Honda Automobiles: 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Press Kit

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The all-new 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid completes Honda’s first-ever automobile array that offers business an array of electrified powertrain choices in one sophisticated, atmospheric and comprehensively versed 5-passenger sedan. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid joins a Clarity Fuel Cell and Clarity Electric as a volume celebrity in a Clarity series, sole in all 50 states.

The Clarity series, led by a Clarity Plug-In, is during a forefront of Honda’s beginning to move electrified automobile record into a mainstream as a association aims for electrified vehicles to make adult two-thirds of a tellurian automobile sales by 2030. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is done in Honda’s Saitama bureau in a Sayama prefecture, Japan.

A No-Compromise Electric Vehicle
The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid sedan delivers a rarely refined, advanced-technology pushing knowledge with no concede to pushing range, opening or comfort, creation it good matched for a far-reaching operation of consumers and pushing needs.

Its 47-mile all-electric EPA operation rating1 is a tip of any plug-in hybrid sedan. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid enables partially inexpensive zero-emissions all-electric pushing for many daily pushing situations. Occasional, or even visit long-distance transport is also probable with a hybrid powertrain, that helped a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid accept a 340-mile sum gas-electric EPA operation rating1. This coherence to expostulate wherever and whenever a patron wants frees them of a “range anxiety” or recharging concerns that can accompany even long-range electric-only vehicles.

The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid comes good versed with a prolonged list of customary convenience, connected-car, reserve and driver-assistive technologies, including LED extraneous lighting, Honda Sensing®, Smart Entry with push-button start, and an 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen interface with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ integration. The new Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is also accessible in a Touring trim that adds leather seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an 8-way appetite driver’s chair with two-position memory (upgraded from primer seat), a 4-way appetite front passenger’s chair and Honda satellite-linked navigation system.

Elegantly Efficient Powertrain
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid utilizes Honda’s innovative two-motor hybrid technology, that consists of (1) an ultra-efficient 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC® Atkinson-cycle in-line 4-cylinder engine joined to a starter/generator motor; (2) an ultra-quiet 181-horsepower AC synchronous traction motor; and (3) a 17-kilowatt hour (kWh), 168-cell lithium-ion battery pack. 

The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid runs essentially on a electric motor, regulating a Atkinson-cycle engine and starter/generator engine to beget electricity that is possibly granted directly to a traction engine or used to recharge a 17 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. An electric-servo stop complement is deployed for regenerative braking, serve improving potency by regulating a appetite from deceleration and braking to beget additional electricity. It all adds adult to an all-electric 110 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) sum (city highway)1 EPA rating.

The Clarity Plug-In operates in 3 opposite pushing modes, depending on a pushing situation, and is means to change instantly, automatically and seamlessly from one mode to another to optimize altogether efficiency:

EV Drive
In EV Drive mode, a Clarity operates like an all-electric automobile – a engine is off and is decoupled from a drivetrain to revoke friction. Motive appetite comes from a 181-horsepower traction motor, that draws electricity from a lithium-ion battery pack.

Hybrid Drive
In Hybrid Drive mode, a Clarity functions as a array hybrid. Like EV Drive mode, ground appetite comes from a electric traction motor. The joined gasoline engine and generator engine furnish electricity, that is sent directly to a traction engine or to a battery pack, depending on a pushing conditions and a battery’s state of charge.

Engine Drive
In Engine Drive mode, that is typically intent when cruising during middle to high speeds, a Clarity funtions as a together hybrid. A lock-up purchase connects a engine (always related to a generator motor) and a traction engine to send appetite directly from a engine to a front wheels. Unlike many competing hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, a Clarity does not use a compulsory delivery that saves weight and minimizes complexity while improving efficiency.

The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid also facilities 3 driver-selectable doing modes – Normal, Econ and Sport – permitting users to customize their pushing experience, maximizing potency or pushing performance. A fourth mode – HV mode – is supposing to reserve a battery’s state of assign and can be comparison in and with Normal, Econ and Sport pushing modes (see POWERTRAIN for some-more detail).

The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid’s all-electric 110 MPGe sum (city highway) EPA fuel economy rating1 is among a tip of a class, while a gasoline-only 44/40/42 mpg (city/highway/combined)1 EPA fuel economy rating indicates a engine a engine alone is efficient, too.

