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11/01/2016, Fountain Valley, CA

Hyundai Engineering Team Explores a Limits of new Hybrid’s Eco-performance, Applying Nitrous-oxide and Special Aerodynamics for Record 
Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Approved the New Production-based Hybrid Category Record

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Utah – A race-prepared Hyundai Ioniq hybrid prototype, grown by Hyundai Motor America’s Engineering and Quality team, set an FIA-approved production-based hybrid car land speed record of 157.825 mph, with a rise exit speed of 160.7 mph during Utah’s eminent Bonneville Salt Flats. The eco-focused Ioniq is Hyundai’s newest hybrid model, with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains to be available. Ioniq hybrid and electric models go on sale in a U.S. in late 2016.

Ioniq Land Speed Video

Ioniq Land Speed Record Car

“We couldn’t be some-more unapproachable in environment a FIA hybrid-category record with a new Ioniq hybrid,” pronounced Mike O’Brien, clamp president, Corporate and Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “Our engineering organisation unequivocally pushed a boundary to set this new shred benchmark while demonstrating a considerable continuance of a whole Ioniq car platform. We design this will be a initial of many accolades for Ioniq.”

Hyundai Motor America’s engineering and peculiarity organisation led a judgment growth for this grassroots motorsports effort. “A pivotal purpose of Hyundai’s engineering organisation in a U.S. is to entirely exam all destiny car prototypes to safeguard they surpass a perfectionist expectations of a customers,” pronounced Mircea Gradu, director, Engineering and Quality, Hyundai Motor America. “As we achieved these tests on Ioniq, a engineering and peculiarity staff became so tender with a formula that we began to consternation if we should lift a sights even higher, and a Ioniq land speed record bid was born.”

The growth organisation done a series of special modifications to a Ioniq hybrid antecedent to mangle a hybrid record, including:


  • Low-restriction intake and empty systems with defended catalyst
  • Engine, transmission, and hybrid ECU recalibrated and governors removed
  • Air conditioning and subordinate accessories removed
  • Nitrous Express single-stage direct-port nitrous injection with stand-alone fuel system, cockpit-controlled


  • Ioniq Electric indication front grille and valance integration
  • Underbody and atmosphere dam aerodynamic modifications
  • Interior components private or lightened


  • Progress Competition coil-over cessation with optimized spring, damping and lean bar rates and float tallness lowered 100mm
  • Lightweight aero wheels and circle covers with Goodyear® Eagle tires


  • Fully-integrated high-strength reserve enclosure structure (Bisimoto-designed)
  • Sparco® 6-point reserve strap system, racing seat, and motorist reserve gear
  • On-board fire-suppression system, battery disconnects and parachute

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a densely packed salt pan in Tooele County of northwestern Utah. The area is a vestige of the Pleistocene Lake Bonneville and is a largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake. The skill is public known for land speed records at a “Bonneville Speedway“. Access is giveaway and visitors can expostulate on a flats.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or International Automobile Federation) is an organisation determined in 1904 to paint a interests of motoring organizations and motorists alike. To a ubiquitous public, a FIA is mostly famous as a ruling physique for many auto racing events. The FIA also promotes road safety around a world.

Its many distinguished purpose is in a chartering and settlement of Formula One and World Rally Championship motor racing. The FIA also certifies land speed record attempts. 

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