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With a new introduction of a 2012 Accent, Hyundai is creation it easier for first-time automobile buyers to squeeze an affordable, value-rich vehicle. Hyundai is stability to offer industry-leading value to consumers with a renovation of a partnership with Motozuma. is a giveaway amicable assets website where consumers can save income to be used for a down remuneration on a new automobile purchase. Motozuma users can save their possess income or income they are means by family and friends.

Hyundai will continue to offer a dollar-for-dollar relating inducement adult to $500 for a consumer that buys a new 2011 2012 Hyundai regulating their Motozuma comment supports as a down payment. Hyundai matches a dollars and Motozuma acts as a monitor of a down remuneration during a dealership.

We are really vehement to have Hyundai as a partner for a second year, pronounced John Morgan, president, Motozuma. Their good vehicle lineup has been a ideal fit for a Motozuma savers, many of whom have done their initial automobile squeeze a Hyundai. The partnership has been a loyal win-win by formulating value for Motozuma users and providing Hyundai entrance to destiny automobile buyers. We demeanour brazen to assisting some-more people save for, and save on, their subsequent automobile purchase.

Motozuma users are essentially younger, first-time automobile buyers. The site provides them with profitable educational and online collection to assistance them by a automobile shopping process. Users can name a Hyundai they are saving for, emanate a profile, set a goal, and send e-cards to their friends and family to appeal amicable giving.

We are vehement to assistance new automobile buyers squeeze a Hyundai automobile on their wish list, pronounced Dave Zuchowski, executive clamp president, National Sales, Hyundai Motor America. First-time buyers are savvier and smarter than ever and Hyundai is unapproachable to offer them an considerable choice of fuel-efficient, affordable, and stylish cars.

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