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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Mar. 15, 2016 – For a seventh year in a row, Hyundai is ranked No. 1 in a automotive difficulty in a Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Index. Brand Keys, a New York–based patron faithfulness and rendezvous consultancy, publishes this annual syndicated study, that examines customers’ relations with 635 brands in 72 categories.

“Psychologists contend that 7 years is a symbol that a faithfulness will final a lifetime. It’s also a seventh year in a quarrel that Hyundai has been named #1 in a patron faithfulness and rendezvous index,” pronounced Robert Passikoff, owners and president, Brand Keys. “When you’re a code that can build that kind of romantic engagement, and a association that can build cars that accommodate high expectations, we can count on business being your friends for a long, prolonged time. We honour Hyundai for a good pursuit they’ve finished and will positively continue to do.”

For a Brand Keys 2016 survey, scarcely 43,000 respondents self-selected a categories in that they are consumers and a brands for that they are tip 20 percent customers. Assessments fused receptive and romantic aspects of a categories to code a behavioral drivers of code faithfulness and patron engagement, that in spin gauged how good any code met consumer expectations for any category.

“Hyundai has a long-standing story of being on tip for loyalty,” pronounced Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor America. “This means some-more consumers who buy a Hyundai buy another, and some-more than any other automobile during any price. Our code goal is to make things better, from a owners to a pushing experience, to keep a business entrance back.”

Loyalty is something that Hyundai is critical about. Just as Hyundai fans uncover their faithfulness by shopping another Hyundai, fans go to any length to demonstrate their loyalty, passion and faithfulness for their team. Hyundai is vehement to bond a passion NFL fans have for football with a fad they have for their vehicles as an central unite of a National Football League. Not usually is Hyundai concerned in veteran football, though a automaker also has a successful college football selling program, by that a code continues to bond with a millions of ardent fans opposite a country. But it doesn’t stop there, as Hyundai is serve committed to pity a passion of faithfulness as a central automotive partner of FIFA.

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