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· WRC maestro Michel Nandan allocated Team Principal

· Establishment of Hyundai Motorsport GmbH

· Hyundai WRC i20 to be grown during new bottom in Alzenau, Germany

· Investment in tellurian motorsport programme underpins Hyundai’s continued growth

Alzenau, 11 Jan 2013 – Hyundai Motor Co. has bolstered a nascent World Rally Championship (WRC) programme with a appointment of WRC maestro Michel Nandan as Team Principal. The Frenchman, who has hold pivotal technical positions on a universe convene theatre given a mid-1990s, joins Hyundai during an sparkling time in a manufacturer’s WRC programme.

Hyundai announced a intentions to enter a World Rally Championship during a Paris Motor Show in Sep final year and is now building a WRC-specification of a new i20 indication with a design of competing in a whole 2014 championship. Hyundai has also determined a bespoke motorsport subsidiary, Hyundai Motorsport GmbH, underneath that a company’s WRC programme will be run. Gyoo Heon Choi has been named a President of Hyundai Motorsport GmbH.

“Hyundai is vehement to re-enter WRC, and we’re behind not only to compete, though to win,” pronounced Tak Uk Im, Executive Vice President COO of Hyundai Motor. “Hyundai and WRC form a ideal match, and a racing knowledge will interpret directly into opening and doing improvements in a road-going vehicles.”

Hyundai has identified WRC as a ideal height from that to foster a fad and impetus of a flourishing code on an general stage. The disturb and philharmonic of universe convene joined with a technological bravery of a array mix to impeccably consolidate Hyundai’s code values.

Hyundai is no foreigner to a universe of WRC, carrying participated in a rival motorsport array from 2000 to 2003. Now, Hyundai is lifting a bar for a lapse to WRC, regulating an in-house group handling out of custom-built domicile in Alzenau, Germany, only outward of Frankfurt, where Hyundai’s European HQ is situated.

As a 2013 WRC deteriorate gets underway with a mythological Monte-Carlo rally, Hyundai is embarking on a year of credentials for a lapse to a universe convene theatre with a complete expansion of a WRC-spec i20 underneath Team Principal Michel Nandan’s gifted direction.

Nandan said: “I am celebrated to have been selected by Hyundai to spearhead a sparkling new entrance into a WRC. The plan is still in a infancy, though things are relocating rapidly, and we am looking brazen to building a group as this year progresses. There is most to be done, of that we are entirely aware, though with a dedicated trickery in Alzenau and an desirous core of rarely encouraged personnel, we are already creation good progress.”

An halt chronicle of a i20 has already begun contrast in Korea to capacitate Hyundai to commence member and cessation research with serve tests scheduled via 2013.

Nandan added: “We are deliberately regulating an halt chronicle of a i20 to lift out critical member contrast and to safeguard that we have finished a task before we enter competition. This proviso will continue via 2013 as we ready for a initial full deteriorate behind in WRC in 2014. There are a lot of other decisions that we will have to make during a march of a year, quite per a preference of drivers, though this also requires time and due diligence. We will, during a same time, keep a tighten eye on how a 2013 WRC deteriorate unfolds.”

Hyundai’s joining to and investment in a tellurian motorsport programme underlines a manufacturer’s continued expansion and resilience, as it aims to strengthen a tellurian marketplace position. The opportunities for record send from WRC to road-going vehicles in a destiny make a lapse to motorsport a intelligent and judicious choice for Hyundai.

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