Hyundai Hope On Wheels Surpasses $145 Million To Research Celebrating Its 20th Year In The Fight To End Childhood Cancer

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03/29/2018, Fountain Valley, CA

  • The Organization Announces $15 Million in New Grant Winners during a New York International Auto Show as Part of Hyundai’s Longstanding Support to Pediatric Cancer

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., March, 2018 – Today, Hyundai Hope On Wheels® (HHOW), a 501c3 nonprofit organization, celebrates a 20th year in a quarrel opposite pediatric cancer and announces skeleton to surpass $145 million toward pediatric cancer research. In jubilee of a 20th anniversary, HHOW will horde a annual launch eventuality during a New York International Auto Show to commend a extend award-winning institutions, doctors, and children influenced by pediatric cancer. The debate thesis for this year is: 20 years of saving lives and formulating hope, in a quarrel to finish childhood cancer. HHOW also introduces dual new 2018 National Youth Ambassadors: Elizabeth Blair (11) and Carter Gates (12). The launch eventuality is hosted by awarding winning publisher and multimedia celebrity Soledad O’Brien, and special low-pitched performances by Broadway’s Betsy Wolfe, Alton Fitzgerald White and a Broadway Youth Ensemble. This annual eventuality takes place in and with a preview night of a New York International Auto Show in a Jacob Javits Center during a Hyundai counter on Thursday, Mar 29th during 6:30 PM.

Begun in 1998 by Hyundai and a U.S. dealers, HHOW is one of a longest invariably regulating CSR initiatives in a automobile attention and is dedicated to assisting kids quarrel cancer. The module was begun in a Boston, MA area and fast trafficked to support children’s sanatorium via a U.S. with investigate grants to assistance find cures and to urge caring for children fighting cancer.

“The quarrel to finish childhood cancer stays a tip priority for HHOW. Because of research, 80 percent of those kids can be cured. However, even one child who loses his/her conflict is distant too many,” says Brian Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Hyundai Motor America. “For 20 years, Hyundai and a dealers have dedicated their idea to saving lives and formulating hope. We wish children to know that Hyundai is on their side.”

Funding Research to Find A Cure

In 2018, fifty-three (53) new institutions will accept a total $15 million in pediatric cancer investigate grants. HHOW offers pediatric cancer investigate grants for Children’s Oncology of America member institutions in a U.S. The extend winners are comparison by a peer-reviewed and rival preference process. There are 5 HHOW extend categories: Impact Grant ($100,000), Young Investigator Grant ($200,000), Hyundai Scholar Hope Grant ($300,000), Hyundai Quantum Grant ($1 million) and a new Quantum Collaboration Grant ($2.5 million). Applications are graded by a row of systematic reviewers, for their creation and intensity to boost discovery.

Hope Is Always Worth Fighting For

HHOW is committed to augmenting recognition and celebrating a lives of child cancer survivors. Kids who quarrel cancer are brave, bold and paint hope. They mostly go harmful treatments on their highway to cure. Many continue with life-long health associated issues as a effect of cure. Our idea is to assistance kids not usually survive, though to safeguard these kids flower in their lives after a disease.

This year, we are gratified to acquire dual new National Youth Ambassadors. Elizabeth Blair, 11 years old, is from Phoenix, AZ. Carter Gates is 12 years old, from Colorado Springs, CO. These dual implausible pediatric cancer survivors will transport a republic for a subsequent dual years pity their summary of hope. They not usually fought pediatric cancer, though they continue to win in life. Click this video to learn some-more about Elizabeth and Carter.

Celebrities Give A Hand to Hope

Each year, HHOW names one or some-more celebrities to join us as a partial of a annual New York launch event. This year, we are unapproachable to acquire behind for a second year eminent multimedia celebrity and endowment winning publisher Ms. Soledad O’Brien, to horde a event. Additionally, Broadway superstars Betsy Wolfe and Alton Fitzgerald White will yield special low-pitched performance. The Broadway Youth Ensemble will join a festivities, with a array of Broadway desirous uncover tunes to perform a audience.

Communication Plan

HHOW launches with an enchanting multimedia communications devise to boost recognition to a cause, includes:

  • Times Square Takeover, pop-up recognition eventuality along Broadway W 44th Street to rivet a open in swelling recognition for pediatric cancer.
  • Announcement of 2 new HHOW National Youth Ambassadors who will transport a republic pity their cancer survivor story.
  • Annual kick-off eventuality celebrating 20th anniversary during a New York International Auto Show
  • National Satellite Media Tour
  • Child cancer-survivor and extend winning institutions videos featured on website and YouTube.
  • A re-designed website,, where visitors can perspective stories of child cancer-survivors, review about saved research, or post a summary of wish for a family.

“A pivotal priority for Hyundai dealers is to give behind to multitude and to make certain children have a best probable destiny for success. We trust that destiny should be in a universe that is giveaway from pediatric cancer,” says Scott Fink, Board Chair and Hyundai play owner, Hyundai of New Port Richey. “We know that swell has been done in anticipating cures for pediatric cancer. With HHOW grants over a past 20 years, innovative therapies and new treatments have been developed. The Hyundai dealers’ opposite a republic are unapproachable to support this critical cause. But a work is not over, and we can count on a Hyundai dealers to sojourn committed to this quarrel for as prolonged as it takes.”

HHOW Grants Tour Youth Ambassadors

The HHOW Grants Tour is a national bid from Apr to Oct to transport a republic presenting extend checks trimming from $100,000 to $2.5 million to comparison children’s hospitals and institution. At any event, we control a signature handprint ceremony, during that kids get to put their hands in paint and place it on a HHOW favourite vehicle, 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe. These tone handprints paint a dreams, tour and hopes of kids fighting cancer. They concede kids from opposite a republic to join hands in with a common purpose to quarrel this dreaded disease. Each doctor-grant target receives HHOW lab cloak and is named a Hyundai Scholar.

Our idea is to #Endchildhoodcancer

Approximately 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer any year in a U.S. This year HHOW travels a republic in a Hyundai Santa Fe – a central wish vehicle, to a children’s sanatorium extend winners. The car serves as a board for hope, lonesome with handprints collected from children opposite a republic battling this disease. In September, National Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, HHOW will announce a array of events opposite a republic to move larger recognition about a issue.  Supporters and supporters of HHOW are invited to post photos or messages on amicable media regulating hashtag #EndChildhoodCancer.

For some-more information about Hyundai Hope On Wheels and to perspective a list of a 2018 Hope On Wheels extend winners, greatfully revisit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram during, or

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