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November 20, 2015 – Hyundai Motor and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) have lifted a screen on a latest in a array of provocative exhibitions; Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination. The new exhibit, that runs from Nov 22 until Feb 21 2016, presents 22 successful works of art in film, video and earthy designation together in one plcae for a initial time. The plan continues Hyundai Motor’s loyalty to creation romantic connectors while enabling improved entrance to experiencing art.

The dynamic, immersive designation is a singular event to perspective 25 years of work by Los Angeles-based Diana Thater, one of a many critical artists to emerge during a 1990s. Her work came to inflection by addressing pivotal issues in film, exhibition, a healthy sciences and contemporary culture, by resourceful formation of relocating images into three-dimensional spaces that viewers can explore. Occupying approximately 20,000 square-feet, it is LACMA’s largest monographic muster dedicated to a womanlike artist to date.

Euisun Chung, Hyundai Motor Company Vice Chairman said, “At Hyundai Motor, we unequivocally wish that a partnership with LACMA will assistance artists to invent enthralling art and provocative concepts by destiny technology. The impact of The Hyundai Project during LACMA will strech over a humanities and a technological sector. We are so anxious to support a plea that Diana Thater creates for a eyes and minds.”

Michael Govan, LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director said, “Diana Thater is maybe a many innovative artist operative with video and relocating picture given Nam Jun Paik. Like Paik, she has infused video with visible communication and philosophy. Paik led video into a museum, while Thater has pushed a middle into design and immersive installations. By transforming a comparatively new record into art, Thater echoes a suggestion of Art + Technology during LACMA. She is an artist who takes risks and who imagines new ways to knowledge a universe by new points of perspective done probable by a new medium.”

This is a second muster of The Hyundai Project, Hyundai Motor’s 10-year-long joining to support LACMA’s Art + Technology initiatives. The plan explores dual poignant fields – Art + Technology and Korean Art Scholarship by acquisitions, exhibitions, and publications. Thater’s abdominal creations consolidate a project’s common faith to pull a bounds of merging art and record and plea artistic minds of today.

Hyundai Motor’s partnership with LACMA is partial of a singular array of long-term relations that a association has determined with heading art institutions around a world. Running until 2025, a resourceful and enchanting exhibits aim to build connectors with tellurian art communities and offer people improved entrance to artistic practice in all areas of a world. Hyundai Motor has also instituted partnerships with a National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA) and Tate Modern in Great Britain.

With MMCA, Hyundai Motor’s ‘MMCA Hyundai Motor Series’ offers a decade-long height along with general forums, archives, and edition for Korean artists. At Tate Modern in London, a 10-year array patrician a Hyundai Commission will see artists from around a universe move uninformed interpretations to a singular context of a Turbine Hall.

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