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Blue Link® Mobile Application Offers Refreshed User Interface and New Features
COSTA MESA, May 15, 2012Hyundai Motor America this week introduced an all-new mobile focus for a Hyundai-developed Blue Link® telematics platform. The mobile app allows subscribers to remotely entrance several Blue Link® facilities and services by concordant mobile devices. Completely redesigned from a belligerent up, a app has been significantly extended from a before chronicle and boasts a new user experience, faster navigation and innovative new features. Google Android and Apple iOS users can download a app currently from Google Play or Apple iTunes, respectively. A Blackberry chronicle is also in development.

Blue Link is an innovative telematics resolution from Hyundai that combines safety, use and infotainment into a finish package. Blue Link is powered by Agero’s next-generation telematics platform, that offers a stretchable pattern that supports multi-modal interfaces for car owners. “This softened app demonstrates one of Agero’s core capabilities: building customized user knowledge interfaces, from finish to end, on interest of a automotive OEM clients,” pronounced Tom Metzger, comparison clamp boss of Global Sales Account Management (Connected Vehicle Services) during Agero. “In serve to augmenting a Blue Link app’s capabilities, we finished it some-more discerning for users, while also fluctuating a singular Hyundai code knowledge to car owners.”

The rested app is partial of a array of enhancements designed around Blue Link, including a re-designed Blue Link territory on and 12 all-new enlightening videos designed to reconnoitre viewers with Blue Link features. The videos, that underline tangible Hyundai employees, can be seen on Hyundai’s YouTube channel, or in a dedicated territory on

Hyundai offers a nominal hearing duration for Blue Link-equipped vehicles. Customers opting-in for a no requirement auto-renewal can accept adult to one year of Blue Link Assurance and 6 months of Blue Link Essentials and Guidance with entrance to a Blue Link app and a innovative features.

Customer feedback and real-world usability contrast played a pivotal purpose in a growth of a all-new Blue Link® mobile app. “We looked during how a business use their Smartphones to raise several aspects of their lives,” pronounced Michael Deitz, comparison organisation manager, Blue Link. “We wanted to pattern an app that allows them to raise their Hyundai tenure knowledge by Blue Link.” Navigation elements are designed to revoke a stairs indispensable to entrance Blue Link® facilities and services by leveraging informed Smartphone hold commands. A new suitable carousel allows users to fast entrance core facilities though wanting to take several steps. Shortcut buttons concede one-touch entrance to car diagnostics and POIs while a categorical menu allows one-finger entrance to all facilities within a application.

Blue Link® Essentials subscribers can entrance a series of pivotal car functions remotely from a mobile focus though a need to be in a vicinity of a vehicle. Remote Door Lock or clear allows for remote control and preference from probably anywhere. Remote Horn Lights allows a subscriber to remotely activate a horn and lights. Remote Lights allows subscriber to remotely activate a car lights only. Remote Vehicle Start, that has been stretched to embody some-more Hyundai models, allows a subscriber to remotely start their vehicle, an generally accessible underline in cold states during winter months. Vehicles versed with push-button start and involuntary or dual-clutch transmissions are upheld for Remote Vehicle Start. For combined security, all remote entrance facilities need a car PIN to be entered before to a authority being sent.

The all-new Blue Link® mobile app includes new useful POI (Point of Interest) facilities that will come in accessible for Blue Link® Guidance subscribers. Included is a ability to hunt POIs regulating a Smartphone’s on-screen keyboard by entering a name, city, state and/or zip. Searches can be finished regulating a Smartphone’s built-in plcae use or by manually naming a location. POIs afterwards can be saved to a phone for discerning access. Subscribers also have a ability to send a POI directly to their Hyundai car or by email to a crony by a application. POIs sent to a car also might be saved for after use around a POI History function. Blue Link®-equipped vehicles are not compulsory to have a touch-screen navigation complement to take advantage of Guidance features. Vehicles not versed with touch-screen navigation will arrangement navigation information on a customary car audio shade regulating Blue Link’s Turn-by-Turn feature.

Blue Link® subscribers can rest positive meaningful that lerned specialists are accessible 24/7 to assistance when indispensable most. Taking it one step further, a mobile focus includes speed dial buttons to hit Roadside Assistance and Blue Link. A Vehicle Diagnostics shade provides entrance to vicious upkeep information and a ability to perspective their Monthly Vehicle Report. Essentials subscribers can simply news a use appointment with their elite play though creation a phone call. Blue Link® alerts also can be toggled remotely from a focus though visiting

In customary Hyundai fashion, Blue Link aims to set a customary for car telematics by a innovative facilities and well-developed value. A accumulation of singular facilities have been enclosed in a Blue Link® mobile app. Users can be a step brazen of Parking Enforcement around a built-in Parking Meter/Timer function. Car Finder allows Essentials subscribers to possibly hunt for their car if they are within a 1-mile radius of their car or save a location, useful when wanting to remember a specific plcae of their vehicle.


Blue Link Assurance package:

  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and Assistance – Provides evident assistance when an collision occurs and an airbag is deployed. In this event, an ACN signal, containing patron and plcae information, will automatically be transmitted to a response center. Upon receipt of a signal, a response dilettante will try to settle voice communications with a car occupants and brazen any impending information to puncture services.
  • SOS Emergency Assistance – Customers ask puncture 911 assistance by dire a dedicated SOS symbol in a vehicle. This transformation transmits car information and plcae to specially-trained response specialists, who support in coordinating a dispatch of suitable puncture assistance to a customer. The response dilettante stays on a line with a patron until suggested assistance has arrived.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance – Enables business to implement their Hyundai Assurance 24/7 Roadside Assistance around a singular in-vehicle button-press. With Blue Link, car information (including location) is automatically transmitted to a response center, enabling a dilettante to dispatch assistance some-more fast and good for car assistance and retrieval.

