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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – Apr 7, 2014 – Hyundai Motor America’s pediatric cancer nonprofit organization, Hyundai Hope On Wheels®, yesterday announced a $2 million investigate extend endowment to account a Children’s Oncology Group’s (COG) Project:EveryChild. This outlines Hyundai’s latest pierce in ancillary a systematic community’s efforts to urge heal rates, lessen strident toxicity from treatments and minimize a risk for late effects for all children battling cancer. As a partial of Project:EveryChild, Hyundai’s supports will assistance in a collection of biospecimens from children with cancer during COG institutions around a country. These specimens will afterwards be stored during a Hyundai COG Biorepository. The biorepository functions as a large database of pediatric cancer specimens that yield doctors a ability to ask and entrance thousands of cancer specimens and prior investigate like never before.

Cancer is still a heading means of genocide from illness for children in a U.S. There are some-more than 100 opposite kinds of cancer that start in children, and for many of these cancers, a causes are unknown. That is because a Children’s Oncology Group, a world’s largest classification clinging exclusively to childhood and youth cancer research, is heading Project:EveryChild‘s rare investigate bid with a some-more than 200 children’s hospitals, universities, and cancer centers.

“Hyundai’s inexhaustible support to Project:EveryChild will make a poignant disproportion in a ongoing conflict opposite childhood cancer,” pronounced Dr. Peter Adamson, Chairman of a Children’s Oncology Group.

“This essential appropriation will safeguard that any child diagnosed with cancer in a U.S. will be authorised to attend in and advantage from a advances in investigate from Project:EveryChild, regardless of a monument of a form of cancer.”

Once a biospecimens (tumor tissue) from any child are stored during a Hyundai Hope On Wheels COG Biorepository, a specimens will afterwards be means to be complicated by heading laboratories around a world, accelerating discoveries that will lead to new and improved treatments. Project:EveryChild will yield doctors and researchers with unprecedented, available entrance to thousands of samples and laboratory findings, permitting measureless swell to be done in diagnosing and treating stream children’s diagnoses.

“Over a final 16 years we have been committed to reaching a day when no child will have to face cancer, and ancillary COG’s Project:EveryChild is another large step in that direction,” pronounced Dave Zuchowski, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America and Board Member of Hyundai Hope On Wheels. “With a ability to investigate any child’s form of cancer, researchers will be means to some-more effectively combine and rise new and improved treatments. And that’s something that all of us during Hyundai are intensely vehement and ardent about.”

Hyundai Hope On Wheels, in a quarrel opposite pediatric cancer given 1998, is committed to appropriation innovative investigate during COG member institutions and formulating open recognition for pediatric cancer. Hope On Wheels will strictly launch a 2014 module on Apr 17 in New York City, where it will announce a winners of a grants programs.

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