Honda Automobiles: Honda Division Breaks Annual Auto Sales Record as Honda and Acura Brands Set Numerous New Sales Marks

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  • Honda Division sets new annual record with sum sales of 1,373,029 vehicles
  • American Honda sets new light lorry sales symbol for calendar year and December
  • Acura Division has best annual sales given 2007, with best-ever month year for trucks

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. currently reported record Honda Division sales of 1,373,029 vehicles for 2014 as altogether automobile sales reached 1,540,872 units, a second-best outcome in association story and an boost of 1.0 percent for a year. AHM light lorry sales reached new monthly and annual annals with Dec sales of 67,479 units, an boost of 6.2 percent, and sum 2014 sales of 702,351 vehicles, adult 1.5 percent. Acura Division sales also gained strongly in December, posting a 13.1 percent benefit on sales of 17,809 vehicles, assisting pull a multiplication to a third best year given 2007.

The record Honda Division sales of 1,373,029 vehicles in 2014 was an boost of 1.0 percent contra 2013, led by a 2.0 percent boost in sum automobile sales of 781,224 units. The Honda Division once again displayed substantial sales strength opposite both automobile and lorry categories in 2014.

The award-winning Accord and a all-new Fit led a code on a automobile side, while a new Honda CR-V re-asserted a care in a hottest shred in a industry, compress SUVs. Accord alone accounted for 388,374 sales in 2014, while CR-V prisoner 335,019 for a year, a new all-time annual record, and Civic again surpassed a 300,000-unit mark. The sub-compact Fit enjoyed a best Dec ever.

  • CR-V cracked a prior Dec and annual milestones, rising 12.6 percent in Dec on sales of 32,369 units, and 10.2 percent YTD on sales of 335,019.
  • The new Fit continued a prohibited streak, with 6,450 vehicles sole in Dec for an boost of 39.7 percent as sum Fit sales reached 59,340 units in 2014, an boost of 10.9 percent.
  • Accord posted an annual boost of 5.9 percent on sales of 388,374 vehicles in 2014 while over 325,000 Civics were sole in 2014. Adding CR-V’s record transport of 335,019 vehicles pushed a sum for these 3 vehicles absolutely over 1 million units.
  • The Honda Pilot surged 28.0 percent in Dec on sales of 11,479 units in a fast-paced lorry market.

“Despite a cost of gasoline dropping good next $3 a gallon in many markets, Honda’s strong, offset lineup of cars and trucks helped us grasp record sales in 2014,” pronounced Jeff Conrad, Honda multiplication comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager. “The good news is that we will build on this movement with some good new products entrance in 2015.”

The Acura Division reported sum automobile sales of 167,843 units in 2014, adult 1.5 percent — a brand’s best year given 2007 – and third uninterrupted year of increasing sales.  Acura finished a year strongly with 17,809 new cars and lorry sole in Dec for a sum benefit of 13.1 percent month-over-month.

The Acura MDX and RDX sum for new all-time annual and all-time monthly sales annals on sum year-to-date sales of 110,546 units, adult 12.6 percent, and Dec sales of 11,919, adult 10.7 percent.

  • MDX rode a call of recognition en track to best-ever sales of 65,603 units for 2014, adult 23.7 percent contra 2013. Dec sales were adult 3.4 percent on sales of 6,761 vehicles for a new all-time sales record for any month.
  • RDX also set annual and monthly records, with sum 2014 sales of 44,865, adult 0.3 percent, and Dec sales of 5,156, adult 22.3 percent for a month.
  • Total 2014 TLX sales reached 19,127 given a mid-August marketplace debut, with Dec sales singular usually by parsimonious reserve of pivotal models.
  • ILX posted a clever December, with sales rising 10 percent on smoothness of 1,730 units.

“The Acura MDX and RDX announced shrill and transparent because we call them a best 1-2 punch in a oppulance SUV game, with record sales in a story of a Acura brand,” pronounced Mike Accavitti, Acura multiplication comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager. “With a newcomer automobile lineup now strengthened by a successful launch of a all-new TLX, a arriving introduction of a redesigned ILX, and a rarely expected NSX supercar set for a tellurian entrance in Detroit, a Acura code is staid for good things in 2015.”

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