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“Speed of change in new technologies has altered a shopping habits, and so all companies have had to change their business models”, says Pablo Barrios, conduct of digital selling during SEAT. The automotive zone is no exception, and a digital age has arrived in full flood.

According to a automobile company’s figures, 95% of people demeanour during a Internet before they buy a car, and 7 of a 10 many critical sources of information for a squeeze of a automobile are to be found on a web. Also, a proliferation of opposite inclination has altered a daily vital to such an border that “the mobile phone has turn an prolongation of people’s bodies”, emphasises this expert.

Faced with this reality, companies insert augmenting significance to a new technologies. In a box of SEAT, 30% of a investment in a media is targeted during digital channels, a trend that will boost over a subsequent few years. The digital selling group works not usually to assistance intensity buyers select a automobile best matched to their needs, though also concerns itself with building a whole array of apps that were “unthinkable a few years ago”, adds Barrios.

The new apps combined by a association tell we where we have parked your car, when your parking scale time is regulating out, send a news of a accurate plcae of a automobile in a eventuality of an accident, reason a driver’s primer or guard automobile upkeep on-line.

As distant as Pablo Barrios is concerned, meaningful how to conduct a information upsurge on a amicable media is a key, a fact being that “900 million persons a month record on to Facebook, and 53 million use Twitter daily”, he adds. “The impact of a amicable networks can change a opinion of an whole population, and we have seen examples of how, regulating usually these tools, governments have altered and revolutions started”, he exclaims. In a box of automobile companies, “a singular criticism could be your best promotional debate or move about a biggest predicament in a company”, explains Barrios.

Aware that this technological series has usually only started, Pablo spends his days looking during a screen, and travelling invariably from Europe to a United States meditative about destiny apps and saying them in his mind’s eye.

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