Distinctive Design
Unique extraneous settlement elements that set a Clarity Plug-in Hybrid detached from other Clarity models embody a model-exclusive Forest Blue Pearl extraneous color, a particular chrome bar above a front grille, a chrome rug lid ornament and a singular color-coordinated 18-inch amalgamate circle design.

Key Features:

  • 1.5-liter, 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC® Atkinson-cycle in-line 4-cylinder engine
  • High-output electric engine with 181 rise horsepower and 232 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 17kWh, 168-cell lithium-ion battery container ability
  • Full assign in usually 2.5 hours during 240 volts
  • 110 MPGe all-electric sum (city highway) EPA fuel economy rating1
  • 44/40/42 MPG (city/highway/combined) EPA fuel economy rating1 (gasoline-only)
  • 47 mile EPA electric-only operation rating
  • Roomy 5-passenger cabin
  • 8-inch Display Audio with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ formation
  • Highly fit aerodynamics
  • Standard Honda Sensing®



The 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s utilizes a second era of Honda’s Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) two-motor hybrid system. This rarely fit powertrain selects a optimal expostulate operation underneath a far-reaching operation of pushing conditions to mix fun-to-drive opening with superb efficiency.

Power comes from a 181-horsepower electric engine producing 232 lb.-ft. of torque and sketch appetite from both a gasoline engine and a 17-kilowatt hour (kWh) battery pack. A recharge time of usually 2.5 hours regulating a Level 2, 240 volt (32 amp) horse allows for easy charging.

The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid powertrain utilizes a 1.5-liter Atkinson-cycle engine that is interconnected with twin electric motors – a traction engine and a generator/starter motor.

Detailed appetite government for any component, tranquil by a Power Control Unit (PCU), enables a complement to make a best use of both a electric thrust engine and a gasoline engine to yield seamlessly well-spoken and manageable opening while garnering well-developed EPA fuel economy ratings.

To assistance maximize potency on a road, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid seamlessly shifts between 3 graphic expostulate operations: EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive, utilizing appetite from a Atkinson-cycle i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine and electric motors to actively adjust to stream pushing conditions.

Two-Motor Hybrid Powertrain

  • Peak sum complement output: 212 horsepower
  • 1.5-liter, DOHC, i-VTEC® Atkinson-cycle inline-4 cylinder engine
  • Engine output: 103 rise horsepower (SAE net) during 5,500 rpm
  • Engine output: 99 lb.-ft. rise torque (SAE net) during 5,000 rpm
  • i-VTEC® (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) + Electric VTC
  • Computer-controlled pier fuel injection with multi-hole fuel injectors
  • 13.5:1 application ratio
  • AC synchronous electric traction motor
  • Propulsion engine rise output: 181 horsepower and 232 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Integrated starter/generator motor
  • Maintenance Minder™ complement optimizes use intervals
  • 100,000+/- miles engine tune-up interval
  • Regular Unleaded fuel recommended
  • 17 kWh lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery
  • Electric-servo regenerative braking system
  • Full assign in 2.5 hours regulating a Level 2, 240 volt (32 amp) charger
  • Emission warranty: Eight-year/100,000-mile or ten-year/150,000-mile Li-Ion battery singular warranty, depending on a state of purchase/registration

Emissions/Fuel Economy/Range Ratings

  • 47 mile EPA all-electric operation rating1
  • 110 MPGe all-electric sum (city highway) EPA fuel economy rating1
  • 44/40/42 MPG (city/highway/combined) EPA fuel economy rating1 (gasoline-only)
  • Meets LEVIII SULEV20 glimmer standards 

Powertrain Layout
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s pivotal powertrain components are organised for limit wrapping efficiency, affording a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid a ample and easy 5-passenger interior. The lithium-Ion batteries are finished underneath a newcomer dungeon to keep a core of sobriety low for best doing yet intruding on newcomer or bucket space.

1.5-liter Inline 4-cylinder Atkinson-Cycle Engine
The 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder Atkinson-cycle engine develops a rise 103 horsepower (SAE net) during 5,500 rpm and 99 lb.-ft. of torque (SAE net) during 5,000 rpm. Advances in engine control tuning together with other technologies mix to emanate glorious appetite characteristics, well-developed fuel potency and really low empty emissions. This clean-running engine meets LEVIII SULEV20 glimmer standards.

