Honda Automobiles: Honda Brings a "Power of Dreams Experience" to Sundance Film Festival 2011

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For a initial time, Honda is formulating a “Power of Dreams Experience” vaunt during a 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The interactive venue will showcase singular Honda products highlighting innovation, environmental care and modernized technology. Festival attendees and internal residents will have a event to revisit a “Honda Power of Dreams Experience” for 6 days, Fri., Jan. 21, by Wed., Jan. 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during 268 Main Street, Park City, Utah. The venue is open to a open giveaway of charge.

The “Honda Power of Dreams Experience” will underline live 10-minute demonstrations of a world’s many modernized humanoid robot, ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility). Designed to someday support people in their homes, ASIMO is a perfection of some-more than dual decades of investigate and growth by Honda engineers. ASIMO demonstrations will take place hourly starting during 10 a.m. and finale during 4 p.m.

Other Honda products on arrangement inside Honda’s Main Street plcae embody a Honda FCX Clarity, a world’s many modernized fuel dungeon electric vehicle; a cutaway of a Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid, a initial hybrid with a 6-speed primer transmission; a 12-foot scale indication of a HondaJet, Honda’s initial modernized light business jet; and Honda motorcycle products, including a Honda Gold Wing with a industry’s initial motorcycle airbag, a Honda CBR250R entry-level motorcycle, a Honda PCX mid-size scooter and an interactive motorcycle supplement reserve and training simulator.

In a exhibit, Honda will also premiere “The Undying Dream,” a eighth and newest film in a renouned “DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE” Documentary Series. “The Undying Dream” facilities Big Wave veteran surfer Laird Hamilton, along with motorcycle racers and Honda associates (employees) pity stories about what happens when a dream takes reason of we and drives we to succeed. “The Undying Dream” was destined by Sundance Film Festival two-time Grand Jury Prize Winner, Ondi Timoner (Cool It, We Live in Public, Join Us, Dig!). The film will shade during a Honda Power of Dreams venue each hour on a half hour.

Honda has been a believer of a Sundance Institute and an central combine of a Sundance Film Festival for 3 years. Honda is also a disdainful combine of Sundance Channel’s “Interview” program during a Honda Power of Dreams Studio during a Sundance Film Festival. This module will underline talent from a 2011 Sundance Film Festival selections and will run on Sundance Channel, online and around Video on Demand.

In addition, Honda is sponsoring a Sundance Institute video vignette that highlights a work of a Sundance Institute Labs in ancillary eccentric filmmaking. The vignette will premiere during an central Dramatic Competition film premiere during a opening weekend of Sundance and will stagger before to each Dramatic Film screening during a Sundance Film Festival. The vignette also will run on Sundance Channel, online and around Video on Demand.

About Honda
As a association clinging to a enrichment of tellurian mobility, Honda’s innovative investigate and growth efforts during a past decade have yielded such different outcomes as humanoid robotics, walking support devices, HondaJet, fuel dungeon electric car technology, skinny film solar cells, increasing rice stand yields and organic nano-materials in further to a pattern and growth of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment products. Based on a faith in a value of record to residence a needs of society, it is Honda’s goal to rise products that expect and prove a elaborating needs of a business while assembly society’s direct for cleaner, safer, some-more fit and tolerable means of travel and tellurian mobility.

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Sundance Institute
Sundance Institute is a tellurian nonprofit classification founded by Robert Redford in 1981. Through a artistic growth programs for directors, screenwriters, producers, composers and playwrights, a Institute seeks to learn and support eccentric film and entertainment artists from a United States and around a world, and to deliver audiences to their new work. The Institute promotes eccentric storytelling to inform, inspire, and combine different populations around a globe. Internationally famous for a annual Sundance Film Festival, Sundance Institute has nurtured such projects as Born into Brothels, Trouble a Water, Son of Babylon, Amreeka, An Inconvenient Truth, Spring Awakening, Light in a Piazza and Angels in America.

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