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The 2017 Honda Ridgeline elevates newcomer comfort and preference in a midsize lorry difficulty with an stretched operation of customary and accessible welcoming facilities that make pushing easier and some-more enjoyable. Now with a palliate of Hill Start Assist, accessible Smart Entry and Push Button Start and two-driver memory settings, a Ridgeline enhances a pushing experience. Passenger comfort is positive with understanding front bucket seats and easy back seating for 3 that can be fast reconfigured to accept cargo.

New Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Hill Start Assist
  • Remote Engine Start (available)
  • Push Button start
  • Smart Entry (available)
  • Auto High-Beam (available)
  • Heated front seats (available)
  • Heated steering circle (available)

Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
For a initial time, a 2017 Ridgeline offers a upscale preference of Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop.

Smart Entry
Standard on RTS and above models, a Smart Entry complement simplifies approaching, entering and handling a Ridgeline – generally when a motorist has his or her hands full. To benefit entrance to vehicle, a motorist simply pulls one of a dual front doorway handles while a remote is in his or her possession.

Push Button Start/Stop
On all trims, once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a motorist simply pushes a START/STOP symbol positioned on a instrument row while dire a stop pedal to start a vehicle. Powertrain operation and certain electrical functions are finished when a START/STOP symbol is pulpy again during a end of a drive. For appendage mode a motorist simply presses a START/STOP symbol but dire a stop pedal. The new Ridgeline’s START/STOP symbol facilities a pulsating light to assistance a motorist some-more simply locate a button.

Remote Engine Start
Ridgeline RT-S and aloft trims underline customary remote engine start. This enables drivers to start their Ridgeline in allege of a drive, thereby activating a meridian control complement with a aim heat of 72 degrees before they get to a car – ideal for prohibited or cold days. The complement can yield owners with a comfort of a pre-warmed car on a cold winter morning – or a pre-cooled interior on prohibited days. The complement will automatically work a heater, front and back defrosters, front exhilarated seats (if equipped), exhilarated steering circle (if equipped) and atmosphere conditioning, as needed.

The remote engine start underline is built into a pivotal fobs granted with a vehicle, and is designed to have a operation of operation of approximately 180 feet. To start a engine remotely, a owners presses a LOCK symbol and afterwards binds a ENGINE symbol for a second. The Ridgeline’s jeopardy lights will flash, indicating that a vigilance has been received. When a engine is started remotely, a wipers, lighting and audio systems sojourn off, and a confidence complement stays set. The engine will run for adult to 10 mins after remote starting and can be extended by another 10 mins regulating a same procedure, and afterwards close off automatically if a owners doesn’t strech a car within that time. When a owners does get to a Ridgeline within 10 minutes, or extended duration if a procession is instituted a second time, a engine will keep using while a owners unlocks a vehicle, gets in, relates a stop and presses a Ridgeline’s START button, that turns on all of a vehicle’s systems.

HomeLink® Remote System
All Ridgeline models underline a HomeLink® concept remote system, located in a beyond control panel, that can be automatic with a codes of adult to 3 devices, such as a garage-door opener or home confidence system.

Driver Preferences
The Ridgeline RTL-E and Black Edition models come with dual keyless remotes with singular identifiers. Each remote can be set with singular profiles to accommodate a particular preferences of dual opposite drivers. The accessible preferences embody motorist chair and counterpart positions, doorway close and unlock, along with name HVAC functions. Other preferences embody branch entrance lights on or off, audio complement pre-sets, atmosphere conditioning preferences, and navigation complement settings. In a eventuality both owners use a car during a same time, a Ridgeline will commend a keyless remote that approaches a driver’s doorway first.

After parking, a press of a LOCK symbol on a remote will concurrently close all a doors and trunk. A hold of a soft-touch close symbol on possibly front doorway hoop thatch all doors and case to secure a Ridgeline. The complement will not concede a remote to be sealed in a interior of a Ridgeline.

