Honda Automobiles: Honda Adds Standard Roadside Assistance to All 2015 Models

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Beginning with a 2015 indication year, all new Honda automobiles will be lonesome by a 24-hour national roadside assistance module for a 3-year/36,000 mile new car singular guaranty term. The 2015 Fit and Pilot are a initial vehicles in Honda’s lineup to advantage from this ascent to Honda’s patron use program.

The module facilities a extensive list of roadside assistance services, including lockout service, fuel smoothness and towing, and payment for outing interruption1 and assistance for swap transportation2, hotel reservations2 and more. With a Honda Roadside Assistance service, if a motorist practice a problem while on a road, they can call a program’s toll-free write series (866-864-5211) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in a United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. So, should an owners humour a mislaid pivotal or their Honda run out of fuel, get a prosaic tire, need a burst start or need to be winched or towed, Honda Roadside Assistance will dispatch a use car to perform one or some-more of these required services:

  • Assist a owners in unlocking a vehicle4
  • Deliver fuel3
  • Change a prosaic tire with a Honda vehicle’s spare
  • Assist with use of a Tire Repair Kit (TRK)
  • Jump a battery
  • Winch a vehicle
  • Arrange to ride a car to a nearest Honda dealership.

Additional module advantages embody outing stop reimbursement, swap transportation2, hotel reservations2, airline information, summary send and office assistance. Honda Roadside Assistance provides payment care for adult to $300 in losses incurred during a initial 3 days following a car disablement that occurs 100 miles or some-more divided from a Honda owner’s primary residence1. This is to cover such costs as food, lodging, swap transportation, a let car and/or blurb transportation. Upon request, Honda Roadside Assistance will try to secure a let car or cab for a Honda owners and will support in locating puncture camp when divided from home. The use can also yield information such as airline moody times and fares and extended office assistance for a plcae of circuitously use stations, ATMs, banks, etc., including write numbers, addresses and directions. Should an puncture arise, Honda Roadside Assistance will try to hit persons for whom write numbers are provided, such as a owner’s associate or workplace, in sequence to send critical messages.

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1The sum Trip Interruption advantage is $300; $100 per day for 3 days maximum. Costs for reuniting a Honda owners with a car are enclosed in a sum of $300 extent benefit.
2Any third celebration costs (such as car rental, taxi, lodging, moody fares, etc.) compared with a digest of a Trip Continuation Services shall be borne by a motorist requesting such service.
3Two gallons provided, not to surpass twice in a calendar year. Requires VIN during time of use request.
4The module covers owners adult to $100 for puncture lockout services.

Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. (CCMC) acts merely as a runner or mention use to persons or entities who yield a tangible service. These persons and/or entities are eccentric contractors. Accordingly, CCMC assumes no shortcoming for a acts, errors, omissions, negligence, impropriety or misfeasance of such persons and/or entities. All persons availing themselves of this advantage of Honda Roadside Assistance are to demeanour only to such persons and/or entities for guilt outset in tie therewith, and not to CCMC. Honda Roadside Assistance services are supposing by Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., Medford, MA 02155, solely in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming, where services are supposing by Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Honda pot a right to extent services or reimbursements to an owners or motorist when, in a visualisation of Honda, a claims turn extreme in magnitude or form of occurrence. Honda also pot a right to change or repel a Honda Roadside Assistance module during any time but notice.


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