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To give a Accord Hybrid any advantage in a rarely rival mid-size class, a totally new interior was designed for a ninth-generation 2016 Accord that is being practical to a 2017 Accord Hybrid, bringing with it a spin of oppulance and craftsmanship never before seen in a Accord Hybrid. Available in Black and Ivory with new timber pellet accents, a Accord Hybrid’s interior combines welcoming comfort with an considerable new operation of customary and accessible technologies.

Ergonomically designed seating and facilities like dual-zone involuntary meridian control raise newcomer comfort inside a plenty cabin, and a operation and positioning of controls and orchestration assistance a motorist feel in authority and control.

The Accord Hybrid’s interior offers atmospheric accommodations for 5 passengers, upscale character and high-quality fit and finish. Due to a compress inlet of a new Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) battery pack, a Accord Hybrid’s box ability is increasing by 0.8 cu. ft. to a class-leading 13.5 cu. ft. for abundant load space.

The Accord Hybrid audio and digital knowledge is also significantly upgraded for 2017 with a focus of a new 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen interface (EX-L and Touring trims) featuring Apple CarPlay™1 and Android Auto™1, as good as HondaLink Assist (e911) and HD Radio. Smartphone pairing is now simplified with a singular USB wire connection, no longer requiring a apart HDMI wire connection. The new Display Audio complement serves as a interface for new Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, charity a crowd of new functions and features, including smartphone-linked navigation (Apple Maps or Google Maps), audio streaming, voice-controlled SMS content messaging and more.

Key Interior Features

  • Roomy and gentle interior offers upscale character and high-quality fit-and-finish
  • Spacious blueprint offers room for adult to 5 passengers
  • Roomy box  with some-more space for larger utility
  • Passenger volume, cu-ft.: 103.2 (100.8 EX-L/Touring)
  • Trunk volume, cu-ft.: 13.5
  • Extensive reserve apparatus including 6 airbags (See Safety and Driver Assistive Section for some-more information.)

Key Interior Technology

  • 7.7-inch “Intelligent” Multi-Information Display (i-MID )
  • Available 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen interface
  • Available Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ with concordant dungeon phones
  • Standard Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® with audio streaming
  • Pandora®4 formation with concordant dungeon phones
  • SMS content messaging duty with concordant dungeon phones
  • Available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition with HD digital trade on Accord Hybrid Touring
  • Eco Assist™ pulling complement to raise fuel efficiency
  • Standard dual-zone involuntary meridian control
  • Standard multi-angle rearview camera with energetic guidelines
  • Standard Honda LaneWatch™
  • Standard Honda Sensing™

Interior Colors
The Accord’s interior palette is worldly and concurrent and is charity in black, and ivory – Tricot fabric in a Accord Hybrid and leather in a EX-L and Touring.

Interior Materials
Inside a Accord Hybrid, all appreciative surfaces, from a interior doorway handles to a chair controls to a instrument panel, steering circle and switchgear, are designed to be appreciative to a hold and easy to operate. The tip instrument row is now one seamless square of soft-touch material, a product of a new in-house Honda production process. This soothing tip pad has an softened fit, a lush finish and an integrated passenger-side airbag cover. Tricot upholstery is customary in a Accord Hybrid, while EX-L and Touring trims have customary leather seating surfaces.

Accord Hybrid Interior Colors and Trim

Control Layout
During a growth of a significantly freshened 2016 Accord, designers combined a rarely organic and discerning interface between a automobile and a driver, improvements that have been incorporated into a 2017 Accord Hybrid. Key pattern facilities embody vast analog orchestration complemented by a new tip 7.7-inch tone “intelligent” Multi-Information Display (i-MID) positioned high in a executive partial of a instrument panel. Positioned underneath a i-MID on a Accord Hybrid are a vehicle’s audio and HVAC controls. For EX-L and Touring trims, a tough pivotal audio complement is transposed by a 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio system. The final elements of a Accord Hybrid’s intelligent interface proceed are a steering circle mounted controls. By permitting a motorist to work a operation of facilities but holding their hands off a wheel, a intensity for motorist daze can be reduced in many situations.

The Accord Hybrid has superb analog orchestration with a worldly and technical appearance. The especially positioned speedometer is a largest underline in a instrument cluster. A Multi-Information Display (MID) is positioned in a core of a speedometer and provides a operation of information and outing mechanism functions. The high-contrast white-on-black arrangement can yield a far-reaching operation of information for a driver, including extraneous temperature, outing information and many more.

