Honda Automobiles: 2017 Honda Civic Type R

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As Honda’s high-performance flagship vehicle, a Civic Type R has a specifically engineered interior that puts a importance on ultimate motorist control and comfort. Special high-bolstered racing character front seats yield plain support during assertive cornering and a thick, flat-bottom steering circle wrapped in black and red leather helps keep a motorist feeling firmly in control. Distinctive and disdainful Type R interior facilities like red-themed instrumentation, red accents, racing-inspired foe pedals and a plain aluminum change doorknob set a Type R clearly apart. To apprise a motorist of a Type R’s real-time opening parameters, a tone Driver Information Interface (DII) located in a instrument row can arrangement stifle and stop concentration in a striking commission format, turbocharger boost, path time, change lights and even a graphical g meter.

For all of a opening capability, a Civic Type R offers conspicuous utility, with a inexhaustible load ability of 25.7 cu. ft. (with back seats up) – atmospheric adequate to simply accommodate several vast golf bags. A low lift over tallness and vast induce opening assistance make loading easy. A crafty side-mounted tonneau cover helps disguise effects from perspective and can be positioned on possibly side of a load area as desired. Split-folding 60/40 back seatbacks are customary and load ability expands adult to 46.2 cubic feet with a back seatbacks folded.

The Civic Type R offers a latest in-vehicle connectivity and audio opening with a new era of modernized technologies. Standard facilities embody a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen Display Audio interface with Android handling system, and a Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ grown in team-work with a experts during Garmin®. The absolute 540-watt Display Audio complement is concordant with a Apple CarPlayÔ and Android Auto™ platforms, giving business seamless formation of pivotal smartphone facilities and functions, including smartphone-powered GPS navigation and voice-controlled hunt capabilities. Featuring customary Pandora® compatibility, streaming Bluetooth® audio and many other calm choices, including accessible SiriusXM®, a Civic Type R offers a abounding preference of party options.

Key Interior Features

  • 97.0 cubic feet of cabin space
  • Class-leading 25.7-cubic feet load area with back seats up
  • 46.2-cubic feet extent load ability with back seats folded
  • 60/40 separate and folding back seat
  • Ultra-thin A-Pillars for extended prominence
  • Soft-touch, one-piece instrument row upper
  • 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen with integrated HVAC controls
  • 7-inch Driver Information Interface (DII) with selectable opening content
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlayÔ compatibility

Premium comfort and preference facilities (See a Comfort and Convenience territory for some-more information.)

  • Smart Entry and Push Button Start
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Walk Away Door Locking
  • Electric Parking Brake

Interior Materials
In gripping with a critical sporting mission, Civic Type R interior has a finely honed opening edge. It facilities Type R-exclusive, deeply bolstered front red and black foe seats with red stitching, including stitched Type R logos. The red foe stitching carries by to a doors, console, red and black leather-wrapped steering circle and change boot. The Type R interior also facilities singular red orchestration and audio complement illumination. Sport pedals, special Type R building mats, carbon-look accents and red interior sum prominence a Type R’s sum opening focus.
Interior Design
Like all Civic models, a Civic Type R interior blends a energetic and far-reaching blueprint with uniformly integrated record facilities and-high peculiarity materials. Like a Civic Si Coupe and Civic Si Sedan, a Type R has vast new orchestration with a red opening theme. The complement includes a full-color 7-inch Driver Information Interface (DII) arrangement and a 7-inch tone touchscreen Display Audio complement with a purify and neat appearance.

The Civic Type R, like other Civic Hatchbacks has an open ample feel. With a hatchback pattern and 60/40 folding back seatbacks, a Civic Type R interior is impossibly versatile with room for 4 people and a estimable volume of cargo. You can also brew load and passengers creatively to hoop a accumulation of missions.

