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Company Recognized for Emphasis on Environmental Awareness and Eco-Friendliness

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jun 14, 2016 – Hyundai Motor Company was respected in a 2016 Newsweek Green Rankings, combined in partnership with Corporate Knights and HIP Investor. Since 2009, a Newsweek Green Rankings have been one of a world’s inaugural corporate environmental rankings, that consider a 500 largest publicly-traded companies in a United States and a 500 largest publicly-traded companies globally on altogether environmental performance.

“This approval from Newsweek is a covenant to a joining to shortening a CO footprint globally,” pronounced Mike O’Brien, clamp president, corporate and product planning, Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai will continue to place significance on a eco-friendly Blue Drive® lineup in all segments. Part of this beginning is a attainment of a Hyundai Ioniq late this year, imprinting Hyundai’s really initial automobile offering in 3 electric versions to entrance in a U.S.

The 2016 Newsweek Green Rankings magnitude a environmental opening of vast open companies regulating 8 clearly tangible pivotal opening indicators. The methodology is transparent and rules-based, and a routine meets a exam of being replicable by a third party. A company’s altogether measure is a weighted normal of their 8 KPI scores.

“In a stream tellurian business and domestic climate, no association can continue to omit a environmental footprint and there’s good news: Newsweek’s 2016 Green Rankings uncover a world’s biggest companies are improving when it comes to appetite capability and in tying hothouse gas emissions,” pronounced Elijah Wolfson, comparison editor, Newsweek. “Our wish is a rankings will propel leaders to start looking during their environmental impact, not only in terms of CO use, though comprehensively, and make a changes required to means both business expansion and environmental viability.”

Hyundai Blue Drive is a operation of ecological products and technologies designed to urge fuel efficiency. Blue Drive is Hyundai’s plan to rise low-carbon, fuel-efficient vehicles that minimize car fuel expenditure and revoke CO dioxide emissions, thereby assembly a amicable need for both mobility and environmental preservation.

For some-more information about a 2016 Newsweek Green Rankings, revisit here.

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