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Hyundai’s Inaugural “College Graduate Internship Program” Seeks Socially Savvy Applicants

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 25, 2012 – Setting aside conduct hunters, personal listings and career coaches, Hyundai is branch to amicable media as it launches a paid internship program. Two of a internship positions accessible with Hyundai Motor America’s PR and Marketing teams will be filled exclusively by a company’s amicable media channels. Applicants contingency contention a video resume around Twitter regulating a crush tab #HireMeHyundai. Details and an introduction video from a organisation can be found on Hyundai’s blog, HyundaiLikeSunday.

“There’s no improved approach to find a best socially and digitally learned interns than by regulating amicable media,” pronounced Jim Trainor, comparison organisation manager, Public Relations, Hyundai Motor America. “We are vehement to hear from today’s immature talent – those college graduates who live and breathe in a amicable media universe.”

Hyundai’s six-month internship module is privately designed for a new bachelor’s grade college connoisseur with a clever seductiveness in a automotive industry. Upon successful execution of a program, that includes profitable training, mentoring and networking opportunities within a company, possibilities have a extended event to be hired into a full-time Hyundai position.

Besides a dual interns being recruited around amicable media, other openings will be filled in some-more normal ways. Hyundai is focusing on Southern California universities in sequence to rivet applicants, as a interns will work during Hyundai’s inhabitant domicile in Costa Mesa, CA. For some-more information on these internship positions, revisit Hyundai’s career page.

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