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  • Hyundai Customer Reviews, powered by SureCritic module standing to date: 797 of 826 (more than 96 percent) dealers enrolled and actively monitoring reviews
  • SureCritic patron examination ratings normal 4.6 on five-star scale
  • 91 percent of business would suggest their dealer’s use core to a friend

Fountain Valley, Calif., Nov. 13, 2014 – In Nov 2013, Hyundai Motor America and a play network announced they would publicly underline owner-generated ratings and reviews of their dealership use knowledge by SureCritic, identical to a approach a grill or film is rated on-line. Since then, some-more than 96 percent of dealers enrolled and now actively guard reviews. No other manufacturer provides a clarity of a dealership use comforts like Hyundai.

“This is a poignant miracle for Hyundai Motor America and a dealers. I’m really unapproachable of how a dealers have selected to use this new apparatus to respond to business on a daily basis,” pronounced Frank Ferrara, executive clamp president, patron satisfaction, Hyundai Motor America. “SureCritic allows business to promote their use knowledge to their amicable network and provides Hyundai dealers with quick, actionable feedback per patron use satisfaction. It’s easy to get held adult in day-to-day activity and not comprehend that someone only left a store totally confident or unsatisfied. SureCritic helps solve this issue.”

Hyundai Assurance Car Care processes like SureCritic continue pushing Hyundai’s momentum. Industry information shows improving patron use knowledge pays off in terms of some-more rarely confident and constant customers. Hyundai continues to deposit in new processes to urge altogether patron compensation with use during a dealerships. Additional processes and collection embody Hyundai Assurance Car Care Express, a Quaker State lubricants module and Hyundai Assurance Connected Care powered by Blue Link.

In a past 3 months on SureCritic, business on normal rated their dealership use revisit 4.6 on a five-star scale and 91 percent of these business would suggest their play to a friend.

Example of a SureCritic review

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