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NEW YORK – Apr 16, 2014Hyundai Hope On Wheels®, a nonprofit classification dedicated to assisting kids quarrel cancer, currently announced that Ashley Burnette and Kenny Thomas are named a 2014-2015 National Youth Ambassadors for a organization. Ashley and Kenny will join Hope On Wheels in a 16th year of fighting childhood cancer. More sum about a 2014 Hope On Wheels module will be announced tomorrow during a Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, during a New York International Auto Show.

Ashley, a 10-year-old from North Carolina, and Kenny, a nine-year-old from Southern California are both cancer survivors and were comparison from a national search. The Hyundai Hope On Wheels National Youth Ambassadors will offer as girl spokespersons for a classification over a subsequent dual years. Together, they will transport a nation visiting children’s hospitals and pity their summary of wish with other children with cancer and their families. Their personal stories are also enclosed online, as a partial of a Hope On Wheels amicable media community, and printed material distributed during U.S. Hyundai dealerships, all of that are designed to boost recognition and entice others to join a fight. This year’s thesis for a classification is “Just One Wish.” This thesis is formed on a primary idea of Hope On Wheels, to finish childhood cancer.

“Hyundai and a dealers are unapproachable to have Ashley and Kenny join us as a National Youth Ambassadors for a subsequent dual years,” pronounced Dave Zuchowski, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “Their particular strength and implausible integrity during their possess battles with cancer are truly an inspiration. Each brings a constrained story to share with other families who are impacted by a disease. Together, they consolidate a summary of Hope On Wheels, that this is a quarrel that we can and will win.”

About Ashley Burnette – Hope On Wheels National Youth Ambassador
At age seven, Ashley was vehement to be starting a second grade. Not prolonged before a start of a new propagandize year, her relatives beheld that she had grown a baggy and a dynamic black eye. After a revisit to her doctor, Ashley was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma and immediately began treatment. Several months after she grown Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder/Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Over a subsequent dual years, she endured mixed rounds of chemo, a branch dungeon transplant, caring during 3 opposite children’s hospitals, and large other procedures. In fact, she missed a whole year of propagandize during treatment. Today, Ashley has been cancer-free given Aug 2012. The now 10 year-old is behind to hula hooping, reading, personification with her sister and doing other activities that she loves.

“I am respected to have been selected as a National Youth Ambassador for Hyundai Hope On Wheels”, pronounced Ashley Burnette. “My quarrel with cancer done me some-more dynamic to assistance others. we am vehement to transport a nation with this good classification and share my story with children who are fighting cancer. My idea is to safeguard that kids with cancer know that they are not alone.”

About Kenny Thomas – Hope On Wheels National Youth Ambassador
Kenny Thomas is an enterprising nine-year-old, who loves personification basketball and enjoys spending time with his friends. He says his family inspires him to be a best he can be. Shortly after his eighth birthday, Kenny was diagnosed with cancer. His relatives beheld a afterwards third-grader had gifted weight loss, dynamic coughing and night sweats, that eventually led to an puncture room visit. A chest cat-scan suggested a theatre 3 carcenogenic mass in Kenny’s chest. Kenny spent a following 6 days in pediatric ICU, where his life was saved. A Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was treated, with an assertive therapy during UCLA Medical Center. Kenny has been in discount given Dec 2012 and is behind to personification with his friends. He missed a whole third grade, mislaid his hair, and suffered rounds of treatments. But he feels sanctified by his knowledge and those who took partial in his cure.

“Kids should not have to know anything about cancer. It is not a illness that we wish to have. Even yet we got used to a needle pokes, fighting cancer meant that we had to be clever for myself and those who caring about me,” says Kenny Thomas. “I am so vehement to be named a National Youth Ambassador for Hyundai Hope On Wheels. we wish to give other kids a bravery to get by a treatment. It takes courage, and we know each child has this bravery in their soul.”

Hyundai Hope On Wheels 2014 program
2014 outlines a 16th year of Hyundai Hope On Wheels and a quarrel opposite childhood cancer. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Hope On Wheels is among a heading funders of pediatric cancer investigate in a U.S. Over $86 million has been saved for investigate by Hope On Wheels given a inception. The classification is committed to appropriation innovative research, formulating open recognition and sensitive amicable review on a issue.

“We have one goal during Hope On Wheels: to finish pediatric cancer,” says 2014 Hope On Wheels Board Chairman, Mickey Pong. “As this year’s house chair, we and a Hyundai dealers of America are unapproachable to acquire Ashley and Kenny to a team, as we quarrel to finish this disease. These kids paint children all opposite a nation and their battles with pediatric cancer. They paint a common future. We mount beside them and are dedicated to this quarrel until there is a cure.”

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