Blue Link Essentials package:

Remote Access:

  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock – Enables locking or unlocking car doors around a toll-free number, owner’s website, or mobile phone application.
  • Remote Horn and Lights – Enables activating a horn and/or lights around a toll-free number, owner’s website, or mobile phone application.
  • Panic Notification – Notifies business when a panic symbol on their car pivotal fob has been activated, signifying when a family member or other car passenger might be in danger. Notifications are configured online and start around email or content message.
  • Remote Vehicle Start – Enables business to start a car around owner’s website or toll-free number, or mobile phone application.
  • Car Finder – (Exclusively accessible around mobile app) Allows we to find your car on a map if we are within a 1-mile radius of your car and gives we a ability to save your vehicles plcae for destiny reference.


  • Alarm Notification – Notifies business when and where a car warning is activated around a content message, email or an programmed phone call.
  • Quick Tips – Provides discerning anxiety assistance for primary car underline plcae and function.
  • Location Sharing – Enables promulgation car plcae to name friends and members of amicable networking sites, including Facebook – directly from a vehicle.
  • Voice Text Messaging – Enables hands-free effusive content messaging to SMS content recipients permitting for distraction-free pushing experience.

Vehicle Self Diagnostics:

  • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification – Provides reason and correct assistance regulating car information and off-board diagnosis capabilities to improved surprise a patron of car difficulty alerts. A multiple of in-vehicle arrangement alerts and guided voice messages provides business with additional instructions (information also sent to a customer’s elite play to support with a correct process).
  • Maintenance Alert – Notifies business in car as good as around website, email or SMS summary that an arriving use is due during several thresholds heading adult to a event. Configured online, a alerts explain what is enclosed in sold upkeep intervals.
  • Recall Advisor – Provides all impending remember information should a remember be initiated.
  • Web Vehicle Diagnostics – Provides a news of car diagnostics, eco-coach opening and other critical information in a monthly email news and web page update, starting 30 days after induction with a Blue Link service.

Theft Protection:

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery – In a eventuality a customer’s car is reported stolen (and a stolen car news has been filed with a suitable military department), a response core can yield assistance to a military in an try to redeem a vehicle.
  • Stolen Vehicle Slowdown – Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this enables law coercion to gradually revoke a engine energy of a vehicle, so negligence it down to protected levels. A warning will be transmitted to a motorist before to a slack procedure.
  • Vehicle Immobilization – Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this enables law coercion to send a vigilance to a car that immobilizes a engine government system, so preventing startup. This capability is usually current when a ignition is off, though a authority can be saved by a engine ECU for after immobilization if a car is on or in suit during a time of vigilance transmission.


  • Valet Alert – Enables warning around email, content summary or programmed phone summary when a customer’s car moves over a prescribed stretch threshold after withdrawal a car with a valet.
  • Geofence – Enables monitoring car transformation in and out of pre-defined regions configured on a owner’s website. When a car enters or leaves a designated region, a patron is told by email, content summary or programmed phone message.
  • Speed Alert – Notifies a patron around email, content summary or programmed phone summary when their car exceeds a specified speed threshold determined on a owner’s website. High value for relatives of teen drivers and swift customers.
  • Curfew Alert – Notifies owners if a car is being used outward a pre-determined time interval. Alerts are configured online and sent around email, content summary and/or programmed phone message.

Blue Link Guidance package:

  • TBT (Turn-by-turn) Navigation Service Turn-by-turn navigation superintendence supposing for downloaded Points of Interest. Both visible and audio superintendence is provided.
  • POI Web Search by modernized voice approval complement and download – Enables Point-of-Interest searches regulating an programmed voice system. Results can be downloaded to a car navigation system. Live operators yield additional support, if needed.
  • Daily Route Guidance with Traffic Condition – Enables business to pre-define several routes to a common end and accept a regularly-scheduled trade alerts for trade delays along those routes. Results embody upsurge and occurrence data, along with “Fastest Route” recommendation.
  • Traffic – Provides trade information surrounding a customer’s car and in a circuitously area, formed on preferences determined regulating a owner’s website.
  • Gas Station Locations and Gas Prices – Locates a nearest gas stations by cost and provides code and unchanging unleaded fuel price. Results are played behind around programmed voice, and can be downloaded to a vehicle’s navigation system.
  • Eco-Coach – Tracks a customer’s pushing opening habits (MPG and CO2 emissions) on a continual and chronological basis. Results and environmentally obliged pushing recommendations are supposing on a owner’s website.
  • Restaurant Ratings – Provides grill ratings for internal restaurants with residence download for turn-by-turn navigation or onboard navigation.
  • Weather – Provides continue forecasts for a evident area or for customer-defined locations within a owners website.

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Agero is a heading provider of connected car services for a automotive, word and aftermarket industries and is a marketplace personality in roadside assistance and claims management. Based in Medford, Massachusetts, a association has operations via North America and offices for connected car programs in Europe. For some-more information, revisit

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