Hyundai Motor Premieres China-Focused Sporty Sedan LAFESTA during Beijing Auto Show

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04/25/2018, Seoul, South Korea

  • Tailored exclusively for China – sporty sedan LAFESTA debuts during Auto China 2018
  • LAFESTA targets immature epoch looking for intelligent performance
  • LAFESTA embodies Hyundai’s new pattern truth ‘Sensuous Sportiness’
  • ‘Quality Hyundai, Smart Future’ new code plan for China marketplace unveiled

SEOUL, Apr 25, 2018
– Hyundai Motor denounced a new vital indication for a Chinese marketplace during a 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018) today, as a association embraces a flourishing younger epoch in a world’s largest automotive market.

Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Hyundai’s Chinese venture, premiered a LAFESTA, that facilities absolute pushing opening finished in stylish design, as a landmark serve to a aggressively expanding Hyundai choice in China.

The LAFESTA, that translates to ‘Festival’ in Italian, is a high-performance sporty sedan designed to accommodate a energetic and ardent final of a new mainstream epoch from a 80s and 90s. When it arrives in a Chinese marketplace during a fourth entertain of a year, it will offer a intelligent knowledge to Chinese business by a design. The new indication shares Hyundai’s new pattern truth of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ that was initial announced during a Geneva Motor Show in March.

“China is elaborating fast and so are Chinese people’s attitudes. They are some-more self-confident, certain and creative. The LAFESTA will assistance us simulate this changeable trend,” pronounced Simon Loasby, a Director and Head of Hyundai China Design. “It’s a transparent proof of how a newly announced pattern vision, ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ comes to life in Hyundai vehicles.”

Among a exhibits, a Le Fil Rouge Concept, that done a universe premiere in Geneva final month, took core stage, as a idealist judgment that demonstrates Hyundai’s new pattern truth ‘Sensuous Sportiness’.

“Building on a prolonged story of formulating particular and sporty impression in vehicles, we will emanate a new epoch for Hyundai design,” pronounced SangYup Lee, Head of Hyundai Styling. “‘Sensuous Sportiness’, a new thesis for Hyundai pattern reflects a idea to build a dear code by formulating vehicles with heightened romantic value.”

LAFESTA integrates a series of Hyundai’s industry-leading technological innovations in coupe-style neat design, absolute powertrain and modernized pushing assistance systems, that all assistance a automobile set a attention standard. Producing a vehicle’s glorious opening will be a 1.6 turbo GDi engine twinned with a 7-speed twin purchase delivery for seamless and fit rigging changes. On a inside a atmospheric cockpit sourroundings is motorist focused and designed to broach an enchanting drive, though also facilities unsentimental ergonomics and peculiarity materials. Keeping all occupants safe, a LAFESTA facilities a many modernized and safest pushing assistance systems. Further sum will be disclosed in due course, following a central launch after this year

Quality Hyundai, Smart Future

Beijing Hyundai currently reiterated a new Chinese marketplace plan aphorism “Quality Hyundai, Smart Future”, that was initial announced final year in a 15th anniversary in a Chinese market, as a association sets about to rise and welcome a new generation, fast building in a Chinese market. Hyundai will serve raise a customer-centric automobile growth truth and pursue all-out changes in products, technologies and services to effectively accommodate a different patron final and desires in a world’s largest automotive market.

To consolidate a new code strategy, Beijing Hyundai showcased a cutting-edge muster during a uncover alongside a choice of new appetite vehicles (NEV). The association took a event to vaunt a slicing corner purify mobility technology, including Hyundai’s second-generation fuel dungeon electric automobile NEXO, that combines a practicality of an SUV with purify modernized fuel dungeon technology, charity a many modernized record on a marketplace with unconstrained pushing capabilities and intelligent modernized motorist assistance systems. In serve to a NEXO, a association also displayed a accumulation of exhibits display Hydrogen Life Vision with fuel dungeon technology.

Furthermore, a recently denounced compress SUV ENCINO and ix35 Connected uncover automobile boost Hyundai’s clever and intelligent SUV choice in China. ENCINO is designed for a Chinese marketplace and a unsentimental forward-thinking new generation; while ix35 Connected uncover automobile is versed with Baidu’s connectivity record such as a IoT and AR navigation.

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