All critical systems and controls in a Civic Type R are positioned within easy strech of a driver. Controls for a systems used many frequently – audio, journey control, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, navigation complement with voice approval and intelligent Multi-Information Display – are conveniently positioned on a steering wheel. The categorical orchestration is an easy-to-read analog design, supplemented with digital and striking displays. Typical of Honda interior design, a soft-touch switchgear of a Civic Type R is engineered to broach a high-quality feel and certain action.

2017 Civic Type R Interior Dimensions

(See a Specifications Features ask for all data.)

Interior Finish
The Civic Type R’s opening oriented interior is charity in a mixed of red and black only, highlighted by red stitching and carbon-look trim. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

Front Seats
Given a Civic Type R’s high opening potential, it has a many assertive race-inspired front seating in a whole Honda line up. The form-fitting front seats have estimable tip and revoke side bolstering to assistance keep a motorist and front newcomer firmly in position during high parallel g cornering.

Compared to a seats in other Civic models, a special Type R seats underline high acerbity frames and combined inner side structures in a bottom and seatback to softened support a stretched side bolsters. High firmness stuffing provides optimal support in opening driving. The chair structure is optimized to revoke altogether weight of a seats by 5.5 kg.

Both front seats are manually tractable for fore-and-aft, seatback angle and tallness adjustment. The seats underline suede-effect fabric seating surfaces for breathability and secure support. Stitched “Type R” logos in a seatbacks also set them apart. For owners that intend to expostulate their Type R on sealed courses or in competition, a seatbacks embody twin shoulder strap pass-through openings so that racing seatbelt systems can be simply retrofitted.

Split-Folding Rear Seats
The Civic Type R’s ample second-row seating is designed for extent comfort and versatility, with a folding seatback. The 60/40 separate and folding seatback pattern creates it easy to accommodate passengers or prolonged cargo.

Center Console
The Civic Type R interior offers a operation of accessible storage facilities for a motorist and passengers. The core console is specifically engineered to offer a sporty coming joined with versatile usability. With a superiority of smartphones in many people’s lives, a console is engineered around a “tech center” theme. Up front, it has a 2-tier smartphone tray with a hoop government pass-through for orderly connectivity. A rubber pad helps secure a phone and LED lighting is enclosed for night visibility. There’s also an additional phone storage slot on a driver’s side.

An electronic parking stop replaces a compulsory primer parking stop lever, pardon adult some-more console space for a incomparable armrest and incomparable storage space. The categorical storage dungeon is surfaced by a sliding, deeply padded armrest. A camber of crater holders are mainly located, and can accommodate vast 42-ounce cups when a padded armrest is placed in a rearmost position. By shifting a tractable crater hilt rearward, there’s space to accommodate even a vast sports splash bottle. Inside a console, a tiny object tray slides front and abaft a full length of a console. With a crater hilt removed, a console offers a difficulty heading 7.2-liters of storage, adequate to accommodate iPads and other vast items.

Large Cargo Capacity
The Civic Type R has a far-reaching and low load area charity 25.7 cu. ft. of storage volume with a second-row seats up, and adult to 46.2 cu. ft. of storage volume with a seats folded. This positions a automobile during a tip of a rival set in sum load volume. The storage area measures scarcely 6 feet in length, with a second-row seats folded. The building and sides are carpeted to assistance strengthen load during transit, and also to assistance revoke highway sound entering a newcomer cabin. A removable building row hides a tire correct kit, jack and wrench, and a cargo-area light provides enlightenment when a tailgate is open.

Side-Mounted Tonneau Cover
In a depart from a retractable load covers of many SUVs, crossovers and wagons (but matching to a Civic Hatchback), a retractable tonneau of a Civic Type R extends from side to side instead of front to rear. The primary advantage of this pattern is that when a second-row seats are folded down, a Civic Type R’s tonneau housing does not land on a storage area as does a normal retractable load cover’s housing.

The user can change a tonneau operation from left to right or right to left, simply by stealing a tonneau cover public and reinstalling it on a conflicting side of a load area. The changeover takes usually a few seconds, and no collection are required.

