Hyundai Begins Sales of NEXO Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Amid Wide Public Interest

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03/27/2018, Seoul

  • Public sales of NEXO distinguished with smoothness ceremonies in Ulsan and Gwangju
  • NEXO labelled during 68,900,000 KRW and 72,200,000 KRW any for Modern and Premium trims, that could be as low as 33,900,000 KRW with supervision subsidies
  • 1,061 NEXO pre-orders denote clever open interest

SEOUL, Mar 27, 2018 – Hyundai Motor Company began sales of a NEXO fuel dungeon electric car currently in Korea following really successful pre-orders.

Prior to sell sales commencing, a NEXO had been met with far-reaching open interest, with a sum of 1,061 vehicles being systematic via a pre-order duration between Mar 19-26, 2018. Just on a initial day of pre-order availability, NEXO available sequence of 733 vehicles.

“We are witnessing a ancestral day as fuel dungeon record is being commercialized in vast quantities. With this certain beginning, we will continue a efforts in abroad markets to support fostering a newly building fuel dungeon car market”, pronounced Byung Kwon Rhim, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company in assign of Global Operations Division.

On a same day, Hyundai delivered a vehicles to both internal governments of a city of Ulsan and Gwangju in Korea. The rite in Ulsan took place during a hydrogen house, combined by corner efforts from Hyundai and Ulsan city, while in Gwangju a rite took place during a newly built DongGok hydrogen multi appetite station. Both internal governments voiced their goal to enhance hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

Hyundai Motor also introduced new measures to inspire a serve widespread of fuel dungeon electric vehicles. Hyundai announced a 10-year, 160,000km guaranty for fuel dungeon components to encourage business of a continuance and trustworthiness of fuel dungeon electric vehicles sole in Korea. Furthermore, Hyundai announced it has cumulative crew and apparatus to use NEXO vehicles in all of a 22 use networks in Korea.

The pricing of a fuel dungeon electric car is set during 68,900,000 KRW for a Modern trim and 72,200,000 KRW for a Premium trim in Korea. The Government funding could strech a limit of 35,000,000 KRW, with a executive government’s funding for fuel dungeon electric car of 22,500,000 KRW and a informal government’s funding trimming from 10,000,000~12,500,000 KRW. The final squeeze cost could be as low as 33,900,000 KRW for a Modern trim and 37,200,000 KRW for a Premium trim.

Pricing of NEXO for abroad marketplace will be disclosed during after date tighten to their marketplace launches.

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