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NEW YORK – Apr 17, 2014Hyundai Motor America and a nonprofit classification Hyundai Hope On Wheels® announce currently a launch of their 2014 national extend module to account pediatric cancer research. The launch eventuality will take place during a Jacob Javits Center in New York City in and with a New York International Auto Show. The winners of 49 Hope On Wheels pediatric cancer investigate grants will be announced. A national debate will be conducted after this year to benefaction these investigate grants to children’s hospitals.

This launch eventuality continues a array of activities to symbol a 16th year of Hyundai’s longstanding joining in a quarrel opposite childhood cancer. Earlier this week in New York City, executives from Hyundai and Hope On Wheels rang a opening bell during a NASDAQ MarketSite in reverence to their quarrel opposite pediatric cancer. Hyundai Hope On Wheels house members also visited children battling cancer and perceived investigate swell reports during Memorial Sloan Kettering and New York Presbyterian (Hope and Heroes) children’s hospitals.

An eccentric 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Hyundai Hope On Wheels is a heading funder of pediatric cancer research, with some-more than $86 million in grants awarded given a inception. Each year, approximately 15,000 children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer, creation it a heading means of genocide by illness for children in a U.S. That is because a primary idea of a module is to account innovative pediatric cancer research. Hope On Wheels also aims to boost open recognition about a significance of this cause.

Two immature cancer survivors, Ashley Burnette and Kenneth Thomas, were recently named a National Youth Ambassadors for Hope On Wheels. The span will transport a nation over a subsequent dual years pity their stories of bravery and wish with other children diagnosed with cancer. Additional elements of a 2014 Hope On Wheels module embody a amicable media campaign, Pediatric Oncology Thought Leaders Summit, 5K Run/Walk Series, and National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month events in September.

“Hyundai is a code that not usually builds good cars, though is committed to doing good things that offer society’s needs,” pronounced Dave Zuchowski, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. “Pediatric cancer is an emanate that affects distant too many children. Together with a dealers, we assimilated this quarrel in 1998. We are committed to finale this illness by appropriation life-saving research. Through Hope On Wheels, we demeanour brazen to a universe in that no child will have to face this terrible disease.”

Hyundai Hope On Wheels amicable media debate theme: Just One Wish

The Hyundai Hope On Wheels debate thesis for this year is “Just One Wish.” This thesis is designed to communicate a organization’s idea to finish childhood cancer. The debate connects thousands of families influenced by a illness around amicable media. A array of online videos form child cancer survivors and their stories of hope. Visitors to a Hyundai Hope On Wheels website and amicable media channels can join a bid by posting their possess summary of wish regulating a hashtag #EndChildhoodCancer.

Every 36 mins a child is diagnosed with cancer. The idea of a Just One Wish debate is to uncover a common support for these children and to applaud their hope, dreams and goals. The amicable village gives a voice on interest of these children whose voices might differently go unheard.

2014 Grant Awards Recipients

Hyundai Hope On Wheels has dual categories of investigate extend awards accessible to authorised COG member institutions: a Hyundai Young Investigators Clinical Award and a Hyundai Scholar Hope Award. The Clinical Award is a $75,000 extend accessible to immature investigators posterior innovative investigate ideas. The Scholar Hope Award is a $250,000 rival grant, that is comparison by a counterpart examination row for two-year appropriation of earnest investigate work. Together, both grants are directed during expanding a believe bottom of a illness and improving a standards of care.

A list of all extend winners and investigate summaries for 2014 might be found on a Hyundai Hope On Wheels website,

The Hyundai Bio-Repository and Children’s Oncology Group Project:EveryChild

In a confidant pierce to accelerate a systematic investigate of pediatric cancer, Hyundai Hope On Wheels announced a $2 million extend endowment to a Children’s Oncology Group (COG). The Children’s Oncology Group, a world’s largest classification clinging exclusively to childhood and youth cancer research, is heading an singular investigate effort, called Project:EveryChild, by a some-more than 200 children’s hospitals, universities, and cancer centers.

This extend supports a largest investigate of a kind. Biospecimens (tumor tissue) from a thousands of children diagnosed with childhood cancer any year will be stored during a Hyundai Hope On Wheels COG Biorepository. These biospecimens will afterwards be accessible to scientists opposite a nation and around a universe that are committed to anticipating improved cures for children with cancer. Participation in this investigate will be offering to any child diagnosed with cancer, no matter how common or singular a cancer might be.

“The investigate collection accessible to scientists to investigate cancer in a laboratory are some-more absolute than anyone could have illusory 10 years ago,” pronounced Dr. Peter Adamson, Chairman of a Children’s Oncology Group. “The record accessible in heading investigate laboratories around a universe can be used to learn a pivotal changes that start in cancer cells, information that is vicious to building some-more effective treatments. With a inexhaustible support of Hyundai Hope On Wheels, we will be means to investigate any form of childhood cancer, and lead a approach to improved cures for all children with cancer.”

Hyundai U.S. Dealers Support Fight for Cancer Research

Hyundai Hope On Wheels is a joined bid of Hyundai Motor America and a dealers. With a sale of any new car in a U.S., a concession is done to pediatric cancer research. COG member institutions are invited to contention investigate proposals any year for funding. A heading cabinet of pediatric oncologists selects a extend applications to be funded, formed on a biggest intensity to impact a margin of study.

Each extend endowment is presented during a winning children’s sanatorium along with a Hope On Wheels signature handprint ceremony. Through a handprint ceremony, pediatric cancer patients are invited to put their hands in paint and place their handprints on a white Hyundai Santa Fe. These handprints not usually transport a nation formulating recognition about a significance of a disease, though also offer as a consistent sign of a significance of a fight.

“When we revisit children’s hospitals opposite a nation as this year’s house authority of Hope On Wheels, we hear directly from children and their families about a harmful impact of this disease,” Mickey Pong, owners Hyundai of Carlsbad, Carlsbad, CA. “On interest of a U.S. Hyundai dealers, we wish to encourage these families that they’re not alone in this fight. Hope On Wheels is committed to anticipating a heal for this terrible disease. That is a wish, and we appreciate all of a business and supporters who support a mission.”

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