MID information categories include:

  • Average fuel economy
  • Digital odometer and twin digital outing meters
  • Engine oil life
  • Exterior temperature
  • Instant fuel economy
  • Maintenance Minder™
  • Miles to empty
  • Energy upsurge indicator
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Illuminated Eco Assist arcs on any side of a speedometer prove when a automobile is being operated efficiently. The speedometer is flanked by an analog tachometer, coolant heat and fuel spin gauge.

Sliding Sunvisors
To yield some-more stretchable shading from a sun, all Accord Hybrids come versed with shifting motorist and front newcomer sunvisors that can be extended 4 inches along their ascent shaft, a stretch that provides perpendicular shade for a eyes even when a front seats are in their rear-most position.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Accord Hybrid EX-L and Touring trims underline an electro chromatic interior rearview counterpart that automatically dims during night pulling to revoke glisten from a headlights of following vehicles.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera
A multi-angle rearview camera is customary on all Accord Hybrids, with 3 observation angles (wide view, normal perspective and tip view). Drivers might name a elite perspective according to pulling conditions. The rearview picture is displayed on a i-MID display. All rearview camera systems underline stretch energetic discipline that plan a vehicle’s destiny trail formed on a driver’s steering inputs. For some-more information see a Safety and Driver Assistance Section.

Steering Wheel
For larger convenience, many of a controls that are many frequently used are positioned on a Accord Hybrid’s steering circle within easy reach. An softened round switch blueprint helps make operation elementary and intuitive. All Accord models underline a manually tractable lean and telescope steering mainstay that allows drivers to simply adjust a steering circle position to their liking. For larger comfort, a Accord EX-L and Touring steering wheels are wrapped in upgraded leather regulating glorious sequence stitching for softened comfort.

Comfortable, Supportive Seating
Ergonomic seats with a understanding inner structure and comfort stuffing are plenty and accommodating. The front and back seats are designed to assistance revoke a odds of neck injuries in back collisions and a front seats have conspicuous parallel support to assistance secure a newcomer when cornering. Smoothly contoured shapes give a seating an appealing coming and assistance make entrance and exit easier. The front headrests are of a distance to means back passengers a improved perspective forward, and a headrests have soothing stuffing for larger comfort. The side airbag record allows a seatback heater in a front seats on EX-L and Touring models.

Interior Utility and Storage
The Accord Hybrid’s interior is designed to offer glorious day-to-day livability, with copiousness of storage space. A revised core console adds to a Accord Hybrid’s versatility, and offers plenty inner storage space. A USB pier and 12-volt appetite opening are positioned in front of a console, and another 12-volt appetite opening is positioned inside a console. The padded console lid serves as a gentle armrest for a motorist or front passenger.

A span of vast cupholders are positioned only forward of a storage cell within easy reach, and there is a bottle hilt and storage bin in any door. The back seating area has a fold-down padded core armrest with twin cupholders.

Cargo Capability
Due to a new some-more compress Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) containing a hybrid battery pack, a Accord Hybrid’s box ability was increasing by 0.8 cubic feet to 13.5 cubic feet, now a largest within a rival set. To make loading and make-up easier, a largest area of a box building is roughly flat, a length of that was also increasing by roughly 3.5 inches. Storage hooks on a left and right walls make it easy to secure cargo.

The box is carpeted and lined, and a proxy gangling tire is located in a good underneath a removable territory of a cargo-area floor. For some-more information see a Body and Exterior Section.

Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
All Accord Hybrid models underline a dual-zone involuntary meridian control complement with eccentric left and right heat controls. A singular heat can be comparison for a whole cabin, or a motorist and front newcomer can set opposite temperatures for their sides of a cabin. Dual tractable vents located in a back of a Sedan core console assistance keep back chair passengers comfortable.

Eco Assist™
All Accord Hybrid models come with an Eco Assist™ function. Located on possibly side of a speedometer, Eco Assist has bright arcs that uncover if a automobile is being driven in an fit style. The complement operates in radically a same demeanour as on other Honda models, in this box with white and immature “coaching” arcs that irradiate on possibly side of a speedometer. A white tone signifies emasculate driving, while immature means a some-more fit pulling character is being used. The tone changes gradually in response to altogether pulling style.

Every Accord Hybrid is versed with a immature ECON symbol to a left of a steering wheel. When a ECON mode is activated, several handling characteristics of a automobile are mutated for extended fuel efficiency. The drive-by-wire stifle complement provides some-more light response and, to save additional energy, a meridian control’s fan speeds are lowered incrementally, while other meridian control complement characteristics are altered formed on a conditions.

EV Button
Immediately behind a shifter is an EV symbol that lets a motorist name quite electric operation. A immature EV idol lights on a instrument row in this mode. When a battery assign is amply depleted, EV Mode is automatically cancelled and a gasoline engine will automatically restart to recharge a battery in Hybrid Drive Mode or to appetite a front wheels in Engine Drive Mode.