Steering Wheel

The race-inspired Type R steering circle is designed to offer a motorist a secure feeling of control, with a thick, contoured corner that has a “D” figure to offer softened leg clearance. Wrapped in black leather with red leather accent panels and resisting red stitching, a circle is highlighted by a vast red Honda “H” logo. The steering circle incorporates a many ordinarily used controls, permitting a motorist to keep their hands on a circle and their courtesy on a road. Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® and audio complement controls are located on a left side of a steering wheel. Cruise control controls are on a right and Driver Information Interface (DII) controls are located on a left side. The steering circle offers primer lean and telescopic adjustment.

Shift Lever
Historically, all Civic Type R models have had primer transmissions, to offer a motorist extent control in opening driving. In a 2017 Civic Type R creation a entrance in America, a change doorknob is crafted from plain aluminum finished in a titanium-like gentle silver-color, for a technical demeanour and feel. The expostulate mode selector switch circuitously lets a motorist select between NORMAL, SPORT and +R and pushing modes.

Serial Number Plate
A special sequence series image positioned on a core console highlights a Type R’s exclusivity. Every Type R has a possess special sequence number.

Power Windows, Lock and Mirrors
Power windows are customary apparatus on a Type R and embody auto-up and -down operation on a driver’s and front passenger’s windows. Power doorway thatch and appetite mirrors are also customary equipment.

Engine Immobilizer
Complementing a remote entrance complement is a customary engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded pivotal prevents a automobile from being started – even if a involuntary transcribe of a pivotal is used. A transponder, built into a key, signals a immobilizer control territory that a pivotal is genuine. If a automobile is hot-wired, or an unapproved pivotal is used, a engine will not start.

Climate Control System
The Type R has a customary involuntary meridian control system. To assistance preserve energy, a complement employs a Variable Displacement Compressor (VDC) for reduced drag on a engine and smoother climate-control performance.

For a optimal comfort of both a motorist and front-seat newcomer a complement facilities dual-zone operation. In serve to earthy controls, a Display Audio touchscreen also incorporates meridian control functions.

The Type R has a singular red-themed executive Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Driver Information Interface (DII) tone arrangement that depicts an analog tachometer, digital speedometer and additional selectable information. The orchestration offers 3 striking looks, depending on that expostulate mode has been comparison regulating a console-mounted switch, Normal, Sport or +R.

Like other Civic models, a Type R sign package gradually illuminates to give a motorist a welcoming feel on entry. When a doorway is initial opened, a instrument lighting illuminates and afterwards brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument row afterwards comes alive, indicating that a automobile is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

Driver Information Interface (DII)
The Type R instrument row provides critical automobile information around a Driver Information Interface (DII) positioned mainly in a scale panel. Controls positioned on a right side of a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a DII arrangement by mixed screens of information.

Like Si models, a Type R’s Driver Information Interface includes a operation of selectable real-time information designed to support opening driving. The complement can arrangement stifle and stop concentration in a striking commission format, turbocharger boost in pounds per block in. (psi), path time (intended for use on sealed circuits) and change lights. A graphical g-meter provides a illustration of acceleration, braking and cornering forces. In +R mode, a stream rigging comparison is shown in a tip left of a display.

The Maintenance Minder™ complement alerts a Type R motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a DII and should a error start with a vehicle, specific warning information will appear. The arrangement indicates when to change a oil, atmosphere cleaner, hint plugs or coolant, as good as when to stagger a tires.

