Honda Automobiles: New Honda Road Readers Program Designed to Encourage Children to Use Their Imaginations During Drives

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  • Custom-Created App Gives Honda Owners Access to More Than 100 Free Audiobooks, Offers Parents Opportunities for Quality Family Time
  • Honda Road Readers Program Seeks to Better Utilize a Roughly 208 Hours a Typical American Family Spends Driving Per Year

The normal family spends about 4 hours per week in a car. Honda wants families to put that time to good use. Today a code is rising Honda Road Readers, a new app (available on Apple® and Android™) providing Honda drivers giveaway entrance to children’s audiobooks to display children to good novel and encourage their imaginations. An introductory video to a module will be promoted on Honda’s amicable channels, regulating a hashtag #HondaRoadReaders.

“The idea for a Honda Road Readers module is to yield an educational and interesting choice to a common automobile float and enthuse immature listeners to vividly imagine,” pronounced Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President, Honda/Acura Regional Media and Marketing during American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “This bid is a absolute proof of a joining to a brand’s ‘Power of Dreams’ truth by enlivening a business and their families to dream large together.”

To supplement to a experience, many books are upheld with critical-thinking questions destined during removing relatives and children to dive deeper into any story. Honda has also teamed adult with a National Teacher of a Year Program run by a Council of Chief State School Officers to yield a curated preference of books that will be both interesting and intellectually stimulating.

“Students learn best when they have eager teachers, and relatives are a child’s initial and many critical teacher. Honda Road Readers will assistance families share a spreading fun of reading together on journeys of a mind, a imagination and a heart,” says Rebecca Mieliwocki, a 2012 National Teacher of a Year and 7th-grade English clergyman in Burbank, Calif. “Reading not usually boosts educational success though also awakens a person’s amicable and county sense. They assistance us know and be enraptured by a universe around us and give us a clarity of how we fit in. Simply put, books change lives for a better.”

Honda recently consecrated a surveysi of some-more than 1,500 relatives with one or some-more children ages 5 to 16 and schooled that 77 percent of relatives consider listening to books or stories review aloud is really critical for children’s cognitive growth and building listening skills. The consult also suggested that relatives (69 percent) are endangered that their children are spending too most time in front of screens (cell phones, computers and TV). They are equally wakeful that their children are not reading books for fun and have fewer opportunities to use their imagination these days.

A Honda Road Readers infographic summarizing a consult commentary can be noticed on Honda’s Pinterest and Tumblr pages.

Any Honda owners can simply entrance a Honda Road Readers program. First, owners go to to register. Owners will afterwards be destined to download a Honda Road Readers app in a Apple or Android store. Next, owners will possibly indicate or pivotal in their 17-character automobile marker array (VIN). Honda owners will have entrance to 5 giveaway audiobooks per Honda VIN destined during children 5 to 16 years aged for one year, a initial being J. M. Barrie’s classical Peter Pan and followed by 4 other titles of their choice.

The app knowledge comforts 10 rotating National Teacher of a Year featured books and several audiobook categories including fantasy/adventure, mystery, scholarship novella and teens.

To serve support Honda Road Readers in December, a code will entrance a amicable video, patrician “Imagination Inspiration,” featuring Jeff Kinney, a bestselling author of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Honda spoke with a author, only before he over on a tellurian debate for book 10, about his new bookstore, imagination and a Honda Road Readers program.

About Honda
Honda offers a full line of reliable, fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive automobiles for American automobile buyers by approximately 1,000 eccentric U.S. Honda dealers. The Honda lineup includes a Accord, Civic, Fit and CR-Z, along with a Pilot, CR-V and HR-V sport/utility vehicles and a Odyssey minivan.

Honda has a longest-lasting cars1 of any mainstream automotive code in America, and some-more models achieving an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating than any other automotive nameplate.

Honda has been producing automobiles in America for some-more than 30 years and now operates 16 vital production comforts in North America. In 2014, some-more than 97 percent of all Honda vehicles sole in a U.S. were done in North America, regulating domestic and globally sourced parts.

1 Longevity formed on IHS Automotive, Polk U.S. vehicles in operation registration statistics 1988–2012 for Honda and non-luxury competing brands.


iSample base: 1,516. Live in a U.S., over 18, have during slightest one child age 5–16, possess during slightest one non-luxury vehicle, frequently expostulate their children and possess a smartphone.

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