Hyundai i30 N TCR scores category lectern outcome on Nürburgring 24 Hours debut

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05/14/2018, Nürburgring

  • The dual Hyundai Motorsport N run i30 N TCR valid their gait via a Nürburgring 24 Hours weekend
  • The span of Hyundai Motorsport-built cars finished  an considerable second and fourth in category in a foe that finished in treacherously soppy conditions
  • The clever opening showed both a gait and change of a i30 N TCR, as good as a trustworthiness of a continuation racing package accessible for a car


Nürburgring, 14 May, 2018 – The span of Hyundai Motorsport N entered i30 N TCR valid to be a stars of a bustling TCR margin on their entrance during a ADAC Zurich 24h Race during a Nürburgring Nordschleife. The best of a dual entries finished an considerable 35th altogether – holding second in a category – proof a opening and trustworthiness of both a car, and a package of options designed privately for continuation racing.  

From a really start of a weekend a dual Hyundai crews valid themselves to be a quickest of a TCR-specification runners, holding a tip dual positions divided from qualifying. In doing so they steady their attainment from final month’s Qualifying Race, with Peter Terting improving on his possess prior benchmark to reduce a category path record for continuation racing to 8:58.463 and take category stick position for a #831 choice finished by Andreas Gülden, Nicola Larini and Manuel Lauck. Moritz Oestreich meanwhile, set a best time around a 25km circuit in a sister #830 entry, and took a foe start in a automobile he common with Koreans Jae Kyun Kim and Byung Hui Kang, as good as Guido Naumann. 

Both cars led a category comprehensively in a opening hours, a #830 group holding a 90 second lead after a initial 5 hours of foe with unchanging stints from Kim, Naumann and Kang following adult Oestreich’s opening double. However, both cars shortly found their severe gait slowed by teenager issues, including when attack waste on lane led to a gearbox oil trickle on a #831 entry. The ensuing pitstop was a necessity a organisation would spend a whole foe fighting behind from. 

Throughout a night, as a foresee sleet descended on a Eifel region, both a i30 N TCR and their crews ran faultlessly. Little some-more was indispensable than unchanging refueling stops, and a scheduled stop pad change compulsory to say best opening for a generation of a foe around a famously severe ‘Green Hell’. 

After Larini and Lauck brought a automobile by a dark of a early hours a quarrel behind of a #831 group came to a rise in maybe a misfortune of a conditions on Sunday morning as Terting was means to make adult a path mislaid in a progressing stop, as he continued to follow down a category leaders. 

Replaced in a automobile by Gülden after a stellar double stint, Terting was hardly means to locate his exhale before he was called into movement again when a sleet returned and offering uninformed wish of completing a conspicuous story for a team, now using second in class. However, a compulsory pitstop valid timely, as it once some-more forsaken a group a path behind once more. This was a opening that afterwards became unfit to overcome when a foe was halted temporarily due to thick fog, and usually resuming with 80 mins remaining. 

On a restart Terting once again valid a opening of a i30 N TCR, by pulling by a mist of those forward and unlapping himself once more, to lift divided to connect his position.  

The clever weekend for a i30 N TCR was finished by a #830 crew, anchored by Jae Kyun Kim, partial of Hyundai Global RD department, formed in Namyang, Korea, who finished fourth in category after themselves have to theatre a quarrel behind adult a order.     

Peter Terting said: “The Hyundai i30 N TCR was clever all weekend. Obviously we were really quick in a dry conditions in qualifying, though we also had a doing and opening to be rival in a soppy as well. During a foe a conditions were changing path to lap, with a lot of H2O on a track. In that conditions we need a lot of certainty in car. The outcome was a loyal group effort, with a 4 drivers and a group ancillary us. I’m happy we could finish a foe with a clever outcome to prerogative all a tough work with a Hyundai i30 N TCR.”   

Jae Kyun Kim said: “The opening of a Hyundai i30 N TCR is incredible. It valid to be a fastest automobile in a category weekend. As a motorist it is really fast and we am really gentle pulling in all conditions since a framework is so stable. There are a lot of things from a Hyundai i30 N TCR that can be put into movement in in a highway cars and destiny additions to a N brand. Working as partial of a team, not usually this weekend though in a prior VLN1 and Qualifying Race events we have learnt a lot about a TCR and a strengths that we can use to raise a RD work.”  

Executive Vice President and Head of High Performance Vehicle Motorsport Division, Thomas Schemera said: “Under a aphorism ‘feel a feeling’, Hyundai is building high opening vehicles that business can ring with emotionally. Using a information and knowledge we’ve collected in this race, we will rise fun-to-drive vehicles that will broach racing lane fun to business during their bland driving.”

Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing Deputy General Manager Andrea Adamo said: “In a initial Nürburgring 24 Hours Hyundai Motorsport has shown a clever opening and trustworthiness of a Hyundai i30 N TCR in one of a toughest events in racing, in some of a many formidable conditions possible. All of a drivers gathering brilliantly to make certain that we have a formula to celebrate.  That they were means to make adult time during some of a misfortune of a conditions on Sunday shows a certainty they have in a change of a car, while a 1-2 outcome from a subordinate sessions shows a gait of a all-round package we can broach to a customers.”  


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