Honda Automobiles: Honda to Launch Next Generation Advanced Powertrain Vehicles by 2018, Honda FCV Concept Makes North American Debut

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  • New battery-electric car and new plug-in hybrid indication by 2018 and serve focus of two- and three-motor hybrid systems, to join Honda’s U.S. lineup enabling Honda to continue to be a clever aspirant in a alternative-fuels car market
  • Together, these vehicles will offer poignant volume enabling Honda to move ultra-low CO travel to consumers in a U.S.
  • Honda FCV Concept demonstrates a styling expansion of a next-generation Honda fuel-cell vehicle, rising in 2016
  • New VTEC® Turbo engines to be built in Ohio, will launch in 2015

The Honda FCV Concept creates a North American entrance during a 2015 North American International Auto Show with U.S. accessibility of a prolongation car in 2016. In an bid to safeguard Honda’s environmental vehicles sojourn clever competitors and yield a new sales-volume pillar, a association will offer several next-generation, modernized powertrain vehicles, including a new battery-electric indication and plug-in hybrid indication by 2018. Additionally, a association skeleton serve focus of a two- and three-motor hybrid systems in a years to come. Together, these vehicles will offer poignant volume enabling Honda to move ultra-low CO travel to consumers in a U.S. Honda also announced skeleton to broach new VTEC® Turbo engines to be built in Ohio and entrance after in 2015.

Honda FCV Concept
The Honda FCV Concept showcases a styling expansion of Honda’s subsequent fuel-cell vehicle, expected to launch in a U.S. following a Mar 2016 introduction in Japan. The new Honda fuel-cell car will underline a atmospheric cabin with seating for five-passengers, a pushing operation estimated to be in additional of 300 miles, and an expected refueling time of approximately 3 mins during a vigour of 70 MPa. Its fuel dungeon stack, that fits wholly within underneath a hood, is 33 percent smaller with a 60 percent boost in energy firmness compared to a effusive Honda FCX Clarity.

As a subsequent course in Honda’s energetic FCV styling, a Honda FCV Concept facilities a low, far-reaching aerodynamic physique with purify impression lines. The interior strives to grasp peace between male and appurtenance by holding advantage of new powertrain wrapping efficiencies delivering even larger newcomer space than a predecessor, a 4-passenger Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle. The Honda FCV Concept done a universe entrance in Japan on Nov. 17, 2014, followed by an proclamation during a Los Angeles Auto Show that Honda will yield FirstElement Fuel with $13.8 million in financial assistance to build additional hydrogen refueling stations via a state of California in an bid to support a wider introduction of fuel-cell vehicles.

Next-Generation Advanced Powertrain Vehicle
In further to a all-new fuel-cell vehicle, by 2018 Honda will broach several next-generation modernized powertrain vehicles that will precedence new Honda Earth Dreams™ Technology powertrains. These next-generation vehicles will build on Honda’s longstanding portfolio proceed to advancing ultra-low CO technologies for mobility and will include:

  • An all-new Honda plug-in hybrid indication (PHEV);
  • An all-new Honda battery-electric car (BEV); and
  • Further focus of a two- and three-motor hybrid systems to minister to poignant sales volume expansion for Honda’s U.S. hybrid car lineup.

New VTEC® Turbo Engines
Before a finish of a year, Honda will start to broach a new 4-cylinder VTEC® Turbo engines – an prolongation of a Earth Dreams™ Technology powertrain lineup – that will broach fun-to-drive opening while ancillary fuel potency during a really high level. Production of a new VTEC® Turbo engines will start after this year during Honda’s Anna, Ohio, engine plant, a largest car engine plant in Honda’s tellurian prolongation network1. Honda is investing $340 million during a Anna Engine Plant to furnish a VTEC® Turbo 4-cylinder engines regulating domestic and globally sourced parts, including a further of a third public line for prolongation of 4-cylinder engines and additional production innovations.

Honda Environmental Leadership
Based on a prophesy of “Blue Skies for a Children,” Honda is holding a portfolio proceed to shortening a environmental impact of a products, advancing fuel efficiency, low emissions and fun-to-drive opening with new powertrain technologies from a Earth Dreams Technology™ lineup, that includes some-more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions and modernized electromotive technologies. Honda’s alternative-fuel car lineup includes a Fit EV, Civic Hybrid, Civic Natural Gas, a CR-Z competition hybrid coupe and a Accord Hybrid.


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1 Honda engines are built regulating domestic and globally sourced parts.

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