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Renewed Partnership with Rhys Millen Racing Focuses on Extreme Performance Potential of Hyundai’s Rear-drive Sport Coupe

Hyundai Motor America currently announced a continued partnership with Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) to contest in a 2012 Formula Drift series. Hyundai will be lead unite of a RMR Genesis Coupe driven by former Formula Drift champion and acclaimed attempt driver, Rhys Millen.

Available during dealerships now, a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is significantly rested for a 2013 indication year, with assertive powertrain and styling enhancements certain to interest to purist, rear-drive competition coupe buyers. The Formula Drift rival automobile has been extensively drift-prepared by RMR, creation some-more than 600 horsepower to emanate a impassioned deposit angles and blinding fume both fans and judges adore to see. This race-prepared powertrain is serve justification of a engineering continuance of core Hyundai prolongation engine components used, including engine block, heads, and more.

“Formula Drift is a best race-fan oriented instance of impassioned car-control driving. It’s also a best rival locus for us to prominence a rear-drive energy and doing refinement of a new Genesis Coupe,” explains Steve Shannon, clamp boss of marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “It’s stirring when a motorist of Rhys Millen’s size combines tire-smoking energy with surgical flapping precision. And, in serve to a heated flapping action, Hyundai will yield trackside interactive comforts where deposit fans can check out a latest products, pushing games, song partnerships and competition fan gifts. With a thousands who assimilated us during a interactive area in 2011, we intend to enhance a fan overdo even serve in 2012.”

“I’m gratified to have Hyundai’s ongoing support for a 2012 season,” Millen said. “This starts a fourth year of a racing attribute with Hyundai, and we wish to continue to build on a success in both building and racing Hyundai’s race-proven products.” Millen stands to build on movement from final season’s success with a win in Las Vegas and runner-up in Irwindale, a final races of a 2011 season. “The rested 2013 Genesis Coupe with approach injection and twin-scroll turbocharger record leverages a proven opening of Hyundai’s rear-drive coupe, creation it a ideal choice for anyone meddlesome in rival pushing events,” pronounced a 2005 Formula Drift Champion. Millen will be a disdainful motorist for a whole Formula Drift season, severe a margin with clever intensity for a 2012 championship. The RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe will make a rival entrance during a initial eventuality of a 2012 Formula Drift series, Apr 6th and 7th in Long Beach, California.

In serve to Formula Drift, Hyundai and RMR continue to join army in a stirring new motorsport of rallycross, severe a best from Ford, Subaru, Dodge and Citroen in a 2012 Global RallyCross Championship Series. RMR has extensively fine-tuned a RMR Veloster rallycross automobile with insights gained from an sparkling rookie deteriorate in 2011. The RMR Veloster rallycross deteriorate kicks off in Las Vegas on Apr 21.


April 6-7: Streets of Long Beach, California

May 11-12: Road Atlanta, Georgia

June 1-2: Palm Beach International Raceway, Florida

June 22-23: Wall Speedway, New Jersey

July 20-21: Evergreen Speedway, Washington

August 24-25: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Nevada

October 12-13: Irwindale Speedway, California


World Champion motorist Rhys “Mad Skills” Millen pilots a RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe in a Formula Drift Championship. Millen’s pushing certification embody film and promotion stunts, mixed flapping championships, a Pikes Peak universe record and his 2008 New Year’s Eve Las Vegas lorry flip during Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. Behind Millen’s success in a driver’s chair is an gifted group of engineers and consultant fabricators in competition preparation.

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