Driver Information Interface (DII) Features

  • 7-Inch Color TFT Screen
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Average Fuel Economy Indicator
  • Door and Hatch-Open Indicator
  • Engine Oil-Life Indicator
  • Instant Fuel Economy Indicator
  • Miles-to-Empty Indicator
  • Odometer and Trip Meters (2)
  • Starter System Indicator
  • Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)*4
  • Exterior Temperature Indicator
  • Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • Customizable Feature Settings
  • Throttle and Brake Percentage Indicator
  • Turbocharger Boost Indicator (psi)
  • Lap Timer
  • Redline Shift Lights
  • G Meter
  • Current rigging preference indicator (+R mode only) 


  • 12-Volt Battery-Charging System Indicator
  • ABS Indicator
  • Airbag System Indicator
  • Brake System Indicator
  • Coolant Temperature Indicator
  • Cruise Control Indicators
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Drive Mode Indicator (Comfort, Sport, +R)
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) Indicator
  • Fuel Level Indicator
  • Headlights-On Indicator
  • High-Beam Indicator
  • Fog Light Indicator
  • Immobilizer System Indicator
  • Low-Fuel Indicator
  • Low-Oil Pressure Indicator
  • Malfunction Indicator
  • Seat-Belt Reminder Indicator
  • Security System Indicator
  • System Message Indicator
  • Tachometer
  • TPMS Indicator
  • Turn Signal/Hazard Indicators
  • VSA System and VSA-Off Indicators
  • Smart Entry System Indicator

Audio and Connectivity

Like a rest of a Civic family, a new Civic Type R significantly advantages from advances in-vehicle connectivity and audio opening with a new era of slicing corner technologies. Type R customary facilities embody a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen Display Audio interface with Android handling system, with a particular red striking theme. Matching a assertive suggestion of a Type R is a customary 540-watt 12 orator audio system. The complement enables simplified smartphone connectivity with a singular wire tie and is concordant with a Apple CarPlayÔ and Android Auto™ platforms, giving business seamless formation of pivotal smartphone facilities and functions, including smartphone-powered GPS navigation and voice-controlled hunt capabilities. Featuring customary Pandora® compatibility, streaming Bluetooth® audio and many other calm choices, including SiriusXM®, a Civic Type R offers a abounding preference of audio and connectivity choices. The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic is customary apparatus on a Civic Type R.

Key Available Audio and Connectivity Features

  • 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen with integrated HVAC controls
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ harmony
  • HondaLink™ connected-car system
  • HondaLink Assist (when interconnected with concordant phone)
  • HD Radio™
  • Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic
  • Smartphone-Based Navigation App Compatibility
  • New-generation “2.0” SiriusXM® Radio
  • Pandora® interface
  • USB Audio Interface
  • 540-Watt 12-Speaker (Including Sub-Woofer) AM/FM Audio System

7-Inch Display Audio Touchscreen
The Civic Type R facilities a 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen that uses a Android handling complement to offer a far-reaching operation of useful facilities and capabilities. The discerning and easy-to-use touchscreen lets users swipe, daub and splash – usually like on a inscription or smartphone – to control a vehicle’s audio system, arrangement settings and other modernized features. The 7-inch touchscreen is a special high-contrast, high clarification IPS arrangement with a high observation angle for softened legibility.

In gripping with a Type R’s high opening approach, it facilities a 540-watt, 12-speaker audio complement that’s a compare for a tip complement charity in any Civic.
Premium 6.7-inch full-range speakers are positioned in any doorway and one 3.1-inch orator in a instrument panel. Two 1.5-inch tweeters are positioned nearby a A-pillars, with dual some-more in a back doors, and dual some-more 3.1-inch speakers and a 7.9-inch subwoofer in a load area.

The complement offers many renouned audio formats, including AM/FM, HondaLink content, Pandora®, Bluetooth® streaming audio, and harmony with a Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ platforms. SiriusXM® and HD Radio® are also standard.

Icons imitative smartphone apps are displayed on a high-definition, capacitive touchscreen, creation a interface discerning and easy to use. Interfaces for customary internet-sourced strain and media options, such as Pandora® can be displayed and tranquil on a Display Audio interface, with a ability to emanate personalized stations, daub to “like” songs, and perspective manuscript pattern directly from a touchscreen. Display Audio also integrates hold operation of a menu and lapse functions for a complicated and neat look.

