Hyundai Enters Second Year as a Official Automotive Sponsor of a Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

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03/15/2018, Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Mar 15, 2018 – For a second uninterrupted year, Hyundai will be a Official Automotive Partner of a Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. The partnership includes a far-reaching operation of competition weekend activations by that runners and spectators will have a event to knowledge Hyundai’s newest models. The Mar 18th competition will be a 33rd anniversary of a Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon and will start during Dodger Stadium and interpretation in Santa Monica.

“Southern California is a home of Hyundai’s U.S. headquarters, that creates us a ideal partner to competition to a Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon finish line with,” pronounced Paul Imhoff, director, Marketing Communications, Hyundai Motor America. “This partnership is a good approach to bond with a internal community, a athletes, share a latest product, and arrangement people to a Hyundai brand.”

On competition day, a eco-friendly IONIQ Electric and Sonata Hybrid will offer as gait cars and accompany runners on course. The all-new Kona also will be showcased during a start during Dodger Stadium and during a finish line in Santa Monica, as good as during a Finish Festival.

Hyundai will have a distinguished participation during a Health Fitness Expo on Mar 16th-17th, where a wrapped Kona with some-more than 18,000 marathon participants’ names will be on display. Hyundai will also have promotional giveaways and a digital print op knowledge where participants can get their print taken on a immature shade and be placed in a Hyundai-branded print that is now socially shareable.

As Official Automotive Partner of a race, Hyundai also will be featured within a central competition app and opposite a marathon’s amicable and digital channels. Hyundai will atmosphere a Spring Sales Event Spot during a marathon promote on KTLA.

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