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02/10/2016, Fountain Valley, CA

Integrated Advertising, Public Relations Campaign Focuses on Safety

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Feb. 10, 2016 – Hyundai launched a thespian new recognition debate today, directed during warning American drivers of a risks concerned when regulating tawdry automotive parts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that vehicle owners work with their automotive dealers and correct professionals to safeguard suitable strange apparatus collection are used in a eventuality they need a new airbag.

Hyundai is rebellious a emanate of counterfeit, aftermarket, salvaged and recycled vehicle collection by a consumer recognition campaign, highlighting a differences between non-Hyundai and Hyundai Genuine Parts. The integrated media, promotion and open family debate will concentration on reserve and resale value. Hyundai is rising a array of videos, that can be found on a Hyundai USA’s YouTube channel or during The initial video in a array is patrician “Don’t Gamble with Counterfeit Parts.” The videos and dealership displays with examples of strange and feign collection will assistance consumers see a differences initial hand. In addition, Hyundai will be communicating a consumer recognition debate around e-mail to a stream owners.

Testing of a Non-OEM airbag vs. a Hyundai Genuine airbag

“Counterfeit Hyundai collection have been a flourishing problem over a final 30 years,” pronounced Frank Ferrara, executive clamp president, patron satisfaction, Hyundai Motor America. “Customers would see short-term assets after their vehicle was repaired, not even wakeful that non-Hyundai collection were used to move these correct costs down. Short-term assets can have inauspicious long-term implications on a vehicle and passengers, that eventually ends adult costing more. Consumer recognition is essential to addressing this emanate and Hyundai is peaceful to do a part. The some-more people who know a dangers behind regulating non-Hyundai components and see a advantages of purchasing strange parts, a reduction expected they are to humour serious consequences and remove value on their car. Safety and trust are peerless to a brand, that is since we are rising this debate to inspire everybody to squeeze strange parts, each time.”

This debate is a third module Hyundai has implemented to support a dealerships, strengthen relations with collision correct centers and safeguard a reserve of Hyundai owners. The Hyundai Go Genuine Collision Conquest and Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center programs inspire correct comforts to use Hyundai Genuine Parts to make certain Hyundai vehicles are remade scrupulously and safely behind to manufacturer specifications.

Due to viewed high costs, motorists infrequently choose, or are told by their word company, to revisit eccentric correct shops that are not famous by a automakers for collision repairs. Some of these shops offer copies of strange collection or recycled components from existent collision-damaged vehicles during a reduce cost. Often these collection are vulnerable for long-term use and poise a good risk to safety. Counterfeit and recycled pile-up collection also impact a vehicle’s coming and diminution a resale value. Hyundai encourages a use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) collection on all Hyundai vehicle repairs since they are designed and done to accommodate Hyundai’s engineering specifications. Hyundai does not suggest a use, or re-use, of components private or recycled from an existent collision-damaged vehicle. Owners need to be aware, it can be tough anticipating out if their correct trickery is regulating non-original apparatus collection or collection that have been shop-worn due to a before collision or component exposure.

Hyundai Genuine Parts are done to accurate engineering specifications for a accurate fit but modifications, ensuring discerning and correct installation. They are also tested to safeguard they accommodate a U.S. government’s collision reserve and pile-up insurance standards. Hyundai collection have high trustworthiness since they are done from high-quality materials.

Use of imitation, aftermarket, choice or other non-original apparatus Hyundai collection might negatively impact vehicle crashworthiness and passenger reserve during a collision, and is not endorsed by Hyundai.

Financial Impact

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that tawdry vehicle collection cost a tellurian automotive collection attention $12 billion in mislaid sales a year, including $3 billion in a U.S. alone. The FTC also estimates that a U.S. vehicle collection attention mislaid sales to tawdry collection correlates to approximately 200,000 – 250,000 fewer production jobs.

Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center Program

The Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair module ensures both eccentric and Hyundai dealership-owned collision correct centers have a training, tools, apparatus and comforts indispensable to scrupulously correct Hyundai vehicles after they have been concerned in a collision.

Customers can demeanour for a Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center board during their internal collision correct core to know if their Hyundai will be remade scrupulously and safely to manufacturer specifications. The module will concede Hyundai to impute a owners in need of collision correct to a famous center.

Hyundai has teamed adult with Assured Performance Network on this program. Assured Performance Network is a non-profit consumer advocacy classification that will pledge both Hyundai dealership-owned and eccentric collision correct centers accommodate a program’s specified capability requirements, and pass an annual onsite review and inspection. Assured Performance Network will also conduct enrollment, online support systems, explanation of correspondence support and marketing. Collision correct centers can call 949.221.0010 or revisit for some-more information.

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