Honda Automobiles: Honda 2014 Detroit Auto Show – 2015 Fit Introduction Executive Remarks

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John Mendel
Executive Vice President Auto Sales, American Honda

After a clever 2013 … we consider a whole attention has a lot to love.

At slightest that’s a suggestion we’re bringing to 2014.

We’re unequivocally vehement about a year brazen …with an critical and fun new product being denounced here currently for a new era of buyers … a all-new 2015 Fit.

But also given 2013 was a ensign year for a Honda code … that is providing endless movement we’re carrying brazen into 2014.

We set a new all-time sales record for December, and came damn tighten to environment a new all-time sales record for a whole year … with Civic posting a 3rd best year in a 40-year story … Accord with a best arrangement given 2008 … and CR-V commanding 300-thousand units for a initial time.

In fact, Civic, CR-V and Accord total to grasp sales of some-more than one million new sell customers.

And when a central Dec registration numbers come out in a few weeks, we can gamble that 4 of a tip volume models … Civic, Accord, CR-V and Odyssey … will arrange series one in sell sales in their particular segments.

That’s given a sales movement is not formed on a bonus bill of a swift manager.

Our movement is genuine … and driven by a squeeze decisions of particular customers.

And a joining to sell sales supports a long-term value of a products and protects a investment and good faith a business place in Honda.

It’s because a Honda code continued to be respected final year … such as a sixth uninterrupted ALG Residual Value award, and second loyal KBB Most Trusted Brand award.

At a substructure of a success, of course, are innovative new products … like a ninth-generation Accord, that warranted a 28th Car and Driver Ten-Best pretension and a 2014 Green Car of a Year … and also a newly-launched and even sportier, some-more fuel-efficient and well-equipped 2014 Civic … now America’s best-selling compress automobile 3 years running.

Industry-leading peculiarity and trustworthiness is also partial of a substructure of a Honda brand.

According to Polk automobile registration statistics, Honda vehicles are a many durable and longest durability of any mainstream automotive brand… with an attention best 75 percent of all Honda vehicles sole in a final 25 years still on a road.

In serve to a sales accomplishments, we capped off a year by heading a attention in both fuel economy and safety. And that’s no easy feat!

According to a EPA, American Honda had a tip fuel-economy, lowest CO2 emissions and largest singular year MPG boost of any vital automaker.

And this care is usually going to grow as we accelerate a deployment of new Earth Dreams Technology engines, transmissions and electric expostulate systems. 

This includes focus of a unequivocally singular two-motor hybrid complement that powers a 50-miles-per-gallon Accord Hybrid … a first, though by no means a final … Honda automobile to occupy that system.

And on a Safety front … IIHS rolled out a revised reserve ratings for 2014 … and a Honda and Acura brands remained during a unequivocally tip … with an industry-leading 6 TOP SAFETY PICK-PLUS models, some-more than any other company.

Delivering both fuel economy and reserve during industry-leading levels … and doing it while strengthening value for a patron in terms of performance, facilities and record … speaks volumes to a core capabilities of Honda.

So … we’ve got good momentum. And we will serve strengthen a care position in safety, in fuel-efficiency, and in fun-to-drive opening formed on a transparent product plan … that we will govern step-by-step over a subsequent 3-4 years.

You could contend we’re some-more focused than ever on what we’re best during … and what a business and fans unequivocally adore about us … and that means innovative powertrain and wrapping technologies.

This will assistance us expostulate destiny sales expansion by aligning a products with a expansion opportunities in today’s marketplace.

Nowhere is this plan some-more clear … and a capability some-more clear… than with a automobile we are introducing today.

Honda initial done a symbol in America with a sub-compact car.

But for a past several years, we only haven’t had a supply to take full advantage of a opportunities in a marketplace.

That all changes subsequent month with a start-up of prolongation during Honda’s eighth and newest automobile plant in North America, in Celaya, Mexico.

This will meant that some-more than 98 percent of a Honda code vehicles we sell in America will be built in North America.

And it will settle a clever bottom … here in North America … for prolongation of high-value, high-quality subcompact vehicles that we need to attract a new era of buyers.

There is zero tiny about a meditative for this flourishing shred of a market.

A year ago …right here on this theatre …we showed we a new compress SUV that, like Fit, is partial of a Global Compact Series.

It will come to marketplace late this year and both will be built during a new plant in Mexico.