The complement can also be tranquil with bright steering-wheel mounted controls, including a touchpad control that enables an alphabetic hunt of a operation of facilities regulating a straight swiping motion. Search apparatus seem on a tone Driver Information Interface (DII) arrangement located in a revoke apportionment of a instrument display, usually subsequent a digital speedometer display. The complement can also be tranquil around voice commands, after dire and releasing a steering-wheel-mounted pronounce button.

One-Cable Connection
In a Civic Type R, concordant iPhones and Android (with Android Auto app.) phones installed with a concordant HondaLink app can be connected to a 1.5-amp USB pier with a singular USB wire (provided with a phone), to arrangement navigation information on a 7-inch Display Audio Touchscreen. This creates tie easier and reduction dear than Honda’s prior complement that compulsory 3 cables to make a tie between a smartphone and a vehicle.

Apple CarPlay
The Civic Type R offers customary Apple CarPlay compatibility. By joining a iPhone to a automobile regulating a phone’s USB wire (supplied with a phone) and a Civic Type R’s 1.5-amp USB port, CarPlay facilities can be accessed. (Note that a CarPlay complement will not work regulating a USB pier located inside a Civic Type R’s core console.)

CarPlay takes a many renouned functions and facilities of a user’s concordant iPhone and puts them on a Civic Type R’s Display Audio touchscreen and DII display, positioned in a instrument cluster. You can get directions, send and accept messages, listen to audio books and music, all in a proceed that allows we to stay some-more focused on a road.

CarPlay facilities Siri voice control and is specifically designed for customary pushing scenarios. It also works with a Civic Si’s controls – both on a audio touchscreen and a steering-wheel mounted controls, so we don’t need to collect adult your phone. A curated preference of accessible CarPlay Apps are designed for use in a Civic Type R, and are specifically designed to minimize motorist distraction.

CarPlay includes entrance to Apple Maps, that can yield turn-by-turn directions, trade conditions, and estimated transport time. CarPlay can also envision where we many expected wish to go regulating addresses from your email, calm messages, contacts, and calendars.

CarPlay is concordant with iPhones that underline a tiny Lighting connector, not comparison iPhones with a incomparable 30-pin connector.

Android Auto™
The Civic Type R offers customary Android Auto™ compatibility. By joining a concordant Android phone to a automobile regulating a phone’s USB wire (supplied with a phone) and a Civic Type R’s 1.5 amp USB port, a Android Auto height is enabled.

Android Auto puts some of your phone’s many useful Apps on a Civic Si’s audio arrangement and DII, positioned in a instrument cluster. You can get directions, send and accept messages, listen to audio books and music, all but a need to collect adult your phone. Android Auto works with a Civic Type R’s controls – both on a audio touchscreen and a steering-wheel mounted controls – so it’s elementary and discerning to use.

Android Auto’s voice control is specifically designed for customary pushing scenarios. A curated preference of accessible Android Auto Apps are designed for use in a Civic Type R, and are specifically designed to minimize motorist distraction.

Android includes entrance to Google Maps, that can yield turn-by-turn directions, live trade conditions, line superintendence and more. CarPlay can also envision where we many expected wish to go regulating addresses from your email, calm messages, contacts, and calendars.

Android Auto is designed to work with Android phones regulating 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

SiriusXM® Radio
A new era 2.0/3.0 chronicle of SiriusXM® Radio is a customary underline in a Civic Type R, and it provides some-more than 165 channels of digital programming with nearby CD-quality sound. The SiriusXM® vigilance is beamed from dual promote satellites positioned in geostationary circuit above Earth. The beams from these dual promote satellites mix to camber a whole continental United States and some of Canada.

SiriusXM® Radio programming includes channels clinging to music, sports, talk, traffic, weather, children’s programming and entertainment. When a audio complement plays SiriusXM® Radio, a audio complement displays a stream category, station, strain pretension or artist’s name.