Since a gasoline engine can be decoupled from a rest of a hybrid powertrain, it usually operates as needed. Depending on a battery’s state of assign and other parameters, a engine will automatically close off during deceleration, or when a automobile is during a stop. When needed, a gasoline engine restarts automatically, yet movement from a driver.

However, when a motorist desires additional appetite in situations such as highway passing, even aloft opening can be invoked by joyless a stifle pedal by a insurgency point, or “click point,” toward a finish of a pedal travel, bringing a full appetite of a engine and electric engine together for limit acceleration, regardless of pushing mode.  

Engine Block, Crankshaft and Pistons
The engine has a banishment of 1,498 cubic centimeters. Cast-in iron cylinder liners yield long-lasting durability. Each biography on a forged-steel crankshaft is micro-polished to revoke inner friction.

The 1.5-liter engine has cylinder bores are equivalent from a crankshaft to assistance revoke piston-sliding friction. This gives a joining rods a some-more auspicious angle during any appetite stroke, that reduces side loading on a pistons and, in turn, improves efficiency. The lightweight pistons have a delicately optimized dress settlement to minimize reciprocating weight, and reduced weight minimizes quivering and increases doing efficiency.

Cylinder Head and Valvetrain
The 1.5-liter engine has a lightweight cylinder conduct done from pressure-cast aluminum alloy. A wordless sequence drives twin beyond cams and 4 valves per cylinder. The cam expostulate is upkeep giveaway around a life of a engine.

A high tumble-effect intake pier settlement sum with a slight valve angle dwindling a surface-to-volume ratio helps emanate a flatter, some-more compress explosion cover that improves explosion potency while shortening unburned hydrocarbon emissions. This explosion cover figure and a accurate control enables a high application ratio of 13.5:1, nonetheless a engine still operates on unchanging unleaded fuel.

i-VTEC Valve Control System
The engine uses an modernized valve-control complement to mix high appetite outlay with high fuel potency and low emissions. The complement combines E-VTC (Electronic Variable Timing Control), that invariably adjusts a intake camshaft phase, with Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC), that changes a lift profile, timing and generation of a intake valves’ operation.

High-Efficiency Dual Bed Catalytic Converter
A pivotal writer to a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s glimmer opening is a mixing of a close-coupled catalytic converter with an under-floor catalytic converter. The close-coupled converter mounts directly to a behind of a cylinder conduct for discerning activation after a engine is started. It is followed by a second catalytic converter located underneath a floor. They mix to assistance a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid accommodate difficult LEVIII SULEV20) glimmer standards.

100,000+/- Mile Tune-up Intervals
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s engine requires no scheduled upkeep for 100,000+/- miles or more, other than periodic inspections and normal liquid and filter replacements. The initial tune-up includes H2O siphon inspection, valve adjustment, and a designation of new hint plugs.

Maintenance Minder™ System
To discharge nonessential use stops while ensuring that a automobile is scrupulously maintained, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid has a Maintenance Minder™ complement that ceaselessly monitors a vehicle’s doing condition. When upkeep is required, a motorist is alerted around a summary on a Driver Information Interface (DII).

The Maintenance Minder™ complement monitors doing conditions such as oil and coolant heat along with engine speed to establish a correct use intervals. Depending on doing conditions, oil change intervals can be extended to a limit of 12,000 miles, potentially provident a owners substantial responsibility and nuisance over a life of a vehicle. The owner-resettable complement monitors all normal use tools and systems, including oil and filter, tire rotation, air-cleaner, delivery fluid, hint plugs, coolant, stop pads and more. To revoke a intensity for motorist distraction, upkeep alerts are presented usually when a ignition is initial incited on, not while driving.

Electric Drive Motor
A Honda-designed AC synchronous electric engine with 4-stage stator was grown to broach absolute acceleration and high rpm capability along with unusually still operation. The engine has a limit outlay of 181-horsepower and 232 lb.-ft. of torque.

Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)
A high-capacity 17 kWh lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery container in a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid offers prolonged life expectancy, high appetite and is engineered for aloft reserve performance. The batteries are finished underneath a newcomer dungeon floor.

Clarity Plug-In Hybrid adopts a water-cooled IPU (Honda/Acura-first). Water cooling offers poignant alleviation over atmosphere cooling in altogether cooling performance. This in spin allows for significantly aloft battery opening underneath heavy-load/high temperatures.

