Hyundai and Cisco to Bring Vehicle with Next-Generation Network Technology in 2019

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01/09/2018, Las Vegas

  • Hyundai, Cisco collaborating to rise subsequent era of hyper-connected car
  • Partnership will emanate flexible, secure and innovative connected automobile platform

LAS VEGAS, Jan 9, 2018 – Hyundai Motor Company and Cisco currently suggested a new record roadmap that will capacitate next-generation in-vehicle networking with security. In addition, a companies common their timeline for blurb deployment of ‘hyper-connected’ prolongation vehicles, slated for 2019. Technology advancements from a partnership will capacitate Hyundai and Cisco to interrupt automobile attention during a faster pace.

This singular automotive and IT partnership is focused on record solutions for in-vehicle information demands, that will boost exponentially with unconstrained pushing and other connectivity needs. The concentration for Hyundai and Cisco is relocating divided from limiting CAN (Controller Area Network) systems, to Ethernet communications, that exaggerate estimate speeds of adult to 1Gbps. Ethernet-based program also supports integrated information control, that allows for stretchable enlargement of connectors to hoop vast information sets entrance from several components in a automobile simultaneously. 

Hyundai and Cisco have combined a new height that provides rarely secure entrance to all a information in a vehicle. The height utilizes a initial era of 1Gps architectures and Automotive Ethernet with QoS, that allows for maximized bandwidth, some-more capabilities. It’s rarely configurable and secure – and offers a coherence to pattern and build new services. It will also accelerate innovation, yield ‘over a atmosphere updates’, and digest a lifecycle in bringing new capabilities to market.

“Hyundai Motor Group’s ongoing partnership with tip tellurian record companies is a covenant to a ‘Open Innovation’ suggestion that will ready us for continued care as travel and mobility bear an rare evolution,” pronounced Seung-ho Hwang, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Group’s Auto Intelligence Business Department. “Our partnership with Cisco is an superb instance of such efforts, and in 2019 we will betray a initial automobile versed with groundbreaking connected-car technologies jointly grown by a dual companies.”

The Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) height is an in-vehicle network that sets a list for adaptive technologies. It also offers integrated, extended confidence – as good as full end-to-end networking. The SDV will capacitate new, high-speed services by an formation covering between program and bequest hardware.

By enabling IP and Ethernet services, bequest buses and inclination will work together with a new Ethernet trustworthy inclination and services. Through a work with Cisco, Hyundai Motor will safeguard that a connected automobile infrastructure can adjust to new innovations in automobile to all (V2X) communication, that will concede for a most safer unconstrained pushing knowledge and capacitate ‘smart traffic’ services. This will concede a connected automobile height to develop and couple cars to all from homes and offices to city infrastructure and other vehicles around intelligent networks, The Internet of Things, and Internet Protocol technologies.

“Cisco is gratified to move a standards-based proceed in partnership with a automotive industry; one that will assistance accelerate innovation, and boost a value to a consumer. By formulating a flexible, scalable, and secure platform, we are permitting automotive companies to broach improved cars – faster”, pronounced Ruba Borno, Vice President, Growth Initiatives and Chief of Staff to CEO, Cisco.

Hyundai and Cisco instituted collaborative growth in 2016 and jointly common their prophesy for connected mobility during CES 2017, demonstrating their “hyper-connected car”. The dual attention leaders concluded that a subsequent proviso of travel contingency have a new and innovative communication infrastructure with a stretchable and some-more secure height that would also offer a trail to innovate and build smart-vehicle solutions. Hyundai’s possess growth teams have been formulating core record given 2013, including ‘Hyundai Car Cloud’, Connected Car Operating System (ccOS), and Connected Car Service Platform (ccSP). Hyundai Motor will also work on other connected automobile technologies and associated services such as smartphone and intelligent home connected services, intelligent remote support, entirely unconstrained driving, intelligent trade functionality and mobility hubs. With a In-Vehicle Network program scheduled to arrive in 2019, Hyundai Motor is staid to take a tellurian lead with nonetheless another pivotal connected automobile technology.

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