0.8 cubic feet to 13.5 cubic feet and is atmospheric adequate to accommodate 4 vast golf bags. The case area is easy to entrance and use, with a roughly prosaic case building categorical area length being increasing by 3.4 inches to 32.7 inches, permitting easy chain and dismissal of items. Integrated storage hooks concede securing load for protected transit. The case is carpeted and lined, and a proxy gangling tire is located in a good underneath a removable territory of a cargo-area floor.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines
All Accord Hybrids underline a customary multi-angle rearview camera with 3 observation angles – far-reaching view, normal perspective and top-down view. Drivers might name a elite perspective according to pushing conditions. All rearview camera systems also underline energetic guidelines. (See Interior Section for some-more information.)

2017 Accord Hybrid Body and Exterior Features

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