Power Control Unit (PCU)/ Voltage Control Unit (VCU)
The Voltage Control Unit (VCU) built into a Power Control Unit (PCU) adopts an interleaved circuit settlement for high opening while a two-phase joined inductor contributes to high density.

Powertrain Drive Modes
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid allows a motorist to name between Sport, Normal and Econ pushing modes to now change a pushing experience. In Sport mode, some-more manageable acceleration feel adds to a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s fun-to-drive nature. In Econ mode, changes done to a map ruling complement outlay foster full-electric driving. Once battery appetite is depleted, changes done to a stifle map inspire drivers to use rebate of a accessible performance, thereby potentially fluctuating a unsentimental pushing operation compared to Normal mode. A fourth mode – HV mode – is supposing to assistance say a battery’s state of assign and can be comparison in and with Normal, Econ and Sport pushing modes.  Typically employed during a prolonged expostulate during highway speeds, a brief press on a HV symbol sustains a battery’s state of assign in a many fit manner. A prolonged press on a HV symbol will means a battery to be recharged to approximately 58 percent before returning a ‘short press’ mode.  In this prolonged press mode, all-electric operation is not available.

Regenerative Brake System
In a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, kinetic appetite from deceleration is incited into electrical appetite around a regenerative braking system, and this prisoner appetite is afterwards stored in a Li-Ion batteries. The traction engine acts as a generator that can recharge a batteries during braking, peaceful deceleration or coasting. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s regenerative braking complement cleverly apportions braking appetite between a hydraulic brakes and a electric engine to optimize potency and braking performance.

Driver-Selectable Regenerative Braking
Steering wheel-mounted Deceleration Selectors, identical to delivery change paddles, concede a motorist to name between 4 levels of regenerative braking performance. The right selector adds regenerative braking and a left selector reduces regenerative braking (displayed on a instrument panel). After a brief time, a powertrain will automatically return to a customary volume of regenerative braking. This can be profitable during downhill pushing by shortening highlight on a stop complement while concurrently augmenting battery charging around regeneration.

When a expostulate mode is set to Sport, a selectors work a same way, yet a complement will say a comparison spin of metamorphosis until a expostulate mode is altered or a START/STOP switch is cycled



The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid offers new value in a plug-in hybrid automobile star with a atmospheric and reward 5-passenger sedan configuration. Bright, complicated and sophisticated, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid interior offers a reward feel joined with well-developed comfort and refinement. It facilities an open, modernized feel with a neat instrument panel, ivory white or black bio-fiber fabric (or leather-trimmed appetite seating in Touring trim) and accent panels with a natural-looking woodgrain finish. The interior is also given with reward environmentally obliged materials and facilities modernized technologies including Display Audio with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ integration.


Key Interior Convenience and Connectivity Features

  • 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration
  • Rearview camera with energetic guidelines
  • 7-inch TFT intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) within a instrument cluster
  • 180-watt 8-speaker audio system
  • HD Radio™ and SiriusXM® Radio
  • Pandora® interface
  • SMS Text Message function
  • 2 USB audio interface ports
  • Push symbol start/stop
  • Smart Entry
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Dual-zone meridian control
  • Rear heat/air conditioning vents
  • Walk Away Door Lock system
  • Electric Parking Brake with Brake Hold
  • 60/40 Split Fold Down Rear Seat
  • Standard HondaLink®
  • Available HondaLink Assist (when interconnected with concordant phone)
  • Siri Eyes Free (when interconnected with concordant phone)
  • Available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition and Honda HD Digital Traffic

A operation of preference facilities helps streamline daily commutes, including a ample core console with a vast storage dungeon located underneath a padded core armrest. Also on a core console is a vast twin cupholder and an open revoke storage area vast adequate to accommodate a smartphone or tablet. The behind seating area facilities accessible fold-down core armrest, serve with twin cupholders, and dungeon phone pockets in a front chair backs. Storage bins with bottle holders in all 4 doors yield total utility.

A graphical LCD scale row offers a purify arrangement of useful information for a driver. The arrangement also clearly displays appetite consumption, regenerative braking and battery assign level, along with a hybrid expostulate complement appetite flow.

The 8-inch high-definition Display Audio touchscreen interface is easy to see and use. The complement includes customary Honda Satellite-Linked navigation and supports Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ permitting for concordant smartphones to be connected around a USB cable.