I don’t consider I’m going out on a prong when we contend that no one … we meant no one … does tiny cars like Honda.

Look no serve than a initial dual generations of Fit, that warranted a mark on Car and Driver’s Ten Best list for 7 loyal years from a introduction in 2006.

For years, Fit has set a customary in a subcompact category … in sporty performance, superb fuel economy, reserve and a unequivocally stretchable and atmospheric interior.

With good powertrains and conspicuous packaging, it represents a best of Honda in one neat package.

We have no goal of changing that regulation … only holding it to new heights.

The new Honda Fit is already a best-selling automobile in Japan, where it was introduced final Fall … So, we have a lot of certainty in this new model.

We’re vehement to move to marketplace a 2015 Honda Fit that’s some-more functional, fuel-efficient and fun to expostulate than ever before.

And, as you’ll see … it’s a automobile with capabilities as different as a lifestyles of a customers.

[Fit Reveal]

With a some-more enterprising and sporty fascia … and pointy lines that stress a aerodynamic form … Fit has neat and complicated extraneous styling.

A incomparable 16-inch tire … given with a new 5-spoke circle pattern … gives Fit a planted and sporty demeanour … while back reflectors and LED taillights prominence a back pattern that provides Fit a some-more assertive stance. 

Underneath is an all-new height … 57 pounds lighter due to a endless use of high and ultra-high strength steel … that serve advances sporty performance, some-more nimble doing and fuel potency … while enabling us to supplement new underline calm critical to a customers.

Retaining a identical extraneous footprint to a stream model, a new Fit is an in. and a half shorter … though interjection to Honda wrapping sorcery … back legroom has increasing by roughly 5 inches … and newcomer volume grows by roughly 5 cubic feet! 

And when it comes to load space … Fit has no opposition … with 52.7 cubic feet of space with a 2nd quarrel 60 / 40 separate Magic Seat that folds down flat.

Fit is a loyal wrapping marvel…somehow bigger on a inside than it is on a outside!

Under a hood is an all-new 1.5-liter approach injected engine …  generating 13 some-more horsepower than a effusive indication … as good as an boost of 8 pound-feet of torque.

The engine is corresponding with dual all-new transmissions … possibly a short-shifting 6-speed primer that is a lot of fun to drive, or a sporty and fuel-efficient new CVT.

While delivering larger acceleration …the new powertrain, some-more lightweight physique and some-more aerodynamic form assistance a ’15 Fit broach an estimated 33 / 41 / 36 miles per gallon city / highway / combined.

And with a next-generation ACE physique structure to yield superb collision protection, we expect earning a NHTSA 5-star altogether automobile measure and a GOOD rating in all of a IIHS pile-up exam modes, serve advancing a record of reserve leadership.

Now … if there is a large event in a sub-compact segment, it’s in improving doing and float comfort … generally in highway driving.

And this new Fit delivers superb comfort and quiet, while also improving doing and fun-to-drive performance.

There are new front and back suspensions, a some-more firm physique and a horde of new noise-reducing pattern features.

Interior excellence is also significantly extended … with higher-quality finishes and soft-touch materials.

Loaded adult with new record and facilities this automobile is anything though standard:
Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and a back perspective camera with normal, far-reaching and top-down views.

All of it is standard! 

Finally … a Fit will request a next-generation HondaLink … that debuted on a 2014 Honda Civic … with a 7-inch, Display Audio touchscreen with smartphone connectivity.

This lets a patron tap, appropriate and splash their approach by a outrageous accumulation of party and information options.

And with a new HondaLink, business can opt for an in-dash navigation complement that is powered by a driver’s smartphone … for reduction than sixty dollars.

By a approach … this new era of HondaLink also gives Fit and Civic a initial factory-installed focus of Apple Siri Eyes Free … delivering a kind of intelligent and discerning connectivity that will interest to a new era of buyers.

Other reward facilities entrance to Fit… embody intelligent entrance with pull symbol start, and leather-trimmed exhilarated seats… and a rarely renouned Honda LaneWatch blind mark arrangement system.

I could go on … though let me interpretation by simply observant that a Fit is a tiny automobile with big aspirations for a new era of buyers.

Faster, some-more fuel-efficient and some-more fun … it is a subcompact with super capabilities.

A magically-packaged, do-everything, ready-to-rip, space consternation of a car.

It’s simply a best Fit ever and a new benchmark in a segment.

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