Hyundai Blue Link and Smartcar Team Up to Build an Expanded Infrastructure for a Connected Car

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 28, 2017 – Hyundai Motor America and Smartcar, a Mountain View formed association operative to expostulate innovations in connected automobile technology, currently demonstrated a explanation of judgment joining businesses to Hyundai vehicles with Blue Link. This tie will concede mobile automobile washing, grocery delivery, and on-demand fuel smoothness companies to firmly entrance Hyundai automobile functions, such as a vehicle’s location, remote locking/unlocking and information such as mileage. Hyundai and Smartcar will start a commander module called Blue Link All-Access with California businesses in a initial half of 2018.

The secure Smartcar/Blue Link infrastructure would concede companies like Washos, an on-demand carwash service, a ability to locate an owner’s Hyundai and entrance it but keys or a owners being benefaction so a detailer could fast purify a car, inside and out. A Hyundai owners could also have Romaine lettuce, wheat bread and eggs delivered directly to their Santa Fe regulating a grocery smoothness service’s mobile app but ever carrying to leave a office. A automobile pity association could also take advantage of this partnership to concede remote entrance and entrance authorisation to vehicles. The user contingency couple their Blue Link comment with their use provider comment to extend accede and concede entrance to a vehicle.

“This explanation of judgment will concede us to know a benefits, mandate and hurdles of joining to third celebration providers,” pronounced Manish Mehrotra, director, digital business formulation and connected operations, Hyundai Motor America. “Developing an open Blue Link ecosystem creates a innumerable of probable business models for a future.”

The partnership outlines a opening of a series of probable facilities that could be accessible to drivers in a future. A tie to Smartcar in a destiny could assistance with:

  • Car pity programs
  • Dry cleaning smoothness services
  • Grocery smoothness services
  • On-demand fuel or charging services
  • Parking plcae information services

“Apps are a elemental differentiator for automobile owners. Smartcar and Hyundai are advancing a origination of an ecosystem of apps and services for connected vehicles,” pronounced Sahas Katta, co-founder and CEO of Smartcar. “This partnership will move singular practice to Hyundai automobile owners, starting with California.”

How It Works

Smartcar’s height uses extensions to that of Hyundai Blue Link to send remote functions to a vehicle’s Telematics Management Unit. This indication provides palliate of “plugability” for a inclusion of several services into a ecosystem. As an example, a user could couple to on-demand automobile rinse association Washos by doing a following: 

1.  The owners links their Blue Link comment to a Washos app and accepts a terms and conditions.
2.  The patron afterwards requests their automobile to be cleared by a Washos app and Blue Link provides a automobile plcae to a Washos detailer’s smartphone app.
3.  The Blue Link tie allows a Washos detailer’s app to clear a automobile so a interior can be vacuumed and a owners can use Blue Link to close a keys in a automobile in box it needs to be moved. This removes a need to accommodate a Washos group member during another location.
4.  Once a automobile is spotless it is sealed and cumulative by a deputy and a detailer’s entrance is private once a rinse is complete.
5.  The owners receives a execution notification.
6.  The Washos detailer can no longer entrance a vehicle.


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