Drivers can stay in hold remotely with a many facilities of a automobile around a accessible HondaLink® app. This includes observation a car’s real-time assign spin and remaining range, a ability to find a automobile and pre-condition cabin heat from external a vehicle, and more.

The HondaLink® app also includes StationFinder, that can assistance drivers locate a nearest authorized EV station, and provides mapping directions to lead them right to it.

Environmentally Responsible Materials
Like other Clarity models, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid interior was grown to revoke CO emissions by adopting plant-derived immature materials and recycled materials. All plant-based materials are done of oils extracted from non-edible tools of plants, so as not to impact a food supply.

The Clarity has a case ability of 15.5 cubic feet, among a largest in a rival category and done probable by locating a IPU (with battery pack), underneath a floor. Spacious adequate to simply accommodate 4 vast golf bags, a case area is easy to entrance and use. All models underline a 60/40-split and folding behind seatback. The case is carpeted and lined, and a tire correct container is located in a good within a trunk’s right side panel.



Futuristic and functional, particular and efficient, a new 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is dimensionally identical to a all-new 2018 Accord sedan. Exterior facilities embody modernized aerodynamic treatments, full LED lighting, high-efficiency Smart Clear Wipers (windshield wipers), and 6 accessible extraneous colors including a new and disdainful Moonlit Forest Pearl.

Expressive, aerodynamic and advanced, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid extraneous settlement establishes a new customary for plug-in hybrid vehicles. The arrangement starts with particular front-end styling, encompassing LED DRLs and LED headlamps, a mix of wilful bony shapes and issuing curves, and high-tech aerodynamic features, all wrapped around an observable Honda grille. The physique sides visually carve a airflow, enabling a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid to trip by a breeze with minimal aerodynamic disturbance. Front atmosphere curtains, behind tire covers and behind atmosphere fate – along with chrome garnishes and a singular extraneous tone palette – are signature elements of a Honda Clarity series.

Key Exterior and Body Features

  • LED headlights (hi-lo lamp and DRL) and tail lamps
  • Smart Clear Wipers (windshield wipers)
  • Approximately 40 percent ultra-high-strength (980-1500 MPa) steel physique structure
  • Glass fiber reinforced cosmetic (GFRP) behind fender beam
  • Aluminum hood, front fenders, doors case lid, and behind parcel shelf
  • Composite cosmetic steel and aluminum front bulkhead
  • Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) physique with pile-up cadence design
  • Acoustic glass, flush-mounted windshield
  • Acoustic front doorway glass
  • Triple doorway sealing

Measuring 192.7 inches long, 73.9 inches far-reaching and 58.2 inches high, and roving on a 108.3-inch wheelbase, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is within an in. of a 2018 Honda Accord sedan in pivotal dimensions. This inexhaustible sizing gives a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid a poignant advantage in a shred compared to other comparably labelled plug-in hybrid vehicles.

A endless aerodynamics package helps a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid perform a goal as a tech-savvy, energy-efficient and image-leading vehicle. With a neat design, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid adopts a low-drag simple form, together with countless wind-tunnel tested sum that serve boost appetite potency while concurrently shortening breeze noise.

Matching a distance of a estuary openings on a front fascia to precisely fit engine cooling mandate reduces airflow underneath a hood, while special radiator ducting and a full underfloor cover serve revoke aero disturbances. Special “air curtains” built into a front fenders and behind doors assistance atmosphere pass over a wheels with minimal disturbance, rather than decrease opposite a circle openings; and prejudiced tire covers integrated into a behind fenders serve support in relocating airflow uniformly rearward. At a behind of a cabin, a C-pillars impersonate a front A-pillars in figure and size, shortening energy-wasting vortexes entrance off a behind of a body. Even a taillight lenses are optimized with a “washboard” aspect that lets atmosphere upsurge uniformly opposite them.

Noise Reduction
Acoustic laminated windshield and front doorway potion and endless use of sound insulators underneath a hood, instrument row and floor, and within a wheelhouses, assistance revoke sound to award a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid with a serene, high peculiarity pushing experience. Liquid-filled behind cessation bushings also assistance to revoke neglected sound and vibration.