Walk Away Door Lock 
The new Walk Away Door Lock feature automatically thatch a Ridgeline when a motorist leaves a vehicle. This hands-free locking capability adds bland preference that’s generally useful when a motorist has his or her hands full or is distracted. In customary use, when all doors are sealed and a motorist walks away, a Ridgeline will automatically close when a pivotal holder’s stretch from a car exceeds 6.5 feet for dual seconds or some-more and when no other pivotal is rescued inside a vehicle. An heard buzzer sounds and a jeopardy lights peep to endorse that a car has locked. The

Walk Away Door Lock feature is programmable, and might be incited on or off as a motorist prefers.

Capless Fueling System
The Ridgeline’s capless fueling eliminates a fuel cap, definition that fueling a car simply requires opening a fuel lid, refueling, and afterwards shutting a lid. This intelligent and easy-to-use pattern eliminates a need to hold a unwashed fuel cap, reduces a probability of deleterious a vehicle’s paint with a fuel top or tether, or forgetful a fuel top during a gas station. It also eliminates a probability of activating an emissions warning by unwell to scrupulously reinstall a fuel cap. And finally, a capless fueling complement allows a use of a smaller fuel-cap door, that cleans adult a lines of a vehicle.

The complement consists of dual integrated components, an outdoor shiver resource that prevents a penetration of mud and dust, and a self-sealing fueling strap that is sealed by a torsion spring. Both work automatically.

At a gas station, a motorist simply opens a fuel lid and afterwards inserts a fuel nozzle. Inserting a projection automatically opens a outdoor shiver and fueling flap. When fueling is complete, stealing a fuel projection automatically closes both a fueling strap and outdoor shutter.

Hill Start Assist
The Hill Start Assist duty helps to forestall a car from rolling retrograde when a motorist switches from a stop pedal to a accelerator pedal while a car is stopped on a hill. Hill Start Assist automatically activates when a car senses a certain slip and is entirely stopped in any brazen rigging when confronting adult mountain or retreat rigging when confronting downhill. The complement uses a longitudinal G-sensor along with a circle speed sensor to control a hydraulic stop modulator. Hill Start Assist, when activated, will recover a brakes when a motorist depresses a stifle or if a motorist doesn’t press a accelerator after a few seconds.

Auto High-Beam
The Ridgeline’s automobile high-beam system, customary in RTL-E and Black Edition, creates optimal use of a vehicle’s headlights. When a headlight switch is set in a Auto position, a complement automatically illuminates a high beams until a dedicated camera detects approaching trade or a car in front of a Ridgeline and automatically switches to low beams. See Body territory for some-more information.

First Row Seating
The Ridgeline’s new front bucket seats are designed to yield gentle support for a far-reaching operation of physique types, along with secure parallel support for cornering. The seats underline fabric seating surfaces in RT, RTS and Sport trims, with seperated leather in a RTL, RTL-T and RTL-E trims. The Black Edition has singular red seperated black leather seating surfaces with red stitching. The Ridgeline driver’s chair on RTL and above facilities 8-way energy adjustability. The RTL and above also supplement a front newcomer chair that offers 4-way energy adjustability as standard, along with heating for both front seats. In a RTL-E and Black Edition, all driver’s chair energy adjustments are enclosed in a Smart Entry system. The complement stores a span of user form chair settings—one for any of a dual pivotal fobs that come customary with a Ridgeline.

Rear Seating
The Ridgeline’s ample back seating is designed for limit comfort and versatility, with a 60/40 separate flip-up pattern that creates it easy to accommodate passengers or cargo. Underseat storage can accommodate a golf bag or other load dark out of view. With a chair flipped adult opposite a back wall of a cabin, there’s room for many adult-sized bicycles, but a need to mislay a front wheel. Other massive load can fit simply as well, like a 55-inch prosaic shade TV or other equipment that are improved carried inside a cab of a Ridgeline.

Comfort and Convenience Features



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