This latest era of SiriusXM® includes many new features, including pause, quick brazen and rewind. There is also an present replay underline and a ability to hear all songs from a commencement on preset channels. The new Sports Flash underline lets we listen to your favorite (non-sports) programming, and if your favorite group creates a large play in a live diversion that is being promote on SiriusXM, we will accept an on-screen alert. With a hold of a soothing key, we can hear adult to 30 seconds of audio before and including a large play.

Pandora® Compatibility
The Civic Type R is designed to yield a accessible interface for Pandora®, a giveaway strain use that allows users to open an comment online and emanate adult to 100 personalized internet “radio stations” that are formed on favorite songs or artists. Users can select among their stations and listen around computer, and can download a giveaway smartphone Pandora® app, that allows users listen to a same list of personalized stations around their concordant phone. Although Pandora® is free, phone information charges apply.

An iPhone or concordant Android phone can be connected wirelessly to a Civic Type R, regulating Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®. To use Pandora®, a Pandora app is launched on a concordant connected smartphone and a vehicle’s audio source is set to Pandora®. The audio shade shows Pandora® information and manuscript art, and a audio controls concede listeners to select from among existent stations, pause, resume, skip forward, and symbol a lane with “Like” or “Dislike” ratings. To lessen a intensity for motorist distraction, some functionality of a Pandora® app is sealed out when regulating a car’s Pandora® interface.

The Display Audio complement with subsequent era HondaLink that is customary in a Civic Type R allows a owner’s digital lifestyle to seamlessly confederate with a automobile and provides entrance to a universe of cloud-based information. The application-based height connects business to online calm both inside and outward a car. The tie between a complement and a user’s smartphone is done by a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® wireless interface. A HondaLink phone app provides accessible entrance for many services including plcae searches, internal weather, messaging, Maintenance Minder alerts, use scheduling by phone, and entrance to a automobile Owners Guide.

HondaLink Assist
The Civic Type R facilities HondaLink Assist, that can assistance ask puncture assistance for drivers. If a concordant phone is interconnected by Bluetooth®7 HandsFreeLink®, there is a mobile tie and an airbag deployment sensor is triggered, a complement is designed to automatically try to forewarn an operator, news a car’s stream location, and concede occupants to pronounce directly to a operator. The user can afterwards hit puncture services if needed.

Siri Eyes Free
The Type R integrates Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode, imbedded in Apple CarPlay. Users of concordant iPhones® will be means to work Siri by informed voice commands by dire and holding a TALK symbol on a steering circle for dual seconds when their iPhone is interconnected around Bluetooth®. Using Eyes Free mode, Siri takes hands-free functionality even serve and helps to minimize a intensity for distractions by gripping a iOS device’s shade from lighting up.

Owners can proceed Siri to perform a series of specific tasks while they keep their eyes on a highway and their hands on a wheel. Capabilities include:

  • Send calm messages and e-mails
  • Read incoming calm messages and emails
  • Set adult calendar entries, reminders, and alarms
  • Check a weather
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation (when a audio complement is set to Bluetooth® Audio or iPod mode)
  • Sports scores and batch quotes

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
The Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® interface is designed to offer hands-free operation for many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile telephones. Standard on a Type R, a complement wirelessly connects a driver’s dungeon phone to a vehicle’s audio system. This allows a motorist to make or answer dungeon phone calls but stealing hands from a steering wheel. The complement is concordant with Bluetooth®-enabled dungeon phones that have a Hands Free Profile (HFP). A list of concordant phones can be found during or