The Clarity height utilizes modernized element applications to revoke body-in-white weight by approximately 15 percent compared to a compulsory mid-size sedan. 55 percent of a physique is assembled with modernized lightweight materials including ultra-high strength steel, aluminum and plastic. Approximately 40 percent of a physique is assembled regulating ultra-high-strength (980-1500 MPa) steel. Aluminum is used extensively in a physique as well, for a hood, front fenders, front fender beam, front and behind doors, case lid and behind parcel shelf. A new potion fiber reinforced cosmetic (GFRP) is employed for a behind fender beam, and a front bulkhead is done with plastic, instead of steel, with an aluminum tip section, where a bulkhead is bolted to a body. Aluminum is also practical extensively to a front and behind cessation and subframes (see CHASSIS for some-more detail).

LED Lighting
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is versed with a endless operation of LED extraneous lighting. In front are large, splendid LED DRLs, and high-low beams with 9 LEDs per side. At a physique corners are LED side pen lights, LED front spin signals and LED corner lights. Out back, LED taillights, spin signals and wing-shaped stop multiple lights yield high illumination.

Smart Clear Wipers
The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid uses new windshield wiper record to broach advances to urge a perspective from a driver’s seat. The Clarity’s Smart Clear Wipers broach an 80-percent alleviation in external prominence during soaking resolution spraying, as good as a 50-percent rebate in soaking resolution use for any operation, compared to normal windshield wipers.

To urge motorist prominence during soaking resolution spraying, a projection jets are located on a wiper blades themselves. The spraying settlement is so reduced from a vast aspect to a line along a wiper blade and a time between spraying and wiping is also significantly reduced. For even larger efficiency, a jets adjust a volume of cleaning resolution analogous to a external atmosphere heat and automobile speed.

Exterior Colors
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is accessible in 6 particular extraneous colors (four pearl and twin metallic) that compare a vehicle’s low-emissions operation and high-tech personality. Moonlit Forest Pearl is disdainful to a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid and highlights a car’s surfaces in object or shadow. Also accessible are Platinum White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Crimson Pearl, Solar Silver Metallic and Modern Steel Metallic. All colors implement a low transparent cloak for a shining gloss.



The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid combines Honda’s “fun to drive” DNA with a smooth, still and rarely polished pushing experience, aided by special engineering facilities including a low core of sobriety and liquid-filled cessation bushings.

Low Center of Gravity
In further to a low physique weight, a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid facilities a revoke core of sobriety than a customary internal-combustion engine sedan, ensuing in a rebate in pitching suit while accelerating or braking, as good as a rebate in physique hurl when cornering.  The ensuing prosaic float quality, sum with a seamless and evident appetite of a electric engine elevates a Clarity Plug-In pushing knowledge to near-luxury levels of excellence and response.

The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s high-rigidity physique structure provides a clever substructure for a suspension, that comprises lightweight front and behind subframes, a MacPherson front strut cessation and a five-link behind suspension. Special Frequency Response Dampers automatically tailor a damping force compulsory to grasp well-spoken and nimble handling.

The lightweight front cessation utilizes fake aluminum revoke arms and vale expel iron steering knuckles that are 10 percent lighter than compulsory plain expel iron knuckles and a revoke arms use liquid-filled bushings to minimize neglected noise, quivering and harshness. All of a behind cessation arms are done of fake aluminum, achieving a 40 percent weight rebate contra a compulsory steel design.

The front subframe is a one-piece, vale die expel aluminum member charity a 20 percent weight rebate contra compulsory designs. The technique was grown yet Honda’s knowledge in a growth of vale aluminum motorcycle support components.

Complementing a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s worldly hybrid powertrain, a framework is designed to yield a still and polished pushing experience. The cessation and bushings broach low rudeness and a high spin of fibre compared to competitors, with a front cessation revoke arms quite engineered for high longitudinal and parallel rigidity, while liquid-filled bushings in a behind cessation yield a high grade of longitudinal correspondence and assistance retard high-frequency noise, quivering and harshness.

Dual-Pinion Electric Power Steering
Dual-pinion Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides quick, flexible and well-spoken cornering response. Excellent steering linearity creates it easy for drivers to snippet accurate lines by corners, and a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s low core of sobriety and cessation geometry assistance keep physique hurl to a minimum.

Wheels and Tires
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s 18-inch aluminum amalgamate wheels underline special outdoor aerodynamic covers that revoke drag and urge stop cooling. The lightweight wheels are embellished china and a aero covers are embellished lead gray for a energetic and technologically modernized appearance. Specially designed 235/45R18 Michelin Energy Saver A/S tires yield an ideal multiple of traction, low rolling resistance, and still and well-spoken pushing characteristics.



