Hyundai Motor during a 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

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03/06/2018, Geneva

  • Hyundai celebrates a universe premieres of fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe, All-New Kona Electric and judgment automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’
  • Launch of Santa Fe with newly grown hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains announced
  • All-New Hyundai NEXO – Hyundai Motor’s second-generation fuel dungeon automobile creates European debut
  • Concept automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’ reveals new pattern instruction of Hyundai that will change destiny prolongation designs
  • The Intelligent Personal Cockpit shows a growth of connected automobile record with Car-to-Home IoT capability including voice-control

GENEVA, Mar 6, 2018
– Hyundai celebrates a universe premiere of a All-New Kona Electric, a New Generation Hyundai Santa Fe and a judgment automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’ during a 88th Geneva Motor Show. The European entrance of a All-New Hyundai NEXO, a world’s initial dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV, will be a serve prominence of Hyundai’s Geneva Motor Show presence.

Connected automobile record total with a unconventional pattern guideline of a judgment automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’ creates a Hyundai mount during a 2018 Geneva Motor Show a focal indicate for both automobile and pattern enthusiasts. In addition, Hyundai presents a Intelligent Personal Cockpit, that showcases a tie between Artificial Intelligence (AI), a Internet of Things (IoT) and motorist highlight detection.

“With all a innovative, cutting-edge record solutions presented during a Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai is showcasing a destiny of mobility in a judgment and holistic manner,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product during Hyundai Motor Europe. “By presenting a IoT Cockpit, a judgment automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’ and a 4 innovative eco-mobility models we take zero-emission pushing and connected mobility severely presenting a rarely convincing line-up.”

Three during once: Successful symbiosis of eco mobility and SUV physique type
The All-New NEXO is a initial dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV and stands for Hyundai’s desirous and innovative suggestion in a margin of choice powertrains. With a All-New Kona Electric, Hyundai is presenting a world’s initial fully-electric subcompact SUV. It offers a practicality business need for bland use, creation it suitable for a initial automobile of a household. With 204 PS, a operation of adult to 470 km* and a inexhaustible roominess of a SUV physique type, a Kona Electric expresses a lifestyle of complicated civic customers.

With a initial hydrogen-powered SUV, a All-New NEXO, Hyundai is holding a lead in fuel dungeon electric vehicles, joining purify mobility with a latest unconstrained pushing capabilities and intelligent modernized pushing assistance systems. The Future Utility Vehicle done by Hyundai combines a many modernized eco-car record and best-in-class pushing operation of 800 km (under stream NEDC testing) with a practicality of an SUV. The Next-Generation fuel dungeon automobile shows what destiny pushing will demeanour like and lets business knowledge it with innovative preference facilities like Remote Parking, Blind Spot View Monitor and unconstrained pushing capabilities.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is characterised by a clever position and sporty, elongated lines. The front introduces a lengthened Cascading Grille, Hyundai’s SUV family temperament that is complemented by a Composite Light. By charity a latest Hyundai SmartSense active reserve and pushing assistance features, a fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe creates modernized record permitted to everyone. At a 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai Motor announced a devise to launch a New-Generation Santa Fe also in a hybrid and plug-in hybrid version.

The idealist destiny of mobility: ‘Le Fil Rouge’ and IoT Cockpit
Design is a series one reason because business select a Hyundai brand. That is because Hyundai constantly works on a destiny pattern identity. The judgment automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’ represents a company’s new pattern instruction underneath a thesis ‘Sensuous Sportiness’. With a entrance in Geneva, Hyundai is laying a substructure that will change all destiny prolongation designs and represents a new Hyundai pattern mind-set. The pattern idea is achieved by a harmonisation of 4 pattern elements: proportions, architecture, styling and technology. Based on this judgment Hyundai will revoke a pattern bounds between form and function. The idea is to emanate an cultured bond via a destiny range.

To give deeper insights into Hyundai’s destiny of connected automobile technology, a association showcases a Intelligent Personal Cockpit – a latest focus of mixed cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and voice approval (AI). The cockpit will offer an whole apartment of new voice-control capabilities including Car-to-Home IoT capability that extends a strech of a driver’s voice into a home environment. By integrating a in-car record into a customer’s home, it is probable to control domestic appliances with voice commands from automobile to home. In addition, a Intelligent Personal Cockpit includes Hyundai Wellness Care, that detects a driver’s highlight turn with sensors in a chair and a steering wheel. The complement starts personification balmy song and dims a cabin light when highlight situations occur.

Celebrate passion for soccer with a GO! Special Editions
With GO! as their motto, Hyundai i10, i20, i30 and Tucson Special Edition models will be on arrangement during a Geneva Motor Show. Each indication of a new GO! Special Edition will be presented in a disdainful Champion Blue extraneous colour to go with a FIFA soccer championship this summer. Hyundai is once some-more ancillary a World Cup in Russia as central partner. In addition, a GO! Special Edition models set themselves visually detached from a customary models with remoteness glass, silken black extraneous mirrors and amalgamate wheels. The GO! Special Edition models yield good patron advantage and offer singular pattern facilities for a personal touch.

The theatre for Hyundai’s destiny mobility solutions
At a 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai Motor presents mobility solutions that raise people’s lives. With a universe premieres of a All-New Kona Electric, a New Generation Santa Fe and a phenomenon of a judgment automobile ‘Le Fil Rouge’ as good as a display of a All-New NEXO and a IoT Cockpit, Hyundai provides answers to patron final along with an opinion on a destiny of mobility. With a updated eco-car choice Hyundai offers a widest operation of powertrains in a industry. During a open days, Hyundai Motor also presents a i30 operation with a i30 N and a IONIQ family.

* Based on inner targets underneath WLTP regulations


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