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® enables audio files to be played by a vehicle’s audio complement wirelessly with a underline called Bluetooth® Audio. If an audio concordant device is interconnected it will be combined as an auxiliary source on a audio screen. This allows a Bluetooth® device’s media to be played wirelessly by a audio system. Cell phone inclination that support a Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.3 concede a arrangement of metadata for artist, manuscript and lane name on a audio screen. The vehicle’s audio controls for “skip forward” and “skip backward” concede for navigation from lane to track.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® is designed for easy use. After a motorist completes a elementary one-time “pairing” routine to couple a dungeon phone with a vehicle, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® can promulgate wirelessly and firmly with a driver’s dungeon phone when a phone is within about 33 feet of a vehicle. Once a motorist enters a vehicle, a phone can be stored in a pocket, briefcase, purse or a storage bin inside a vehicle’s cabin as a call transfers information by a wireless write interface. Certain concordant dungeon phones can also send a mobile phonebook into a automobile by a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system. After a mobile phonebook is transferred, calls can be done by creation selections from a purebred phonebook on a Civic Type R’s arrangement screen.

  • Pressing a steering wheel-mounted “Pick up” symbol answers a call and mutes a audio system
  • The tourist is listened by a audio-system speakers
  • An beyond microphone picks adult a driver’s voice while minimizing credentials sound and echoing
  • Numbers with voice tags might be stored in a system’s memory
  • To make a hands-free call, a motorist initial activates a complement regulating a steering wheel-mounted fingertip controls, afterwards speaks a preset voice tag
  • Numbers can also be dialed by vocalization a write number
  • Automatic import of phone book and call story with concordant phones
  • Up to 6 opposite concordant mobile phones can be interconnected with a Bluetooth®6 HandsFreeLink® system

USB Ports and Power Outlets
The Civic Type R has a 12-volt appetite opening positioned during a bottom of a core smoke-stack on a right of a revoke storage tray, with a 1.5-amp USB pier positioned on a left and a 1.0-amp USB pier is positioned inside a console.

Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic
The Civic Type R facilities a integrated Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, grown in team-work with Garmin, that offers many improvements over progressing systems, including extended graphics, live search, speed extent display, customized automobile icons, 3D buildings and terrain, and more. The complement includes giveaway map database updates for adult to 5 years (initial squeeze and one yearly refurbish any year for 4 years). The complement includes a HD Digital Traffic feature, that alerts a motorist to stream trade conditions and can arrangement swap routes around gridlock. It facilities stretched coverage including many aspect streets within a U.S., permitting a motorist to select faster, reduction undiluted routes. HD Digital Traffic is subscription-free.

The navigation complement can be tranquil by voice or by a 7-inch electrostatic touch-screen audio arrangement utilizing a tap, splash and appropriate functionality.

The audio complement is automatically pale when a “Talk” symbol is pressed. The voice-recognition record allows a motorist to simply pronounce city and travel names aloud, and a complement responds by displaying a matches accessible in a database. Points of seductiveness on a map – such as restaurants or grocery stores – can be displayed with code trademark icons or we can have a complement yield turn-by-turn navigation, all by voice command. The point-of-interest (POI) database includes write numbers that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® complement when a driver’s mobile write is connected to a system.

Audio and Connectivity Features

  • 540-Watt AM/FM Audio System with 12 Speakers (including subwoofer)
  • 7-inch Display Audio with High-Resolution WVGA (800×480) Electrostatic Color Touch-Screen and Customizable Feature Settings
  • Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic
  • Smartphone-Based Navigation App Compatibility
  • Voice Recognition
  • Steering Wheel Touchpad Control
  • HondaLink® Next Generation
  • HondaLink Assist (when interconnected with concordant phone)
  • Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto™ Support
  • HD Radio™
  • SiriusXM® Radio
  • Pandora® Compatibility
  • Bluetooth® Streaming Audio
  • Display Audio Interface
  • USB Audio Interface
  • 12-Volt Power Outlet (Front)
  • MP3/Windows Media® Audio (WMA) Playback Capability
  • Radio Data System (RDS)
  • Speed-Sensitive Volume Control (SVC)
  • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
  • SMS Text Message Function

(See a Specifications Features ask for all data.)

