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The 2017 Ridgeline interior is a clean-slate settlement that offers new levels of reward quality, preference and user-friendly record in spacious, versatile package. The new Ridgeline reaches aloft into a reward finish of a lorry marketplace with vital upgrades to interior peculiarity and excellence and some-more reward facilities than ever before, including accessible exhilarated front seats, a exhilarated steering wheel, and memory seating—all offering as customary apparatus on a new line-topping Ridgeline RTL-E and a thespian Ridgeline Black Edition. Further, a 2017 Ridgeline incorporates a latest in connected-car technology, including Pandora and both Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® compatibility.

All Ridgeline trims underline class-leading interior roominess, including gentle five-passenger seating. The three-person second-row seating offers atmospheric underseat storage or can be fast flipped plumb to modify entirely to load mode.

Available Interior Features

Interior Styling
The new Ridgeline interior takes a excellence to a whole new turn with high-quality, soft-touch materials and reward touches practical liberally throughout, including a leatherette lurch house top with tack settlement and LED accent lighting in a initial dual rows. The instrument row is highlighted by distinguished new high-contrast instrumentation, a 4.2-inch full-color Multi-Information Display (MID) and an accessible 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen. Fit, finish and materials have perceived tighten attention, and soothing leather seating is customary on RTL and aloft trims.

The Ridgeline Black Edition facilities many singular interior styling features, including red-perforated black leather seating with resisting red stitching, black superstar and top cabin trim, red accent stitching on a doors, red LED ambient lighting and “Black Edition” logos stitched into a seatbacks and building mats.

Interior Colors

The Ridgeline’s interior palette is worldly and coordinated, and is offering in Neutral Black, Wisteria Gray or Shadow Beige colors, Shadow beige seperated leather in a RTL, RTL-T and RTL-E, and red-perforated black leather with red accent stitching in a Ridgeline Black Edition.

See a Exterior section for some-more information about extraneous colors.

Versatile, Spacious Cabin
The Ridgeline has always been appreciated for a ample and versatile cabin and user-friendly design, and a new 2017 Ridgeline interior builds on those proven attributes. In terms of newcomer dimensions, a new Ridgeline is tighten to a prototype in many dimensions. The new Ridgeline interior creates a largest benefit in front hip room, with an boost of 1.5 inches (38 mm). With a newcomer volume of 109.7 cubic feet, or 3.11 cubic meters (108.9 cubic feet, or 3.08 cubic meters in RTL-E and Black Edition), a 2017 Ridgeline has a many atmospheric interior in a class.

Interior Space

Multi-Function Center Console
The Ridgeline interior offers a operation of accessible storage facilities for a motorist and passengers. The core console is specifically engineered to offer extensive flexibility and utility. Up front, it has a smartphone tray and a span of cupholders. The categorical storage cell is surfaced by a shifting tambour doorway that disappears from perspective when opened, instead of removing in a approach as a hinged lid might. When closed, it creates a large, firm and prosaic aspect on that items, like a purse, can be placed. Inside is a shifting smartphone tray, along with a 12-volt energy opening and USB and auxiliary jacks. The interior cell is vast adequate to accommodate vast apparatus like flashlights, tighten boxes, apparatus bags or adult to 5 iPads. The back of a core console includes involuntary meridian vents for a back chair passengers.

Steering Wheel
The steering wheel, leather-wrapped on all Ridgelines with a difference of a RT, incorporates a many ordinarily used controls, permitting drivers to keep their hands on a circle and their eyes on a road. In all trims, a steering circle offers primer lean and telescopic adjustment. Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® and audio complement controls are located on a left side of a steering wheel; journey control and Multi-Information Display (MID) controls are on a right side. Trims with Honda Sensing™ have LKAS and ACC controls located on a right side of a steering circle as well.

One-Touch Power Moonroof with Tilt Feature
The Ridgeline RTL-E trims and above underline a energy sloping and shifting front moonroof with a primer sunshade. To lean or slip a moonroof, a motorist or front newcomer needs usually to entirely press a ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of dire and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof entirely opens or closes automatically. However, if a user wishes to usually partially open or tighten a moonroof (such as to grasp prejudiced ventilation), a lighter hold yields entirely primer control. The moonroof can also lean to yield ventilation. An auto-reverse underline is built in, assisting to lessen a probability of a pinched finger or limb. If a moonroof motor’s ECU detects a threshold turn of involuntary resistance, indicating a probable obstruction, a engine will automatically retreat and free a moonroof.

Power Windows, Locks and Mirrors
Power windows are customary apparatus on all Ridgeline models and embody auto-up and -down operation on a driver’s and front passenger’s windows. Power doorway thatch and energy mirrors are customary apparatus on all Ridgeline models. Ridgeline AWD RTL models and above embody exhilarated extraneous mirrors. Smart Entry is customary on Ridgeline RTS and above models.

Sliding Sunvisors
To yield some-more stretchable shading from a sun, all Ridgelines come versed with shifting motorist and front newcomer sunvisors that can be extended 6.1 inches along their ascent shaft, a stretch that provides perpendicular shade for a eyes even when a front seats are in their rear-most position.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
RTL-T and above models underline an electro-chromatic interior rearview counterpart that automatically dims during night pushing to revoke glisten from a headlights of following vehicles.

The Ridgeline has analog orchestration with vast tachometer on a left and coolant-temperature and fuel-level sign on a right of a executive 4.2-inch full-color Multi-Information Display (MID) that provides a operation of information and outing mechanism functions. The digital speedometer is prominently positioned front-and-center above a MID.

The sign package gradually illuminates to give a motorist a welcoming feel on entry. When a doorway is initial opened, a instrument lighting illuminates and afterwards brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument row afterwards comes alive, indicating that a car is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

Multi-Information Display
The Ridgeline instrument row provides critical car information around a Multi-Information Display (MID) positioned mainly in a scale panel. Controls positioned on a right side of a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a MID arrangement by mixed screens of information from sources including LKAS, ACC and more. The Ridgeline MID also displays turn-by-turn directions when regulating embedded navigation or Android Auto navigation app.

The Maintenance Minder™ complement alerts a Ridgeline motorist of arriving upkeep needs around a MID and should a error start with a vehicle, specific warning information will appear. The arrangement indicates when to change a oil, atmosphere cleaner, delivery fluid, hint plugs or coolant, as good as when to stagger a tires.

Multi-information Display Features

Advanced and Intuitive Instrumentation and Controls
All critical systems and controls in a Ridgeline are positioned within easy strech of a driver. Controls for a systems used many frequently—audio, journey control, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, accessible navigation complement with voice approval and Multi-Information Display—are conveniently positioned on a steering wheel. The categorical orchestration is an easy-to-read analog design, supplemented with digital and striking displays. Typical of Honda interior design, a soft-touch switchgear of a Ridgeline is engineered to broach a high-quality feel and certain action. A new customary multi-angle rearview camera provides a choice of 3 opposite views.


Engine Immobilizer
Complementing a remote entrance complement is a customary engine-immobilizer system. A special electronically coded pivotal prevents a car from being started—even if a involuntary transcribe of a pivotal is used. A transponder, built into a key, signals a immobilizer control section that a pivotal is genuine. If a car is hotwired, or an unapproved pivotal is used, a engine will not start.

Transmission Controls
In a Ridgeline, a 6-speed involuntary delivery has a required straight-gate shifter that is discerning and easy-to-use and takes adult small space in a core console.

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