Honda Automobiles: IBM, Honda, and PG&E Enable Smarter Charging for Electric Vehicles

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IBM (NYSE: IBM) now announced that it has teamed with American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGE) on a new commander devise that will concede communication between electric vehicles (EVs) and a appetite grid. This devise will denote and exam an electric vehicle’s ability to accept and respond to assign instructions formed on a grid condition and a vehicle’s battery state. With prominence into charging patterns, appetite providers will have a ability to some-more effectively conduct charging during rise hours and emanate consumer-friendly programs to inspire electric automobile adoption.

The appetite mandate for electric vehicles will plea a stream appetite grid as plug-in automobile depends continue to grow to an approaching 2.9 million worldwide by 2017. This devise has a intensity to palliate a infrastructure and consumer concerns compared with a mass adoption of EVs, by adding another covering of lively to a EV charging process. This turn of comprehension will assistance make charging seamless for consumers, while ensuring a electricity source is arguable and a infrastructure is stable.

This proof combines grid and automobile information to emanate an individualized charging devise for Honda’s Fit EV battery electric vehicles (BEV), regulating IBM’s cloud-based module platform. By utilizing a existent in-vehicle communications complement in a Honda Fit EV, a electric automobile can correlate with utilities and a grid, formulating a approach channel for promulgation and receiving use information that could urge internal grid management.

“This commander devise with IBM and Honda will assistance us denote that third-party providers have a systems and capabilities to assistance accommodate some of a hurdles that electric vehicles could place on a appetite grid as their adoption increases in a entrance years,” pronounced Saul Zambrano, comparison executive for consumer products for PGE. “With updated charging patterns for EVs, we have a ability if needed, to change direct to non-peak times to safeguard a trustworthiness of a grid so that we can continue to broach safe, arguable and affordable appetite to a customers.”

Once plugged into a assign post, a Honda Fit EV triggers a assign ask around a vehicles telematics system, an integrated telecommunication focus that is mostly used for navigation. This ask is sent to IBM’s Electric Vehicle Enablement Platform where automobile information such as battery state and grid information perceived from PGE, is total to emanate an optimized assign schedule, that is afterwards communicated behind to a automobile in seconds. Using this many-sided data, a automobile has a comprehension to assign to a turn that is indispensable while factoring any stream grid constraints.

Using genuine time and unnatural data, a complement will exam and denote a ability to alter, as good as adjust charging patterns formed on grid conditions. This intelligent charging capability will capacitate appetite providers to conduct a appetite used by EVs during rise times by instructing vehicles to check or adjust charging if required.

“One of Honda’s categorical objectives is to work to allege technologies that can residence society’s environmental and appetite concerns by both choice powertrain technologies, like a 2013 Honda Fit EV battery electric vehicle, and by groundbreaking investigate initiatives identical to a Smart Charge devise that we are collaborating on with IBM and PGE,” pronounced Steven Center, clamp boss of a Environmental Business Development Office during American Honda. “It is a wish that these technologies and infrastructure will pave a approach for EVs of a destiny to be synched to internal electric grids to intuitively and seamlessly conduct charging experiences.”

Additionally, a IBM EV height can collect chronological EV charging information and emanate a form that can be used to foresee a plcae and generation of EV assign loads. For example, a module can establish how many EVs are plugged in one area and a time it will take for any to strech a full charge. This turn of discernment will concede utilities to optimize grid operations and assistance revoke a possibility of outages – a probable regard as a series of EVs increase.

“The expansion and success of EV adoption is reliant on many factors, trimming from automobile cost and performance, to infrastructure readiness, to a consumer knowledge – a operation that can't be addressed by one solitary industry,” pronounced Allan Schurr, Vice President, Strategy and Development of IBM’s Global Energy and Utilities Industry. “This devise with Honda and PGE represents a poignant step towards building an intelligent infrastructure that integrates capabilities and technologies opposite 3 vital players. We are formulating a complement that allows electric vehicles to promulgate with a appetite grid – this is groundbreaking.”

Convenient Consumer Charging

By communicating information directly to a vehicle, this devise has a intensity to significantly urge motorist services. For example, a IBM’s cloud formed height could yield assign post plcae information and accessibility directly to a EV, regulating a telematics and Satellite-Linked Navigation to beam a motorist to a many available place to charge.

This devise along with a recently announced EKZ Smartphone Application (app) commander will assistance rivet consumers and inspire some-more drivers to “plug in.” The smartphone app shows a vehicles battery level, operation of transport distance, automobile location, and stream appetite costs in genuine time. This record joined with a ability to promulgate directly with charging stations around a GPS system, will offer consumers a singly “connected” pushing experience.

In further to a dual commander projects, IBM is now a member of a EcoGrid EU consortium, a organisation focused on building an appetite grid that uses during slightest 50 percent of renewable appetite sources, such as breeze power, solar appetite and biogas. Instead of only regulating automobile batteries to change a bucket like EDISON, a EcoGrid consortium is regulating appliances, feverishness pumps and electric H2O heaters to also store additional energy.

IBM and Smart Grid
IBM is concerned in some-more than 150 intelligent grid engagements around a world, in both mature and rising markets. More about IBM’s prophesy to move a new turn of comprehension to how a universe works—how each person, business, organization, government, healthy system, and synthetic complement interacts, can be found here: For some-more information about Smarter Energy during IBM, greatfully visit: Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Honda
Honda offers a different lineup of 11 cars and trucks that embody a mid-sized Accord, a compress Civic choice of 7 particular models, CR-V crossover SUV and Odyssey minivan. Honda also offers a far-reaching operation of fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles that embody a Insight hybrid, Civic Natural Gas (compressed healthy gas-powered vehicle), Civic Hybrid, CR-Z (sport hybrid coupe), FCX Clarity (fuel cell-electric vehicle) and a soon-to-be-released Fit EV (electric vehicle). Honda’s 2013 Fit EV battery electric commuter car, formed on a renouned Fit hatchback, targets an estimated 123 mile per assign (city-driving scenarios) and can entirely recharge a battery in as small as 3 hours when connected to a 240-volt circuit. For some-more information about a Honda Fit EV battery electric automobile and to pointer adult to turn a intensity Honda lessee, greatfully revisit Honda’s Fit EV Facebook page.

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