Comfort and Convenience

Like other 10th Generation Civic models, a Civic Type R offers an towering turn of comfort and preference with customary reward facilities typically found in some-more costly vehicles. From a preference of Smart Entry and Pushbutton Start/Stop to a palliate of use of a electric parking stop and Hill Start Assist, a Civic Type R offers useful technologies that make pushing easier and some-more convenient.

Key Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Smart Entry and Push Button Start
  • Hill Start Assist (See a Chassis territory for some-more information.)
  • Capless Fueling System
  • Electric Parking Brake

Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
The 2017 Civic Type R offers a upscale preference of Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop.

Smart Entry
Smart Entry allows a motorist to approach, open and use a tailgate but regulating a pivotal or dire a symbol on a remote. With a remote in his or her possession, a motorist simply presses a recover symbol and opens a tailgate. As a reserve and preference feature, a Smart Entry complement will not concede a conductor fob to be sealed in a interior of a Civic Type R.

Push Button Start/Stop
Once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a motorist simply pushes a START/STOP symbol positioned on a instrument row while dire a stop pedal to start a vehicle. Powertrain operation and certain electrical functions are finished when a START/STOP symbol is pulpy again during a end of a drive. For appendage mode, a motorist simply presses a START/STOP symbol but dire a stop pedal. The Civic Type R’s START/STOP symbol facilities a pulsating light to assistance a motorist some-more simply locate a button.

After parking, a press of a LOCK symbol on a remote will concurrently close all a doors and hatch. A hold of a soft-touch close symbol on possibly front doorway hoop thatch all doors and induce to secure a Civic Type R. The complement will not concede a remote to be sealed in a interior of a Civic Type R.

Walk Away Door Lock 
When activated, a Walk Away Door Lock feature automatically thatch a Civic Type R when a motorist leaves a vehicle. This hands-free locking capability adds bland preference that’s generally useful when a motorist has his or her hands full or is distracted. In customary use, when all doors are sealed and a motorist walks away, a Civic Type R will automatically close when a pivotal holder’s stretch from a automobile exceeds 6.5 feet for dual seconds or some-more and when no other pivotal is rescued inside a vehicle. An heard buzzer sounds and a jeopardy lights peep to endorse that a automobile has locked. The Walk Away Door Lock feature is programmable, and might be incited on or off as a motorist prefers. (See a Exterior territory for some-more information.)

Auto On/Off Headlights
Civic Type R facilities auto-on/off LED headlights for incomparable convenience, along with thespian LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

Capless Fueling System
Capless fueling eliminates a fuel cap, definition that fueling a automobile simply requires opening a fuel lid, refueling, and afterwards shutting a lid. This intelligent and easy-to-use pattern eliminates a need to hold a unwashed fuel cap, reduces a probability of deleterious a vehicle’s paint with a fuel top or tether, or forgetful a fuel top during a gas station. It also eliminates a probability of activating an emissions warning by unwell to scrupulously re-install a fuel cap. And finally, a capless fueling complement allows a use of a smaller fuel-cap door, that cleans adult a lines of a vehicle.

The complement consists of dual integrated components, an outdoor shiver resource that prevents a penetration of mud and dust, and a self-sealing fueling strap that is sealed by a torsion spring. Both work automatically.

At a gas station, a motorist simply pushes a fuel lid to recover it and afterwards inserts a fuel nozzle. Inserting a projection automatically opens a outdoor shiver and fueling flap. When fueling is complete, stealing a fuel projection automatically closes both a fueling strap and outdoor shutter.

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
The Civic Type R’s Electric Parking Brake creates regulating a parking stop easier and some-more gentle and frees adult changed core console space for storage and other functions. (See a Chassis territory for more information.)

Hill Start Assist
The Hill Start Assist duty prevents a automobile from rolling when stopped on an slip (See a Chassis territory for some-more information.)

Comfort and Convenience Features


(See a Specifications Features ask for all data.)

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