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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 27, 2014 – Hyundai Motor America currently announced that Bob Pradzinski has been named clamp boss of National Sales. Pradzinski will take a helm of Hyundai’s sales classification following a new graduation of Dave Zuchowski to boss and CEO.

“Bob Pradzinski is a 25 year maestro of Hyundai and represents a latest ‘home grown’ clamp president, carrying started as a district sales manager and tirelessly operative his approach up, proof himself as a learned and achieved personality during each stop along a way,” pronounced Dave Zuchowski, boss and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “We’re gay with Bob’s graduation and assured in his abilities to seamlessly assume a Sales power and assistance beam Hyundai to new heights.”

Hyundai concurrently announced a following new appointments in their sales care team: Allan Harriman will reinstate Pradzinski as executive of Sales Operations, with Brian O’Malley replacing Harriman as executive of Dealer Development. Harriman has endless knowledge in mixed sales operations roles and has been obliged for an rare enlargement of Hyundai’s sell channel. O’Malley (previously informal ubiquitous manager in a Central Region) has overseen a extensive encouragement of a play network, and achieved new all-time sales annals during his reign in a region.

Paul Lamb will reinstate O’Malley as informal ubiquitous manager in a Central Region. Lamb was before a informal sales manager in a Central Region. Finally, Erwin Raphael has been allocated as a new informal ubiquitous manager in a Western Region. Raphael was before executive of Engineering and Quality. All of these crew changes come from within a Hyundai classification and are a covenant to Hyundai’s abyss and care strength.

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