HomeLink Remote System
The 2017 Accord Hybrid facilities a HomeLink wireless remote system. Built into a beyond module, HomeLink can be automatic with a remote-control codes of adult to 3 devices, such as a garage-door opener, a remote lighting system, or a home confidence system.

Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down
All Accord Hybrid models have front and back appetite windows with a one-touch auto-up/down driver’s and front passenger’s windows. In all models bright controls concede for easy operation during night.

Power Door Locks with Remote Entry
Power doorway thatch are customary on all Accord Hybrid models, and a customizable auto-locking underline can be configured regulating a i-MID and steering circle mounted controls. Remote entrance is customary apparatus on all Accord models. All Accord Hybrids have a keyless Smart Entry system.

Smart Entry and Push Button Start System
The Accord Hybrid includes Smart Entry and Push Button Start. The Smart Entry complement lets a Accord Hybrid owners benefit entrance to a automobile but carrying to clear it with a remote conductor or a required key. The Smart Entry remote has a singular digital temperament and a Accord Hybrid can be unbarred when a motorist pulls one of a front doorway handles while a remote in his/her possession. When carrying a fob (or if all doors are unlocked), a box can be non-stop by dire a symbol located on a underside of a Accord Hybrid’s box lid.

Once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a Smart Entry complement allows a Accord Hybrid to be started by pulling a Engine Start/Stop symbol positioned on a instrument panel. When withdrawal a car, a press of a soft-touch symbol on extraneous doorway hoop thatch all a doors. Alternatively, a press of a Lock symbol on a Smart Entry remote will also concurrently close all a doors. The Smart Entry complement will not concede a conductor fob to be sealed in a interior or a box of a Accord Hybrid.

Remote Engine Start
All 2017 Accord Hybrids underline customary remote engine start. This enables drivers to start their automobile in allege of a drive, thereby activating a meridian control complement with a aim heat of 72 degrees before he or she enters a vehicle. The complement can yield owners with a comfort of a pre-warmed automobile on a cold winter morning – or a pre-cooled interior on prohibited days. The complement will automatically work a heater, front and back defrosters, front exhilarated seats (if equipped) or atmosphere conditioning as needed.  

The remote engine start underline is built into a pivotal fobs granted with a vehicle. To start a engine remotely, a owners presses a LOCK symbol and afterwards binds a ENGINE symbol for a second. The Accord Hybrid’s jeopardy lights will flash, indicating that a vigilance has been received. When a engine is started remotely, a wipers, lighting and audio systems sojourn off, and a confidence complement stays set. The engine will run for adult to 10 mins after remote starting and can be extended by another 10 mins regulating a same procedure, and afterwards close off automatically if a owners doesn’t strech a automobile within that time. When a owners does get to a automobile within 10 minutes, or extended duration if a procession is instituted a second time, a engine will keep using while a owners unlocks a vehicle, gets in, relates a stop and presses a Accord Hybrid’s START button, that turns on all of a vehicle’s systems.

Active Noise Control (ANC) and Active Sound Control (ASC)
Key contributors to a Accord Hybrid’s quiet, polished interior are Active Noise Control (ANC) and Active Sound Control (ASC). The twin systems are comprised of twin beyond microphones, an ANC/ASC electronic processor, and a audio system’s 4 door-mounted speakers. ASC/ANC operates whenever a Accord Hybrid is running, even if a audio complement is incited off.

ANC is designed to revoke low magnitude sound in a cabin caused especially by a harshness of a highway surface. The beyond microphones collect adult sound waves and send them to a ANC/ASC processor, that creates and sends a precisely timed “reverse phase” audio vigilance to a special amplifier. In turn, a amplifier drives a doorway speakers to cancel a strange sound signal.

ASC is a associated record designed to urge a engine sound peculiarity by creation a sound vigour spin some-more linear as a engine revs increase. Typically, engine sound doesn’t boost in a linear approach with rising revs; instead there can be many resonances that emanate peaks and valleys in a sound vigour spin and an disproportionate sound. ASC helps well-spoken out a engine sound by reforming a sound vigilance as indispensable and promulgation it to a doorway speakers charity advantages from idle to redline.


Engine Immobilizer
Complementing a remote entrance complement is a customary engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded pivotal prevents a automobile from being started-even if a automatic transcribe of a pivotal is used. A transponder, built into a key, signals a immobilizer control section that a pivotal is genuine. If a automobile is hot-wired, or an unapproved pivotal is used, a engine will not start.

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