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Digital Campaign Reinterprets Ad and Offers a Dual-Screen Social Experience by Inviting Viewers to Assemble Their Own Team in a Virtual Seven-Passenger Santa Fe

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2013 – As diversion day approaches, Hyundai is lifting a deceive on a 30-second in-game blurb using in a initial quarter. “Team” is a singular turn on a classical ‘tables turned’ tale; we follow a immature child as he recruits his possess dream group to take on a area troublemakers. The all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe takes an active purpose assisting a immature child and his mom accumulate a group to step adult to a challenge. View a mark here:

To serve rivet fans, Hyundai is rising a mobile amicable knowledge that serves as a digital messenger to “Team” and taps a energy of Facebook’s crony network. Inspired by a all-new seven-passenger Hyundai Santa Fe, “Find Your 7” allows consumers to arrange their Super Bowl dream group online, assigning some of their best Facebook friends to any chair in a practical Santa Fe. Each chair corresponds to a singular impression archetype, mimicking groups of friends in a genuine world. By participating, users will be entered into a sketch to win 7 tickets to a 2014 Super Bowl. Starting today, consumers can revisit and login with Facebook form to a “Find Your 7” program.

“We had fun with ‘Team’ as it authorised us to prominence a 7 seats in a all-new Santa Fe in a singular and noted way,” pronounced Steve Shannon, clamp president, Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Taking this judgment digitally usually done clarity as we commend that Super Bowl viewers are no longer tethered to their TV during a game, though instead pity and staying connected around mobile phone, inscription and other digital devices. By harnessing a energy of Facebook, ‘Find Your 7’ creates an interesting dual-screen knowledge that allows consumers to emanate their possess dream group and have fun with friends opposite amicable media sites during a Big Game.”

“We were desirous to emanate a mobile ‘first’ for a Super Bowl,” pronounced Tom Pettus, VP/Creative Director during INNOCEAN USA. “‘Find Your 7’ is a amicable knowledge designed privately for mobile that cleverly drafts a ‘Dream Team’ of 7 Facebook friends, formed on a thesis of a Super Bowl spot, ‘Team.’ What creates this knowledge magical, over winning a outing to subsequent year’s Super Bowl, is that a module selects a group of your friends, who could be sitting examination The Big Game right subsequent you.”

“Find Your 7” pre-populates a car for a user formed on comprehension collected from a user’s connectors on Facebook, including magnitude of crony interactions, likes, etc. Unlike identical applications in a past where selections were done during random, this module determines possibilities that are a loyal fit for any archetype. After people close in their crony pattern and emanate a group name, a tradition video introduces their dream team, assigning any of a 7 teammates to their impression archetypes: a muscle, a brains, a prankster, a motivational speaker, a technician and a lax cannon. The video, designed with a demeanour and feel of an movement film trailer, boldly incorporates elements such as a friends’ names, form pictures, hometowns and interests to emanate a tradition knowledge for any chairman that can be common on all amicable channels.

“The Find Your 7 digital knowledge that INNOCEAN built for Hyundai is singular in that it was designed for mobile first,” pronounced Bill Stephenson, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook. “This is accurately how Facebook develops products as some-more and some-more digital calm is consumed on a mobile device and a mobile knowledge will be quite critical given this launches during a Super Bowl. Also, a group during INNOCEAN and Hyundai spent an lavish volume of time with a Facebook group meditative by a user knowledge and responding dual questions that we use as a litmus exam for branded practice on Facebook – because would we caring and because would we share?”

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