The new Clarity Plug-in Hybrid shares a Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) physique structure and a apartment of Honda Sensing® reserve and driver-assistive technologies with a Clarity Fuel Cell and Clarity Electric.

Advanced Structural Safety
A special steel unibody structure with a 2-system bucket trail structure allows a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid to well catch front, side and behind pile-up energy, distributing pile-up loads by a structure while assisting to say a firmness of a newcomer cabin. As in a Clarity Fuel Cell, a batteries are positioned in protecting spaces underneath a building to raise collision reserve performance.

Additional settlement highlights include:

  • Frontal Crash Load Paths – The front side frame, tip member and a front subframe are used to effectively sunder pile-up energy. In addition, a linkage joint located during a behind corner of a front subframe deforms to let a steering gearbox and other components slip behind in a downward slope to strengthen a cabin in a eventuality of frontal crash.
  • Side Impact Load Paths – The core pillar, floor cross-member and roof cross-member form a clever round structure that effectively disperses and absorbs pile-up energy.
  • Rear-end Crash Load Paths – The impact interesting member supposing during a behind corner of a behind subframe is effectively dejected to catch pile-up appetite with a singular stroke.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure 
The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body-structure enhances newcomer insurance and pile-up harmony in frontal collisions by distributing pile-up appetite some-more uniformly around a front of a vehicle.

Honda Sensing® 
The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid facilities a following apartment of Honda Sensing® reserve and motorist assistive features:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) – A millimeter call radar section and monocular camera indicate trade conditions ahead, and a complement can warning a motorist to take visual actions to equivocate a rescued vehicle. CMBS can also request involuntary puncture braking action.
  • Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) – The complement employs a monocular camera to brand line lines and contemplative markers, and afterwards uses a Electric Power Steering (EPS) or Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) to assistance a Clarity Plug-In Hybrid stay in a rescued lane, or relates a brakes to assistance keep a automobile from vacating a roadway.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow – Allows a motorist to set a preferred speed and following interlude from a automobile rescued ahead, permitting a use of journey control in light trade conditions.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) – Uses a camera to review line markings and a Electric Power Steering (EPS) to support a motorist in progressing position within a rescued lane. This provides a rebate stressful pushing knowledge by shortening steering improvement movements.

In addition, customary Honda LaneWatch™ utilizes a camera located next a passenger-side extraneous counterpart to arrangement a wide-angle perspective of a alley on a touchscreen when possibly a right spin vigilance is activated or a symbol on a finish of a spin vigilance petiole is pressed. And a multi-angle rearview camera, ocular on a touchscreen, can uncover a tip view, normal or far-reaching perspective when a delivery is in Reverse. To assistance a motorist improved decider distances, energetic discipline plan a vehicle’s destiny trail formed on a driver’s steering inputs.



The 2018 Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is accessible in twin trims:

Plug-In Hybrid – Key Features:

  • 18″ amalgamate wheels
  • LED headlights, taillights DRLs
  • Auto on/off headlights
  • Smart entrance start
  • Honda Sensing®
  • LaneWatch™
  • Dual-zone involuntary meridian control
  • Rear HVAC vents
  • 60/40 folding behind chair
  • 8″ Display Audio
  • 8-speaker 180W audio
  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink®
  • Rearview camera
  • Heated front seats

Touring Add a Following Features:

  • Satellite-based navigation
  • Leather-trimmed seating
  • Leather-wrapped steering circle
  • 8-way appetite motorist chair
  • 2-way memory motorist chair
  • 4-way appetite newcomer seat



Available accessories for a 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid include:

  • 18″ Alloy Wheel
  • Decklid Spoiler
  • Lower Chrome Door Garnish
  • Illuminated Side Sills
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Back Up Sensors
  • Splash Guard
  • Body Side Molding
  • Door Edge Film
  • Rear Bumper Applique
  • Wheel Locks
  • Car Cover
  • All-Season Mats
  • Trunk Tray
  • Rear Seat Cover
  • Trunk Shelf Organizer
  • Cargo Net
  • Cargo Hook
  • Center Console Mat
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Ash Tray

1 Based on 2018 model-year EPA ratings. Use for comparison functions only. Your MPG/MPGe and operation will change depending on pushing conditions, how we expostulate and say your vehicle, lithium-ion battery container age/condition and other factors.

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