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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 28, 2016 – The NFL facilities some of a best rivalries in all of sports. Hyundai is harnessing fan passion for those rivalries with a new digital and amicable graduation called Put Your Profile On The Line. Through a platform, fans have an sparkling event to plea one another on a outcome of their favorite games, with a stakes being their Facebook form picture.

Fans name their favorite team, afterwards brand Facebook friends that they’d like to plea that week. Once this is selected and a plea has been accepted, friends put their Facebook form design “on a line.” Based on a outcome of a game, both fans will accept a couple to a losing fan’s Facebook form design with an conceal featuring a trademark of a winning team. Both fans will be speedy to share a design to their Facebook profiles. Every time fans contest in a challenge, they will automatically enter a sweepstakes for a probability to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.

As a deteriorate progresses, so do a stakes — from hostile organisation overlays to interesting GIFs and other challenges. On a Hyundai site, fans can keep tabs on opposite friends’ challenges, see how many Super Bowl entries they’ve warranted and perspective past outcomes. The Super Bowl tickets grand esteem will be awarded following a end of a unchanging season.

“At Hyundai, we know a NFL fans’ faithfulness to their organisation and with a Put Your Profile On The Line plea we’re drumming into that fan passion by providing fun ways for them to demonstrate it,” pronounced Paul Imhoff, director, Marketing Communications, Hyundai Motor America. “Friendly foe between rivals is an critical partial of NFL enlightenment and this height allows fans to showcase their passion and have a probability to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.”

The debate was grown by Hyundai’s promotion organisation of record, INNOCEAN USA. “For an NFL fan, there’s zero worse than carrying to repute your rival,” pronounced Barney Goldberg, VP, organisation artistic director, INNOCEAN. “But even if that happens, we don’t ever judge.”

#BecauseFootball Twitter Sweepstakes
In further to a Profile program, Hyundai also launched a Twitter sweepstakes. Every Sunday, Hyundai will prerogative fans for their faithfulness and joining to examination and profitable courtesy to a game. When a announcer mentions a word “Drive,” fans will be speedy to twitter #BecauseFootball and #HyundaiSweepstakes. Every fan who tweets a aforementioned hashtags will be entered for a probability to win tickets to Super Bowl LI. 

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